Masterpost: Frequencies, Energy Work, & Human Design

That does make sense- thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping me to clarify this, August! :blush:

Same here- I used to think it was just the fact that I didn’t have to run around crazy trying to find and purchase presents for everyone at the pagan holidays, but it seems to be more than that. There’s something deep and connected about the Sabbats that I don’t feel during the national holidays.

So mote it be- sending big hugs and lots of love your way, August! I hope the depression eases up soon and that you’re feeling better asap :people_hugging: :heart:


Already feeling much much better! I actually went out last night and met some wonderful women who are in a band together. Not only was it great music, turns out one of them shares my birthday and she’s also a witchy woman! Gotta love the exactitude of randomness there.


So, I’m not so much interested in perfecting my knowledge of Human Design as I am in how it applies to the Craft.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding different subjects in Human Design, and unfortunately, its creator is dead. So it’s become a bit of a free-for-all between the hardliners who just take it all in dogmatically, and the free-thinkers who believe nothing is set in stone and it can all be changed.

I tend to fall into the latter category. And as I get further into the book and the incredibly long list of additional information on top of the Type and Strategy…I feel overwhelmed. Mostly because it’s based on the I Ching and I’ve never gotten along well using the I Ching. It’s confusing. Maybe it’s a cultural barrier, I don’t know.

But for now, I’m backing off for a while in this as I need to let it all settle in my brain. I’m going to see if I can find expression for it using Sacred Geometry. Quite often my brain switches from left-leaning to right-leaning. That’s why I ended up with degrees in both studio art and the language arts. It’s like I spend time in language based studies for a bit, then I have to express what I’ve learned with visuals instead of words for a bit.

But I still want to hear what everyone else thinks or how they’ve been changing it up and experimenting with this new system.

I have found it helps be to better explain why regular astrology works. I’m still mostly intrigued with the entire neutrino situation and the planets.

I found myself standing outside looking at the moon yesterday and thinking about soaking up all those good yummy lunar neutrinos. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’ve had my first major insight that this stuff is working.

I’ve been trying really hard to do the whole “waiting for a feeling” thing. And I’ve been trying to apply it to even the most mundane tasks like deciding whether I want to have tea or go take a bath. And I applied it to my learning pattern. A LOT of “coincidences” and serendipitous events have started happening.

For instance, I opted to go find expression in Sacred Geometry. While learning to actually create the forms, I turned on the Gaia station for some background white noise, and there was a new series on Sacred Geometry just made available.

So I start watching, half-minded as I was also drawing. Then I feel the urge to take a warm bath and watch the rest of the episode I was on. While in the bath, the host led the audience through an energy center activation technique based on the energy points of the human body as described by Sacred Geometry.

WOW! What an experience that was. And it was exactly what I was seeking through all this study of Human Design and now Sacred Geometry.

How does this apply to the Craft? Well, I’ve been talking about aligning the body chakras and energy centers with the intent of the spell to be cast. What I’ve discovered is that’s only part of the equation.

We have to take that aligned energy and send it upwards into the next chakra above the crown while simultaneously sending it downwards through our root chakra and into the earth to get the highest manifestation response. The host had said something about it before the exercise, but it was delivered to me visually from that first subtle body chakra in an instant and I immediately understood and knew what I need to do next on this journey I’ve taken on.

So, yes, the little bits of I Ching information in Human Design have not been useful to me. But trying to make the Strategy and Type I have become part of my process of existence is definitely working…in a whole new way that I never expected.

Happy New Year everyone!


What one person calls coincidences, another might call synchronicities- it sounds like you are getting better and better at tapping into the energy and now being able to “hear” it and allow it to guide you. That is really exciting! :grinning:

Happy New Year to you too! May it be a year full of learning, listening, and growing :pray::heart:


Happy New Year @August_Wandering! I hope you’ve had a great start! :revolving_hearts:


I should have known better than to consult Reddit on this… I’d sum it in a rhyme “follow your Strategy and Authority and the world is your oyster, take the slightest misstep and we’ll put you in a toaster” :laughing:


@CelestiaMoon Ohh wow! Soo true! :joy: