Lori Bruno--A Strega

Lori Bruno is a very interesting witch… She is not afraid to tell it like it is. There are many videos on youtube with her being interviewed. She is totally fascinating once you get used to her style. She tells the young ones what it is all about, witchcraft is not a game but serious.


Lol I love this interview! You can tell she’s really passionate because of her uncompromising tone. My favorite part so far: (still watching it)

The Strega don’t have degrees… but I make everybody in my coven High Priestess. I say there you are, you’re all the same! Now let’s see what you’re gonna do with it! Let me see if you’re going to service humanity or you’re going to be a self-serving FOOL!


Other interesting points she make:

  • “The Strega was the person who used the common sense, and knew how to work with nature to make things happen!”
  • “Strega magic is this: We work with everything, the earth, the sun, the stars, the moon. And also we’re not afraid to call on the saints!”

She is cool. If you have time watch the other interview, it is in 2 parts… its very good. This is part one

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