Magick and the Force

Magick and the Force.

I’d like to apologize to all of you for writing

another one of “those” papers.

I was watching Godzilla, (hey! I like to broaden

my knowledge base and stay sophisticated.)

Anyway, I decided to watch the original StarWars.
(See? I’m getting smarter and smarter.)

While watching this classic Sci-fi movie, it occurred

to me that the philosophy of the Force and

Magick weren’t all that dissimilar.

The FORCE was created by George Lucas in the 1970’s,

for his first StarWars movie. Magick , on the other hand,

has been with us since man reached ‘sentience’.

So how can they be compared, you ask?’

In an interview on YouTube, he (Mr. Lucas) explained

that the FORCE was a faith, not a religion,

I see a distinct parallel between the two beliefs.

(Magick and the Force.)

The FORCE is presented to us as surrounding us,

penetrating us and working through us.

To practice is to learn humility. You trusting

the wisdom of the Cosmos, don’t doubt or argue and

stop assuming that we know what’s best,

stop assuming that is a truth.

The Force works through nature, through us,

everything around us is connected.

(A Passage from the) Tao Te Ching

If you mold clay into a bowl,

the empty space becomes useful.

Cut out door and windows for the house,

the holes make it useful for windows and doors.

In other words:

The value comes from what is there.

The use comes from what is not there.

Ergo, empty your mind and self. (Meditation?)

If we throw out our assumption of the possible

and impossible, we are capable of miracles.

Everything is connected. Nature, the Universe,

and the Cosmos

StarWars, a new hope. George Lucas

Tao Te Ching

FYI: Scientology also came from a Sci-fi author but developed into a religion. And like all new and aggressive religions, it’s members became and at this time remain fanatical.

Garnet (does it again)


“I am one with the Force and the Force is with me”

This idea fits well with my beliefs.


99% of everything, is nothing. And that nothing is the Aether/Force/Essence/Dark Matter, whatever you wish to call it.

Essentially, we are within another ‘liquid’ which is unseen if you want to think of it that way. This experiment is awesome.

This is the force. And I believe in altered states of consciousness - you can work with it.



Thank you for that @Garnet I needed to read this!

I think Star Wars is a deeply spiritual work. I found an article that explores what was going on through George Lucas’s mind at the time. He seems to have been a total Eclectic!


Huge Star Wars nerd here :smile: and I’m so happy you brought this up @Garnet! It makes total sense!

Every time Obi Wan Kenobi was telling Luke to focus and believe in the force, for me it automatically translated to: focus on your intention and trust the process.

Another thing that the great Obi Wan always told Luke is that the Force will be with him, always. This is so powerful! It’s funny but it kinda brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it because it means the universe/aether/cosmos (call it what you will) is always with us protecting us and is always there for us.

So… Do you think it was the “Force” that made George Lucas a millionaire? I bet he believed in it from day one, that’s why he attracted so much success :wink:


I like this connection. The quote is astounding. Thank you for sharing!! I’ve always loved the original better!! :wink:


This has won my interest!! I love it all!! The video explains everything very well.


I very much agree that Star Wars is very spiritual. In my opinion, the major problem with the sequel trilogy is the lack of spiriutal connection. The new Star Trek movies are amazing in the way that the actors are able (with tech help?) to portray the characters right down to mannerism and speech patterns of the original actors. That said, if you watch The Wrath of Khan and JJ Abrams reboot version you see the same lack of connection that we see between the SW original trilogy and the sequels. Thrill rides yes, but lacking in 15 second scenes like Luke looking at the setting suns of Tatooine while the Force theme plays. No dialogue, but massively important to the film.


Peridot? Thanks for your reply, I’m always afraid that when I start these articles, it’s like "Is this making any sense to anyone but me?
You’re great!


It definitely makes a LOT of sense to me too @garnet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you for sharing your wisdom :slight_smile: