Magick Gardens

Peace in the Garden!

Being outside in my garden, is like being in a different world. Magic happens here, my soul is healed and my sanity is restored!

Marigold Magick

I had a small area where I planted Marigolds every year and I would pull the ones that grew outside of this space, which I removed last fall. I didn’t plant marigolds this year, these are the seeds from last summer that have grown wherever they wanted to.

In the photo, I found a small area where I could stand without stepping on them. Even though they are still small and growing, there is so much power here! I can feel it entering my feet and moving up throughout my body. Their magick just surrounds me, not only connecting me to the center of the earth but also taking me up into the heavens.

I never felt the Marigold Magick before this summer. I think they are much happier being able to grow wherever they want!


Beautiful @marsha!


Seeing your beautiful gardens = happiness :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You really have a sanctuary there, Marsha! It is such a delight to see :blossom: :heart:


First let me say to everyone on this forum post that the flowers and gardens are incredible and I enjoyed looking through this topic immensely!!! I moved to CT from the Florida Keys 5 years ago, so I relearned all of the zone plantings and set up a garden from scratch along with having cancer during this time, so I am not nearly as far along as I wish, but my Magickal garden journey is coming along swimmingly nonetheless. I have pictures today to show of my back garden, I am in the transition from spring/summer garden to pulling out and planting for my late summer/fall garden now. Enjoy and I hope to make it better day by day. I can’t wait to see everyone’s gardens as they mature and progress and as the seasons change, love this!!! (I can’t add more than 4 pics, so this give the gist of what I have at least

on one side of my back garden).


Beautiful pics, @jan_TheGreenWitch- you’ve got a lovely magickal garden :sparkles::green_heart:

Also, it looks like we are squash buddies! Hahaha the summer squash and zucchini have been (maybe a bit too) prolific this year- we’re at our limits trying creative recipes and giving them away to friends and family :laughing:

Here’s the haul from this morning- there’s been one or two squashes every day for the last week and a half :upside_down_face:

Your beans look amazing- ours haven’t even started yet! :beans:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


I have blackberries, strawberries and blueberries but they aren’t producing yet - those look yummy! Blackberries are my favorite :blueberries:


Yummy! :yum: :heart:

It’s so interesting to hear from other gardeners- our blackberries are in season now, but our strawberries and blueberries have already gone by! Between different zones and different varieties, it’s amazing to see what is in season where and when :blush:

Wishing you a thriving harvest when your veggies and fruits are ready- happy gardening! :green_heart: :sparkles:


Your garden looks amazing @jan_TheGreenWitch
Your name fits you, you are definitely a Green Witch!
With much love :heart:


Oh, I used to love picking these for my mother to make jams with or just to eat because they are yummy… :yum:


Looks good @TheTravelWitch_Bry

We’ve had such strange weather this year, it was so warm in February and March that plants were coming up, but then it would snow and they would die. My rose didn’t even bloom this year, and my sunflowers, although beautiful, are all small flowers. I don’t have any with big seeds. I usually don’t replant the sunflowers they just come up each year. The one exception is the Hollyhocks, and they are already going to seed. We had record-breaking heat as well as unseasonal cool temperatures. I think next year I will plant more food than flowers.

With love always


I agree @marsha what a freaky year overall in our zone too. We had an early bean and radish harvest and now the lettuces and spinach are just wilting after a great spring/early summer harvest, and the green tomatoes are bursting on the vines and it’s just too dang hot for them to ripen even after I’ve culled the leaves and suckers. I do have sunflowers which aren’t due for my zone to hit me for another couple of weeks and they are about a foot and a half tall, so here’s hoping!!! :tomato::sunflower:


Thank you, @marsha! :blush:

It has indeed been a strange year in terms of weather, and I’m worried that the current droughts and heat waves will also hamper the growth of some of the late-summer/early-fall plants :worried: Our sunflowers are only a few inches tall- although they did go in late haha.

Lots of love to you too- may your beautiful gardens and plants stay strong throughout the season! :seedling: :heart:


Our Sunflowers are almost nill… we have a water ban as I’m sure other towns do in our area. So we can only water at certain times on certain days or get fined :flushed: so it’s been tough to keep up with all the flowers, plants, and garden. I’m hoping that maybe we get some kind of rain, even if it’s overnight… just something so the plants are growing in a very dry & dusty environment.


The Travel Witch,
Your zucchini is an excellent source of nutrients! I like to make zucchini Spaghetti! Recently I made some for the first time! Super easy in a spiral machine!


Zucchini spaghetti sounds so yummy, Jeannie! :yum::spaghetti: I tried to make it once but I didn’t have the spiral machine so I just tried to cut it very thinly- unfortunately, it didn’t work too well haha.

We did stuff and bake zucchini and squash the other night with cheese and hamburg and that was tasty! During this time of the year, it feels like a creative game of finding ways to use up all the garden squash :joy:

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles:


Ooooooooo pretty @kate6


Sunflowers and Sunset

These pictures were taken in my front yard a couple of days ago. I love my sunflowers and beautiful sunsets.


These are very gorgeous! @marsha The picture with the sunset and clouds is perfect! :sunrise::blue_heart:




Absolutely gorgeous, @marsha- your sunflowers are amazing! :sunflower: :sun_with_face: :heart: