Massive vibration

Is anyone else feeling a massive vibration feeling throughout their body today due to it being a portal day? Or is it just me?


I didn’t feel anything, but I did wait and watch for the clock to tick over to 2:22 pm to light myself a candle.


No vibration but I had ringing in the ears several times which is generally a signal that something/someone is trying to send me a message. My energy levels were also really high throughout the day today.


I had an intense day. I had a psychiatry/psychotherapy appointment that left me pretty vulnerable & hyper-sensitive with a lot of energy that needed to go somewhere, so I cleaned my house. Lol :rofl:

I had forgotten all about the portal date until I wrote it down without 2022 there. By then I had no idea what to do for the day, but there was a more intense energy around me.


I got a pounding headache out of nowhere and had to spend a good chunk of the afternoon resting :sweat_smile: - I was too preoccupied to check the time, but looking back it very well might have hit around 2pm. Didn’t put two and two (forgive me :joy:) together until I read this post!

If that’s really what caused it, it looks like portals may not be my thing haha. But it’s very interesting to hear how it affected everyone else- it seems like we all feel and experience the energy in different ways! :blush:


I did a ritual at noon, drawing as much energy and focus as I possibly could, probably more than I ever have. Maybe I caused a “disturbance in the Force.” Just kidding. I was too focused on myself to notice anything yesterday. There’s probably a lesson there…


I have had the massive energy today, im always running behind LOL. :rofl:


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