Lost keys found after spell

I am very excited and happy to announce that I am finding my spells seem to be working and it is giving me a lot of confidence.
I did a spell to find a lost object - I think it was called emptiness spell and I found it in here.
I lost my front door keys and I could just go through the back door which was very inconvenient. I was very upset and I didn’t want to change the whole lock. The night after I did the spell I dreamed about my key and something purple. A couple of days after I found the keys next to where I parked my car and… They had a purple keyring on it!

I am so happy. I found my keys. I don’t need to change the lock. And I am becoming the witch I want :slight_smile:

Blessed be!


That’s so awesome to hear! It is when we practice the little things that our confidence grows in our magick.

There is a chant I learned a long time ago – back when I was still a teenager and exploring Wicca – that I’m sure I’m getting wrong today. It was to actually help find a lost object and I still use it to this day. I’m going to put it here, too, but keep in mind this is probably nowhere near the original (and I don’t know where the original came from)…

Bounding binding binding bound,
What is lost, must be found

It works every time for me. I just repeat it over and over, thinking about what I lost and ta-da! I typically end up finding it within a few minutes.


WOW! That’s great! Awesome job!


I can relate to that feeling, and as @MeganB said,

But I love that simple chant it is more easier to remember, for I would use this little spell called the lost and found spell that I found on Pinterest some time back.

Listed below:

This worked for me, I guess everyone has a little something that works for them.


Congratulations!! It’s so rewarding to see the success of a spell! I’m glad the emptiness reversal spell worked for you! Awesome!


Wow! That’s great! I’ll be using it all the time! Thank you! I’m always misplacing my keys and wallet! I usually know my keys are in the apt because, I must unlock/lock my gate with my keys in order to get in…The issue is getting out! Lol…


Congrats to you, @nuria- that is very exciting! I’m glad you found your keys :old_key: :grin: It seems like you have quite the talent for finding spells- really well done! :raised_hands:


Thank you. I like reading a lot and a like practising daily. I am really enjoying it and I feel very happy. I needed some happiness in my life and magic is helping me find my path :heart:


That’s really great to hear @nuria! If you have any book to share that you’re currently reading, don’t forget about the :open_book: Spells8 Book Club!


Three cheers for nuria. Your abilities are as great
as you can :pray:t2:imagine.