Making a Travel Altar

Merry Meet! I felt the need to get my travel altar done and gathered things for a couple of days,

With everything gathered that I can remember I need, its all put together and tucks nicely into the box, the pink feather was too long so a Hawk feather was put in its place, All items were smudged and blessed as well as the box, before use,

Do you have one? If so show your pics, would love to see them!


Great idea! I have one too! But I’m not traveling anywhere soon… :neutral_face:

Travel-altar-1 Travel-altar-2


Beautiful! We go out in the wilderness and up in the woods, that would be the only place we would travel and is usually the only place we go in good times,


Ohhhh such beautiful travel altars!!! :heart_eyes:

@roxanne- I love the warmth and homey feeling of your collection. It reminds me so much of my mother’s craft and working area. I would spend hours as a child looking at all her wonderous trinkets and intriguing items she had collected over the years :sparkles:

@Francisco your altar is so orderly and lovely! It seems like it’s inviting you to do a ritual with everything so neatly and perfectly arranged :star_struck:. And I am drooling over that box. Can I ask if it is on the heavier side, or more lightweight?

I usually fling a few odd stones (mostly jewelry) and herb sachets into my suitcase, but these are so much nicer and more organized! You are both a source of inspiration :clap: - I’ll have to begin putting a travel altar together! :two_hearts:


That must be the great Grandma in me!


Great grandma energy is wonderful energy to have, @roxanne :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And you have so much to teach and to offer to the next generations! Do any of your grandchildren/great-grandchildren also have an interest or curiosity about magick? :sparkles:


I love this idea! I feel I need something similar because right now I am using a small section of my dresser. My room is very small, but that has always been my safe place. So it makes sense to me to use that space as a sacred space. I’m getting things I need slowly but surely. I’m trying to get them as I go through the courses. I am actively working on the best way to have to my crystals & my altar space. Each week I buy something for just for the altar space! I will have to look for a nice box or trunk & do something like this so I can tuck it away when it’s not in use. Once my son moves out I will have his room for a craft place in my home!

Blessed Be


The size of space isn’t nearly as important as how it makes you feel- it sounds like you’ve found a nice and cozy spot for your altar, @Susurrus! :blush::two_hearts: At least until you can take over your son’s room and fill it with wonderful witchy crafts! :laughing: :+1:


I definitely made it my space. I can also use my nightstand & we are going to be painting the room soon. I have display cases & shelves I want to put up for my crystals and jewelry so they aren’t all hidden in a drawer.


So many exciting possibilities! :star_struck: It sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you- I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out as you make the space your own, @Susurrus! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good luck!


Did you make this yourself Francisco? Its beautiful


I would also like to add that something, there is something called incense matches, which is basically a book of matches that are also incense, these can be very handy when traveling as they are compact and serve 2 purposes
Actuallly Roxanne has them in the bottom right corner of her photo! those things are awesome


This is my altar space right now!


I found the box with the pentacle on etsy! It really is!

I’ve never tried those incense matches but they look perfect for traveling!


Deff try the incense matches, especially for a quick little ritual they don’t burn very long so it pretty convenient


I got some as a ‘freebie’ with an order I placed and they are really cool. I wish I knew where to get more. I have used them sparingly because I have a limited number of them.


@Francisco Please, forgive my curiosity. I have questions… What are the loops of rope used for? What do you keep in the dropper bottle and what is the little gold disc by your pendulum?

I love your method of working… it is always so clean and uncluttered… I envy you that you have ‘lived’ with the craft all your life. At my age I feel like I am trying to catch up. Through my life ALL the element of have been there I just never put the pieces together until now. It is exhilarating and freeing.


Thanks for your comment! Great observations, Berta!

The rope, we made it out of grass with my wife a while back. They are part of a love spell that I like to keep :gift_heart:. The golden circle is a holder for the incense cones. And that is an oil blend I made a while back. The photo is old so I’m not sure exactly what was in there. Probably for headaches or safe travels!


Oh I love that you kept the grass ropes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am trying to organize a travel box but it may just end up being my box for outdoor spells when I don’t want to drag my larger box outside. I found a really cool wooden cigar box at a resale shop and have been adding things as I find them. Its nice to see how others have put theirs together. Thank you so much for sharing yours.


I have an old Ryder Waite Smith Tarot deck that I use in my travel Altar. I have two chime candles and holders, two small glass bowls one for salt the other for water, an incense burner and incense cones, pen, paper, and a small ceramic bowl for a brazier. I use the Emperor to represent the God and the Empress to represent the Goddess. I use the Ace of each suit to represent the elements.
I usually use it to travel to a friend’s house that want a spell done. Quitting smoking is the most common spell I travel for.