May Astrological Forescast

As we round the corner into May, I took a look at the forecast for astrological movements. The entire forecast can be found May 2021. I have added some of the events below:

May is one of the most pivotal months of 2021. It brings an ultra-potent and rare Blood Moon Eclipse, the opening of the Pleiades Portal, and the shift of Jupiter into Pisces for the first time in 12 years.

All of this energy makes May a potentially challenging month, but it’s worth remembering that all challenges come with their rewards.

Eclipses, especially a Blood Moon Eclipse, can often be intense, and bring sudden endings or disruption to our lives. They can also stir out emotions and make us feel extra sensitive.

We have not experienced a Blood Moon Eclipse since 2019, so it’s likely that we are going to feel this energy strongly. This Eclipse is also linked to a cycle we have been working with since early 2020 so there are many layers to navigate with it too.

While Eclipses can be potent, they do help us to level up and take a quantum leap forward on our path. Whatever falls away, as hard as it may be, is always a catalyst for our soul growth even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time.

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, moving into Pisces this month is also a huge shift.

Jupiter represents abundance and can shine a light, expanding our gifts and talents. In fact, if you are a Pisces Sun or Pisces Rising this is considered a very lucky omen! If you have either your Sun or Rising in a water sign, you will also benefit from this energy.


This is valuable information- thanks so much for sharing, @Siofra! :star_struck: I know I can always count on the coven to keep each other updated on exciting astrological events :milky_way: :blush:

Wonderful to hear! I’m looking forward to the power of the Blood Moon and that extra expansive energy from Jupiter for water signs :ocean: :full_moon:


I love this! :heart_eyes: I dont know how I missed it before? Thank you for putting this together :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So many amazing and powerful things happening already this year, its set to be an amazing one :heartpulse: