Many dead pet gold fish for no apparent reason?

Hi all, so something weird happened and i have no explanation for it. I have or i should say had many pet goldfish which i had for sometime and they were all suddenly dead with around 2 left which were barley moving. I cleaned there tank not too long back and have been a fish owner for most of my life so it is not ill treatment or something of the such. So i was shocked and confused and decided to sleep on it and check in the morning today which of course as i suspected all were dead. The were thing is the water was a green/blue colour and cloudy which was not like that a couple days ago. Does anyone think i may have been cursed? I ask my partner and he gave me 2 reasons, 1- That it is balha (a Muslim believe that the fish were used to stop something bigger happening to me), or 2- that it is my craft (other words i am calling upon evil spirits) :woman_facepalming: :sweat_smile: . So what do you think?


Are you sure they didn’t have Ick? That can decimate a tank quickly. Once one gets it, they all get it.

I’m sorry about your fish.


That’s fine @Amethyst it was very strange though… i think maybe one was sick so hence the rest died since they share the same water. I only ever had other fish die when they jumped out of the tank but they were salt water fish …


Yeah, I’m gonna second what @Amethyst has said. A sickness, even if we can’t see it, can spread through a fishtank so fast and Ick is really hard to detect unless you look closely. It could also be an issue with water pH, chemicals in the water that you’re unware of, etc. I wouldn’t worry too much about being cursed or someone trying to throw banes your way unless you have other symptoms of that, too.

Honestly, with everything that you’ve posted about your husband, is it possible that he maybe did it on purpose? I don’t want to assume things about your relationship but it does seem pretty chaotic. Could it be that he did that (I’m thinking back to your post about the cats you had and how he treated them) to make you think your faith and magic is killing things around you?


I’m so sorry about your fish @TheMuslimWitch. We had a tank of small fish growing up and there were so many, but then yes- just like others have mentioned, if one fish gets sick it can spread really quickly :cry: That would be my first guess when something like this happens, as it’s what happened to me too years ago.

As for you inviting evil spirits- unless you are actively calling on demons or casting Baneful Magick, I think it is extremely unlikely that anything in your practice would harm your fish. I know you mentioned your circles were being broken, if you are only casting positive energies I really don’t think you have anything to worry about in regards to your practice.

I’m not sure if you’re planning to use the tank/equipment again, but if you want to (or just want to check if illness was indeed the cause) you might be able to take a sample of the water to an expert and get it checked :test_tube:

Good luck and condolences for your fish :pray:


I wouldn’t dare call upon evil spirits, i think i have enough bad luck as it is :sweat_smile: As for the fish tank i think i just need a bit more time before using it again so i have emptied it and made sure it was thoroughly cleaned…