Magick in the little things

Yesterday the Tarot card I picked said to look for magick in the little things. My kids and I went to the Titanic exhibit in Boise Idaho where we were all given souvenir Boarding Passes, replicas that had information from actual passengers. My pass was for a young lady traveling with her mother. Her first name was Jean, which is my middle name. Only two people my whole life have called me that name… my father and my mother. The young lady’s mothers name was Ida. My mother’s name is Ida. They were from Chicago Illinois. I grew up in Illinois near Chicago. So yesterday I experienced Magick in the little things. I was having a hard morning before this and I believe this was directed at me to help me calm down and to let me know that I am loved.


Wow! What a beautiful series of synchronicities! Thank you for sharing this! :green_heart:

Another synchronicity to add to the list: I was actually thinking about the Titanic earlier today! I was thinking about how everything happens for a reason – specifically in regard to the Titanic in my case today. My great-grandfather was immigrating to the US from England and was supposed to be crossing the Atlantic on the Titanic. I don’t remember the specifics, but he missed the ship, and ended up taking a different ship on a different day. I often wonder what my life would be like if he had taken the Titanic instead! :thinking:


The Titanic exhibit sounds super interesting. I’d love to go!

Maybe that synchronicity was also pointing you to a spiritual message. I think the story of the Titanic is about not being arrogant or overconfident (as the leadership of the White Star Line were). But also “be prepared for anything”, especially to help others, and do not despair.


Amazing. They definitely loved you & wanted you to know that when you were out. I live near Woods Hole where the underwater research team & A.L.V.I.N. is from!

ALVIN & the Titanic: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute I love the Titanic & it’s story. I hope you enjoyed the museum too!


Im glad you had those synchronicities!!! And I’m happy that you’re feeling better :heart::blush: that is pretty awesome tho


That’s a very interesting and lovely synchronicity you had there! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: