Making some progress

Yesterday i got ink part for work but also to print of crystal grids. But i also grabbed a bunch of other stuff while i was at it. Including finally grabbing my first lot of seeds. N soil. I think. It didnt say soil but it said it was good for vegitables, herbs and flowers and i got the seeds for all. I also got bubbke mix containers to make herbal bubbles ( or try to). And some candles and these balls that made me think of round rubbery crystals like amerthyst, a blue type crystal and the blavk ones made me think of protective crystals. Ok they are bouncy balls from that party section but hey ive got playing cards, dice and marbles and even been working with air energy with coloured balloons. Id previously also got black and white balloons as well in a previous food shop.

Ive been trying to find more if a balance n last night i got so work done then did sone work n research for my holistic wellbeing buisness planning n also just researching crystals for the crystal grid creating for holistic wellbeing in my life. Im excited to plant the seeds i got yesterday n i am trying to revive a plant that needed some love and i was trying to put some healing energies into it n love energy to help the plant heal. It was looking a bit sad. Im trying to revive it. The other plant was ok but apparently i made mistake of putting an inside plant outside worrying it woyldnt get enough light inside when i was at work.but im trying to fix that.

And im excited cause working with a vegitable garden was sonethibg i was wanting to do to connect to Cerridwen and herb garden to connect to Brigid and flowers to conbect with Freya. N working with nature when i xant get out much cause so much woek etc at least having sone plants n balcony garden i can utilise the healing properyies of connecting to nature within safety of my home. Connecting with plants is healing n i am needing some of tgat n gives me a chance to do sonething that is important to my deuties that i havent been able to do yet cause not had the seeds or soil to have a garden. I have been collecting recycled jars and containers so i could have something to plant the garden items in n i want to paint the containers with some sort of design. Mayve ill ecen add some runes or sacred geometry to them. It should be good. I still got alot of work to do for work but im trying to balance that out with things outside of that especially when sone of thise jobs doing are to help others who are struggling but isnt part of my role so i need to make sure im doing my job as well but also tryung to balance tvat with things i need n starting the buisness that might be aimed at helping others might seem im just swapping one focus of helping others in need for another but as i learn n research n work on holistix wellbeing n the other parts of buisness im also helping myself along the way to heal n recover n bit n it can help financially as well to suppliment part time work. N the freedom to move on eventually to a more healthier work life. So i see it as a win. Im making progress n im excited to start my new garden n watch the plants grow will be good n it felt so good to work on buisness n writing n research for the buisness n my own health particularly crystal healing was focus late last night n i was excited n hopeful. Sometjing that has been a struggle to find lately with ongoing exhaustion n burnout n conflict n strain. Wasnt even at work yesterday n i found out just what happens when im not there to pick up the slack for others n thats hard to just brysh off n not feel bad cause i wasnt working that day n it eouldnt of happened if i had been cause i would of stated back to do those things n then the conflict wouldn’t of broken out. The boss wouldnt of not been happy. But i only work part time n i cant ve tgere all the time. I cant fix everything. I cant always be the solution. Or help. Its hard to not feel bad about that but i know im doing the best i can n that thats all i can do. N i also knkw i need to care for myself better otherwise i cant help anyone. Its a journey but i feel im getting there n i feel in a small way bit by bit i am making progress. Not just in one area of my life but in many n as holistix wellbeing goes the areas are interconnected n affect each other. N i see that. I think i like the idea of holistic witch lol appatently its a thing. Maybe that also makes me an eclectic witch by default but i knew i was that. N im ok with that but i feel as i grow n learn so does my understanding n my magical practice. N thats also exciting too😁


It great to see you are going in a positive direction with the planting and new supplies too! It also sound like you have a lot of responsibility regarding work, so just take the time to breathe… Also just some advice, if you are feeling run down and can’t always make time to do everything and everything in your practice don’t feel bad. I know how it is as i too have unlimited responsibilities and sometimes i just had to slow the pace of learning my practice… This doesnt make me any less of a witch just a smart one. As they say slow and steady wins the race. Oh also just to make it clear with that little saying, our personal practice is not and should not feel like a race. Witchcraft, spirituality and our practice is a long life journey we should enjoy and savour like a delicious caramel…
Hope i didn’t ramble on too much but i can’t help but want to lend a helping hand when i see someone in a similar situation as me…
Last note… TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! YOU COME FIRST HUN. Reach out to me if you ever want to chat i am always happy to update on my amazingly busy, complicated and wonderful life… :blush: :hugs:


**## Khadija, in the few months I’ve known you, you’ve grown so much. You seemed like a young girl when you joined, one, who was insecure, overburdened and troubled.
You have fought tooth and nail, gaining inch by inch be all you could be. Your odds seemed insurmountable, but you have done so very well.
I guess what I wanted to say was, I’m so proud of the woman/witch you’ve become and I’m honored to call you sister.

well done witch



Congrats on all of your new fun finds- and I think it was great choice to get yourself some seeds to grow some plant buddies! :potted_plant: :two_hearts:

No worries if things take a while to figure out- gardening (both indoors and outdoors) takes a while to get the hang of, but it really is a great practice with a lot of benefits. I’ve always found having plants nearby to be a big boost to my mood and overall wellbeing :herb::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

May your new plants thrive, and may they bring you lots of happiness and many blessings! :green_heart:

Good for you for working towards that happy point of equilibrium- you’re doing amazing, Danni! Step by step you are on your way to holistic happiness, every little thing you do towards your wellbeing is a big leap in the right direction. And like Khadija says, keep on taking good care of yourself :heart:


Thank you Garnet and i am proud to be able to call you my witch sister :hugs: :blush: I do feel i have grown especially spiritually. It was hard and to be honest i actually decided i would life y remaining life in the black hole others made for me, but amazingly thanks to you guys all on Spells 8, i was able to climb my way out bit by bit. Thankyou hun for all your support and always look forward to seeing your posts especially the poems and devotions i read here and there x


Ive made use of 3 of the bouncy balls. They have a a squish to them so they make something good to squeeze when stressed. I thought they reninded me of crystals n at first i thought amethyst, black tourmaline and maybe sodalite but i wasnt so sure on the blue crystal but in trying to figure it out i discocered tourmaline comes in black, blue and pink so i decided to go with that idea. Ive got one set of three on the altar that can maybe represent those crystals but the ones id been working with tonight i decided i was going ro make them my tourmaline balls. Yes i know they arent actually crystals and wont work the same as crystals just as crystals cant be squished or rolled unless they were round. But the idea was that i could use them like i might crystals in putting energy in n working with them. Im finding when a surge of emotion comes n im holding them i am swqeezing them tight. I move tgem around in my hand and id even rolled then along the ground. The pink/purple coloured one could of made for some firm of scrying in a way the way the light repflected off it n through it even if its a rubber ball. Im not sure if would work for divination of a limited fashion. . But i had done all i could to cleanse the space n get rid of negativity n pain only to be left with a bad taste in my mouth. I tried a lunar meditation earlier n even had my diety candles for today lit. I even said a prayer request for help to my clan. But i was still feeling overwhelmed. So in the process of trying to figure out what association to give to the rubber bouncy balls =crystal association i found myself get calmer n if i felt a rise in emotions i could just squeeze the 3 balls tight n i found it helped. Ok they arent crysrals, they are just 3 coloured rubber balls from the party favour section of the supermarket but i found a way to use them in my practice n to help me deal with the emotions of knowing i have to go back ti work tommorow n not knowing what other chaos or tensions ill be walking into. I could barely move for half of today n barely stand for most of it. I hot some work done still from home but not as much as hoped. But i needed to do somethinh otherwise i wouldnt get to sleep if id stayed as worjed up as i was n yes i know they arent crystals but working with tgese simple rubber balls and energy work has helped focus, calm and clear my mind of the overwhelming emotions i had before. I felt broken. I see how it is n it broke my heart. Its onky a matter of time but in the meantime i needed a way to cope. Maybe it makes me a weird witch lol but ive even worked with energy and coloured baloons using colour correspondence meditayion and energy work. Lol now ive discovered these 3 coloured rubber balls n they not only good stress balls but have helped in mindung calm, focus n removing negative energies or emotions. Like rubbery stressball versions of crysyals that helped me meditate n work with energy to find a better state of mind. Lol ok yeah if there was such a thing as a weird witch thar would be me. Im Alice, the Mad hatter and the Cheshire cat all rolled into one. At least maybe i might be calm enough now to get some sleep before another long day at work tommorrow… oh almost forgot to add the picture of the bouncy balls id been talking about lol


A delightfully curious combo of characteristics! :ribbon: :tophat: :cat: Well, you know what they say about good things coming in threes- such as your three new de-stressing bouncy balls!- so perhaps you’ll get the best qualities of each to help you on your journey :blush:

I hope you were able to get some good sleep and were able to refresh, Danni. Sending good thoughts your way! Blessed be :sparkles: