March Equinox 2022 🌷 Coven Celebrations!

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The equinox is almost here!

The equinox is something anyone can celebrate no matter where you are in the world. How you celebrate, though, will depend on your religious preferences and your location! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, this is called the Spring Equinox. In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the Autumn Equinox. This year, the March equinox takes place on March 20th, though it may vary slightly depending on where you live. In Florida, for example, the exact time of the equinox is March 20th at 11:33 am EDT. You can find more date information here → First Day of Spring 2022: Celebrate the Spring Equinox | The Old Farmer's Almanac

Note: Please use this thread for all discussion about your celebrations of the equinox. Any posts made outside of this thread will be moved here for easy access and streamlined discussion.

What is an equinox?

I always like to explain what an equinox is around this time of year because it is first and foremost an astronomical event. On an equinox, the amount of day and night we have are almost equal :sun: :last_quarter_moon: and we can see that in the sunrise and sunset times. I have noticed it getting closer and closer over the last few days in my weather app. It has a handy section for the times of the sunrise and sunset! In the screenshot, you can see that the sun rises at 6:43 AM and sets at 6:35 PM. That’s fairly close, I’d say!


Celebrating the Equinox

If you aren’t Wiccan, might not necessarily want to celebrate Ostara or Mabon as those are the Wicca-based celebrations on the neo-pagan Wheel of the Year. That’s okay! I don’t celebrate Ostara or Mabon myself. Instead, I celebrate in a more local way. I’ll give you some ideas here for celebrating no matter your religious preference, no matter your location, and no matter your budget!

:hibiscus: Here are my Spring Equinox activities from 2020

Spring Equinox Activities 🌻

I’ll probably do a few more of these this year. We have some balloons and tissue paper. We just might make paper mache eggs! We do have some seedlings that need to be planted, too. So, it looks like we’ll also be working in the garden for the equinox!

:hibiscus: Ostara Traditions on Spells8

Learn some symbols, traditions, and get some ideas for celebrations here on Spells8!
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:hibiscus: Ostara Cast-a-Long Video Ritual

Whether by yourself or with others, get some ideas for an Ostara ritual with this easy-to-follow video!
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:hibiscus: Eostre

Learn about Eostre, a pagan Goddess of Springtime often associated with Ostara.
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:pie: Celebrating Mabon

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you may benefit from learning more about Mabon and celebrating the Autumn Equinox!
How are YOU celebrating Mabon?

:pie: Mabon Music Playlist

Music is super witchy, right? It can be added to spells and rituals to create ambiance and help raise energy. You might like this Mabon playlist!
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:pie: Mabon Ritual Ideas

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:pie: Mabon Cast-a-Long Ritual

If you’d like to hold a ritual for Mabon but don’t know how, or you just want to be not alone, in a sense, then this cast-a-long ritual is perfect for you!
Mabon Cast-a-Long Video Ritual

There are so many more things out there, too! If you search for Ostara, Spring Equinox, Mabon, and Autumn Equinox in the forum you’ll get so many ideas, recipes, and more from those of us here on the forum that have shared over the years!

I hope you have a wonderful celebration of the equinox in whatever way you need to :heart:


Great info, @MeganB! I’m jealous of those temps you’re having in Florida. I think it’s time to move further south :thinking:
Tonight and Saturday is supposed to get very cold with a chance of snow. Already put my lavender and rosemary in the ground so I need to cover those plants with plastic and put the heater on in the greenhouse! I thought for sure winter was gone. But hopefully this will be the last of the cold spells. Definitely want to celebrate Spring :blossom: :sunflower: :tulip: :champagne:


Hopefully your lavender and rosemary do okay! It’s supposed to just keep getting hotter from here on out, I think. This weather is mild :laughing: come Summer it’ll be in the 90s and triple digits with ridiculous humidity. So I’ll be enjoying this while I can :rofl:


You’re getting snow your way, too? I thought all of the yucky winter weather was gone because we kept having perfect days like today (60 degrees, sunny, no wind). Overnight it’s supposed to turn into wind, ice and up to 6" of snow! My lawn almost looks ready to mow, yet I will be dragging out the snowblower tomorrow! I think you are right though, this is winter’s last hurrah before we get to celebrate spring next weekend. I hope your plants do well through the freeze this weekend!


Yes, isn’t this crazy, @christine13?! It was 63 degrees here a couple of hours ago and we have a 50% chance of snow at 9:00 pm! :crazy_face:


We just have to make it through the cold weekend, but we got a little bit more than a dusting of snow.


Lol! I already mowed back backyard the other day it had some high patches every where! I thought for sure it was spring!


Wishing everyone, no matter where in the world you call home, a very happy and blessed Equinox! :partying_face: :tulip: :pie: :two_hearts:

Thanks for creating this masterpost, @MeganB- I always enjoy seeing the coven celebrations :tada::blush:


Thank you @MeganB. Happy Ostara! As soon as the sun comes up it’s clean up the flower bed time. Last year when I did that I had a little friend waiting for me. I guess it was to cool for him to move because I had been working around him for almost an hour. He blended in so well with the dead leaves. Anyway, when I saw him the whole neighborhood heard my scream. A big fat copperhead snake! I’m going to make my husband check for snakes before I start today.


Happy Equinox everyone!

Here’s some art witchery for ya!


Happy Equinox everyone! Hope y’all are having a good day! I did the Ostara ritual here on site and it was nice, I enjoyed it. I also found this lovely Ostara guided meditation that I just loved, going to have to remember it for next year.

Here it is, in case you’re interested:


Well it’s been a beautiful sunny Spring Equinox here in the UK.

The equinox happened at 3.33pm here (it’s now nearly 6.30pm) and I made us lamb shank with roast potatoes, broccoli cheese and sweetcorn to celebrate.

I’ll be doing a possibly slightly amended version of the Spells8 ritual later on and will post a picture of my Ostara altar afterwards.

It really does feel like a time of change with good things on the horizon. Spent time with friends I’ve not seen for nearly 18 months and Sherlock made his first doggy friends, he was a very good boy…

…and I’m feeling happier and more relaxed than I have done in quite some time.

I’ve got three days left at my current firm then I’m taking some holiday until the end of March before formally launching my own company on 1 April. Exciting times!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Ostara or Mabon x


Happy Equinox everyone! :hibiscus: :sunflower:

I woke up with the sun today which is rare. I never sleep in! It was so, so nice to wake up to the sunlight coming through my window. I didn’t remember that today was the equinox until honestly a few hours ago but the way my day has gone? It’s like I just knew in my bones :heart:

I spent my morning sitting on the patio reading a book and drinking my coffee :coffee:

Rebel Witch by Kelly-Ann Maddox - pretty sure the mug is from Walmart :laughing:

I also spent a lot of time in my garden. I had started seedlings about two weeks ago and it was time to get them in the ground. I’m hoping they take off and do really well, but only time will tell right now!

I planted some sweet corn, green beans, and zucchini in a three-sisters garden. Well, it’s almost a traditional three-sisters garden. They’re in lines rather than in a circle. Then around those I planted my watermelon, carrots, cantaloupe, and cucumbers.

Now it’s time to relax for a bit and then we’re gonna make pizzas for dinner and play board games :laughing:


This evening I completed my Ostara ritual and spell jar contained in my Wonky Broomstick subscription box. I needed fresh flowers for the ritual and my mini daffodils have flowered just in time.

Happy Equinox x


Blessed Ostara and Equinox!

What a lovely way to wake up today @MeganB a gorgeous sunrise! How are you enjoying your book?

I really like your altar @IrisW ! It has inspired me to add more to my areas as the season continues!

I went for a walk in the afternoon and it was surprisingly cooler than yesterday. Yesterday was so hot, probably close to 89, so feeling like it was in the 70s on the afternoon was welcome. I walked in a direction that I hadn’t explored yet and was met with the most delightful scent! I thought it was Magnolias maybe? But I walked a little further and realized that for acres ahead of me, there were orange groves! I’ve lived in this area now for over 2 months and didn’t realize those groves were in walking distance. Sadly they are privately owned so I couldn’t walk through them (I thought about breaking the rules but didn’t lol). But that scent that is in the air isn’t magnolia, but orange blossom. Oh my it is so nice! I could smell it for the remainder of my walk and it was just wonderful.

I did a short ritual with a black and white candle, setting my intentions for this season and releasing what I don’t need. I also practiced a bit with my new cards. Hoping to indulge a bit with a one of the self care bath recipes on Spells8 this evening too. Looking forward to the week, the rest of spring and all it’s newness.

My space that I made for the season and for the ritual today


:rabbit: :cherry_blossom: A blessed Ostara, Infinite Roots! :cherry_blossom: :rabbit:
I did the ritual on this site, but I changed a few things—I bought a yellow egg that hatches in water and put it in my draconic chalice. It’s supposed to hatch in a couple days. We’ll see if going to be a unicorn, a bunny, or a dog. Afterward, you can put it back in the water and it will continue to grow!



My own little Ostara night ritual. Yours is prettier, but we do what we can do.


@robin77 The sunrise was just so amazing yesterday morning :sunny: It’s not often I get to wake up to the sun and sit outside as it rises! The book is decent so far. It’s a very beginner book that we’re reading for book club so some of the stuff is a review for me. We’re reading it for book club over on Patreon :blush: Your ritual and space looks very beautiful with all those colors! I’m happy you had a good day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: