Magical uses of carnations?

So ever the romantic cody bought me flowers and surprised me with them. Im not really much a fan of keeping flowers in my home but the thought was sweet and i appreciate him stocking my spell cabinet with a new ingredient but what can i use them for?


For a spell bath it might be useful. Other than that, or as a gift for a specific deity, no idea on my end.


Beautiful carnations, Phoenix! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I wouldn’t include them in any spellwork you are hoping to ingest (while some parts of carnations are edible under certain conditions, it would have to be a food-grade plant. Most flower sellers treat the flowers with preservatives or colorings that are not edible) but you do have plenty of options! :blush:

Flowers can be included in spellwork for springtime, growth, blooming, flourishing, abundance, nature, etc. They are a very versatile ingredient that could be added to many kinds of spellwork! :blossom: :sparkles:

You could also use them to decorate your altar or offer them to a deity :pray::white_flower:

Whatever you choose to do with them, they are sure to be lovely- enjoy your flowers, Phoenix!


This is the perfect time to put them on an altar! It’s Imbolg Eve!


As well as it being Imbolc Eve, I have dried carnations that my son gave me for my birthday & I used them in a flower arrangement with intentions. I used rocks, acorns, dried roses, & dried carnations to hold the faux bouquet in place in the vase.


Those are beautiful! How sweet!

Here is a link to some information on the magic of carnations! Hope that’s what you’re looking for.


Use right away if you need them fresh for an offering. Dry for use later.

Too bad they are not roses. Candied rose petals are a tasty treat.


They’re beautiful :heart: I usually dry any flowers and use them for love spells or friendship spells.or offerings to Dieties.


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