Magickal Nutmeg!

A quickie today! Magickal Nutmeg! It’s almost autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere and nutmeg is a fall flavor that can be found in a variety of dishes. This warm, sweet yet slightly spicy spice is often paired with other fall spices like cinnamon, ginger, clove, and allspice.


I love Nutmeg, especially this time of year. I will definitely watch this one. Thank you @SilverBear


I’ve never liked the taste of nutmeg. I love cinnamon though, especially in my coffee because it helps keep blood sugars stable and increases insulin sensitivity immediately after consumption.

Thank you @SilverBear I will save it for family members who do like nutmeg.


The smell of nutmeg in the kitchen is a sure sign that autumn is here! :heart_eyes: :fallen_leaf: So many tasty fall recipes use this spice- apple pies, autumn fruit jams, pumpkins breads- and oh, I’m drooling at the thought! :drooling_face:

But nutmeg has a crazy name in Polish that I can never remember, so when I want it I have to sniff all the brown spices in the kitchen to find it :joy:

Thanks so much for sharing this, @Silverbear! :heart: