Lunar Faire - Dec. 18

Lunar Faire is a bi-monthly event here in New Jersey every full and new moon. It’s a “Witchy and weird shopping and social event” that takes place at the Readington Buffalo Farm in Flemington NJ. This is the last one until springtime due to the winter weather so I thought I would mention it in case anyone is around in New Jersey and looking for a Witchy night out. It’s a pop-up night market with vendors, drums, fire dancing, group spell work, that sort of thing. You get the idea.

Tickets are $10 here: Lunar Faire December 18 Tickets, Sat, Dec 18, 2021 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite
It’ll probably be freezing out, but I’ll be there if anyone wants to say hi, feel free to let me know :wave: :grinning:

I’m just attending, I’m not a vendor or in any way connected to the event but it’s like 5 miles from where I live so I’m going to check it out. Hilariously, I had no idea it was there but I have been to the farm for other events. These pics from their website are from the event when it was at a different venue I believe.

I’m guessing there wont be much of this with everyone bundled up for the cold!

Some more current pics from Lunarfaire (@Lunarfairenj) / Twitter


That is so cool! I hope you have a great time!


Oh Wow!!! This looks amazing! I know you’ll havea blast, mind if I live vicariously through your time there??? :rofl:
Seriously, Yay for you getting to experience this!


Oh wow! That looks awesome! I hope you have a fun time!


This looks so cool- and it’s twice a month!!! And only $10 to enter!!! You are truly blessed to have this event so close by, @Valen, the pictures look amazing. Spellwork and fire dancing and witchy shopping and oh my goodness my head is spinning! Why aren’t there more of these awesome events around? :laughing:

Thanks so much for sharing, Valen, and I hope you have a blast at the event! :tada:


@Valen that looks like an amazing event. I wish we had more things like that here, aside from Salem. :joy:

The pictures are great too, I hope you have the best time! :two_hearts:


Awesome job with the photos. You really captured an enjoyable and warm atmosphere.

I wish I could get up there!! How often do they organize it during spring/summer?


We are having my daughter’s 30 th surprise birthday party Dec 18 th :heart::heart: But my husband and I will be there is the spring time.


That looks like oodles of fun!!! Have a great time!! :relaxed::purple_heart:


From what I’ve read I think the future plans are still up in the air but I think it’s going to be every two weeks again starting in springtime. They organize one in Colorado as well for anyone out there.