Magick of the Mind: Could dreams be the key to time travel? 🕰

Hello all!

There was a very interesting video I saw on BBC News this morning- a video linking dreams and the depths of our consciousness to time travel :sleeping: :mantelpiece_clock:

As an avid lover of both dream magick and the study of consciousness, I just had to give it a view!

The video is part of BBC’s Science of Sleep Playlist and can be found here:

Have you ever gone to sleep and had a dream about something, only for it to then happen in reality?

This is a phenomenon known as precognition: a knowledge or perception of the future, obtained through extrasensory means. Although precognition is often dismissed as simply ‘chance’, an interesting new scientific perspective is emerging that could change our understanding of the relationship between consciousness, dreams and time.

[Description from BBC]

The video talks about studies that have shown how dreams can predict the future- dreams as a form of divination :crystal_ball: and how studying our minds and the amazing things they do may be the key to learning more about the flow of time itself.

The inner workings of the human mind/consciousness are still largely like the outer reaches of the universe and the center of the earth when it comes to modern science- there is a lot of mystery and much still to be discovered :compass:

It is interesting to see how spiritualism and religious studies, pagan beliefs, psychology, biology, quantum physics, mathematics, language, and so many different aspects come together in such a fascinating way.

I thought I would put this out there for any other lovers of dream magick and/or those with an interest in cognitive science :blush:

And I’m very curous:

Have you ever dreamed of something that came true?

Sweet dreams and blessed be! :sparkles:


Yes! I dreamt about a few things that happened in reality. This topic interests me as well. I think I like it bc it’s happened to me and I had to know more about what was going on.

The first dream, I dreamt of little things like things people would say. Once I figured that out, I’d say it along with that person. They thought I was crazy :rofl: but then I dreamt about things people would do. I didn’t like that as much. I was in a stressful situation. I was with ‘the ex’. I dreamt about him being with another woman. I put it all together and caught him.

Since, I’ve only had small dreams about what someone would say and seeing a tv show that hadn’t aired yet.


It’s an interesting topic, to be sure. Thank you for sharing the playlist, @TheTravelWitch. Dream Engineering and Lucid Dreaming were my favorites in the videos. :slightly_smiling_face: The sleep paralysis one was scary because I have been having those off and on for a few months. :open_mouth: Doctors are trying to help me because they believe their is an underlying condition causing them.

This is why keeping a dream journal is so important. :writing_hand:t4: I have tons of “Déjà vu” and it’s always due to previous dreams. I believe more people would realize they are dreaming things that will happen if they could go back and review the old dreams.


That’s amazing @Christina4! It’s not fun to dream about unhappy things, but I am glad you were able to use your visions to better yourself and find justice :balance_scale: And ohhh seeing a TV show ahead of time is a pretty exciting dream! :star_struck:

I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis, but my partner has during very stressful times and it sounds like a truly terrifying experience. I hope the doctors can shine some light on the cause for you and help you avoid it in the future, @praecog29! :pray:

That is a very interesting point about Deja vu linking back to dreams! For those who experience Deja vu and feel like it has happened before (but have no waking memory of where or when it happened) it is very plausible that it could have been precognition from a dream :sleeping: A really good point! I’m so glad you enjoyed the videos and also have a passion for studying sleep and dreams, Benjamin! :grin:


That’s a great point…if people would realize they’re dreaming if they could go back to the dream. And, sleep paralysis is not fun! It’s scary as heck! I had it for a while. The last time I experienced it was a month or two ago. Scary!


From what I’ve heard from my partner, it does sound scary indeed! I hope the sleep paralysis stays away for you, @Christina4 :pray: Sweet dreams only! :two_hearts:

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