Low energy holding me back


I so I’ve come to the conclusion that a lack of energy seems to be holding me back from doing slot of craft activities because I just feel so drained that I don’t have the energy to pour into any spellwork etc it’s not just the odd day here or their either. Got checked by doctors yet they can’t find why I’m tired.

I just want this tired brain fog to go away so I can really focus on my spiritual growth etc

I’m wondering if anyone else had a similar issue and Id be interested to know how you worked through it.

I’m trying to find some books on low energy magick but I haven’t found anything yet or even a spell to stop this from happening?

Would love your suggestions


Hi :wave: I’m Susurrus & I’m a moderator here… at the moment I can only be in very brief amounts time…

I completely understand where you are, I’ve actually been there since around July. Although my reasons, or major ones may differ from yours. If you’ve seen a medical doctor & there’s no physical reason or illness. It could be other things too. Stress, anxiety caused by any number of things.

I do have physical & mental health reasons that add to my own. Including ADHD, ASD, & including anxiety/panic, stress, overwhelm. I have other diagnoses but these are the ones that start going when the major diagnoses are kind of in motion.

I would also like to mention, that consistent spellwork isn’t necessary. Anything witchy counts. Even if you’re doing a short meditation, breathwork, talking to a deity… you don’t have to work with spells, divination, rituals on a daily basis. Cleaning your space, lighting a candle :candle:, using intentions in mundane daily tasks, enjoying your surroundings, nature… can all be something that is a part of your practice.

More recently I have been stopping at beaches & standing or walking on the waters edge or on the beach & taking pictures or small videos. I’ve gone to a few sunsets & sunrises. Using my breathing & kind of talking to my deities. Being outside & just noticing whats happening with nature around me or changes.

You may just need a day of rest & some time to relax a little bit. So you can maybe do some self care things for yourself. We have many ideas & such for even showers, lotions, or sprays that can help.


Hi @kira-marie,

You’re definitely not alone :handshake:

My energy levels tend to be all over the place, but ever since I got covid my energy levels have tanked. Even the most simple daily tasks feel like huge chores- and while it’s getting better day by day, the past two weeks have been a game of conjuring motivation and energy from less than nothing. So I feel you- it’s definitely a challenge!

There are spells and rituals out there to help give motivation and energy a boost, but I also empathize that you need energy and mental power to put those spells together, which is tough when you’re running on empty!

One method I’ve been using that does not require going out of my way at all is to choose teas that give energy. I drink tea multiple times a day, so it’s not hard to substitute an herbal cup for a black tea when I need an extra push- Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, or just a regular black tea steeped a bit long can help me get moving :coffee:

Another easy method is to grab a crystal that boosts energy and tuck it into a pocket or keep it next to you. I’m a huge fan of carnelian for boosting energy (especially physical energy) and motivation, but there are many out there.

Picture from Pinterest

Another option is to find things that charge you naturally- this might be sitting by the ocean, watching birds in the trees, looking up at the moon, etc. The action itself doesn’t require a lot of thought or energy, but simply doing it fills you with purpose and inspiration.

Finally, doing a bit of grounding and/or centering can help, although I admit this does take a bit of mental energy to get started first. That being said, it can really help you feel recharged and energized :earth_element: :sparkles:

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you can find some ways to help you reclaim your energy, @kira-marie! Wishing you all the best :heart:

Blessed be


I actually didn’t. Not really. I’m talking about when I had COVID brain fog for something between 4 and 6 months, though. :grimacing:

I did what I could with the energy I had. I tried to ensure I had cognitively stimulating activities in every day to some extent, no matter how small. But generally, if my body was telling me it had enough, I listened to it. There were days that I slept for 12 hours. At first I felt guilty, but eventually I accepted it. It was okay. :smiling_face:

That being said, I think @BryWisteria’s suggestions with tea and crystals are really good. :black_heart:

Black teas have a bit of caffeine however, so for those who have ADHD like I do, they might not do anything for energy. In my case, caffeine really does do the opposite, so one coffee for me and I’m ready for a nap. :sleepy:


I think it’s really good you want to cross out the possible medical side because we sometimes do tend to forget about it and it is important. Whenever I am low on energy, that usually means somebody (or something) is eating up all mine and I need to protect myself better. I meditate, clean my chakras, do some protection and spend time outside grounding myself.

Horrible part - sometimes when I meet fun people I like, it helps to restore my energy and mojo. I like to believe it’s not vampirism as nobody complained at me yet, but it’s a real big kick to me to have people I love and care about with me. :slight_smile:


@kira-marie so my brain stopped braining more recently :upside_down_face: I already know you know who I am so sorry for the mini introduction there.

I temd to turn the mundane into more intentional when I can… as I mentioned walks, sotting outside, even when I can clean in any way, cook, make tea, take a shower. Then turn them into my own kind of rituals in the mundane. Even just talking, reading, thinking, or using a mantra related to my practice.

I do work with crytals, usually a lot more than recently. I do have a keychain & meditation beads for each of my deities that I carry with me or at the very least… they are on my keys. But I will hold them, fidget with them (I tend to fidget & if I have them in my hand then I use them for it)

If my brain wasnt so foggy I could give specifics. If I’m using breathwork, which is currently daily, I will use a type of mantra while doing so.

Right now I’d say I’m at a bare bones place with my practice, but still better than where I was… adding in little pueces each day.

Sorry for the brain foggy answer previously. My mental energy & physical energy are lacking. I do agree with making sure the physical is ruled out so maybe start tiny getting back to your practice in a way that fits in your life now & adjust it so it’s comfortable for you.


I’m currently low on energy due to stress, anxiety, and the current situation in my house. The only thing I can say right now is to take it one day at a time. Some days your energy levels will be really good. On other days, they will be so low that you can’t manage anything witchy. That’s okay! Working around your own schedule is really important.


Thank you for your replies and advice. I guess I feel a sense of guilt that I’m barely doing anything coz I’m so tired. I feel I just read and watch witchy content more then practice these days which gets me sad. i will definitely need to try some of the suggested ideas. Sending lots of love and light to you all.


@kira-marie you are singing the song of my people right now. I have been doing a lot more learning than being necessarily actively practicing… but then someone within the forum had mentioned (there is no way I can remember who, when, or which thread it was on…) Ritual is sort of like routine… so even if it is a little thing that you do each day, whatever it may be… it’s now a ritual.

I don’t necessarily actively practice in the sense you are talking about anymore… but every day I do breathwork & a short meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: Every day I speak to at least 1 of my deities. Even if you say a little something every time you have a coffee or tea, or make something for a meal. Listen to music that relates to something you do or use a diffuser, incense, or candles :candle: each day for whatever reason. It’s still part of your practice.

Maybe right now it’s just a matter of getting through each day & adding the tiniest of things back into your days, weeks, months… as you can in a way that feels right & works for you :hugs:

Even learning something new can be a part of your practice… that’s just something I find myself doing all the time. Rabbit Holes & I are very good friends.


That’s one thing I like about witchcraft and paganism. Unless you’ve made oaths to Gods or spirits, there’s no guilt to be had. Your practice is yours and it is just as fluid as we are, and that’s perfectly okay! If you were Christian before, or from a different Abrahamic or monotheistic faith, this guilt could be a holdover from the idea of sin and guilt for not “doing things right”.

Sending love to you, too :heart: You’ll come out of this just fine, I’m sure!


Well I was raised a spiritualist before I converted to Wicca at 14 but I never went to church at all. I guess I just have Perfectionist tendencies. Thank you for your kind words.


You’ll be okay. It’s perfectly fine to take your time. I have those tendencies & its definitely been a learning curve with hairpin turns to come back slowly rather than all at once.

You’ll be okay, just do what you can when you can :heart: Make sure you don’t try to do it all at once.

Having been there several times this year, I’ve always wound up hitting a major wall & falling backward twice as far. I’m taking my time & its really working out a lot better this time around than other times I’ve tried… but also… still not doing what I’d call a lot… Still more than even last week though. :people_hugging:


haha I guess those perfectionist tendencies can make that happen, too!

I know for me it’s usually a holdover from needing to feel productive all the time. When I’m not doing anything, I feel… useless? :sweat_smile: I don’t think that’s the right word, but it’s definitely a feeling that’s hard to shake.


I also have this too… if I’m not doing anything then I feel the same way. Also not entirely sure useless is right but maybe? I know exactly what you’re talking about though. :people_hugging: