Mars Goes Out of Bounds

March 21- Mars Out of Bounds

Mars moves “out of bounds” which essentially means that its energy goes wild! Mars is the planet of action, motivation, and conquering our fears. We may feel inspired to do take leaps, make progress, and push past some of the fears and blocks that have been holding us back. Mars energy is all or nothing, so you may have to watch your own energy levels to be sure you are not heading towards burnout. Try to move at a steady pace rather than rushing ahead. Mars will remain out of bounds until May 24.

March Forecast


Well this explains my crazy restlessness and unbridled energy


Cheers @AliceInWonderdab- I can definitely feel something stirring in the air here as well! :laughing: I thought it might just be the turbulent March weather, but it makes sense if Mars is influencing things as well :milky_way:

Really great reminder here. I’ll need to keep this mind!

Awesome information- thanks for sharing, @Susurrus! :heart:


Oh you’re welcome @BryWisteria! I thought it was interesting because I was feeling a bit of an energy burst myself surrounding Ostara & Spring Equinox. It’s good to know that it’s not just me @AliceInWonderdab.


This discussion is old news- but keep an eye out for current astrological updates in the forum!