Maypoles anyone?

Hi everyone, I just wanted to know has anyone done a ritual with a maypole or even just for fun? Also can anyone tell me more about maypoles, when they were used or the history of it? I have always seen people referring to maypoles when talking kid is witches and I haven’t seen anyone do it unless they have been privileged enough to have a great witch community in an isolated area…
I really want to do this little ritual but do not want to be disrespect I’ve if it belongs to a certain community or ethnic of witch’s. How about my clothes line which looks like this?:

Picture source: Hills Hoist Heritage 7 Line Rotary Clothesline | Simply Clotheslines

Any info would be appreciated :blush:


I don’t have any info for you, sugar biscuits my grandmother would have known, but I don’t think it’s specific in a way that would offend anyone. The clothes line seems perfect, I can almost see it.

I can’t wait to see what others have to say.

Oh and Sugar Biscuits is what I say around little ones so I don’t say a “Garbage Word” I haven’t been saying it since… so now I try to say it all the time to get back in the habit

Quick Sugar Biscuits funny:
My at the time 5 year old: “Mommy why do you say Sugar Biscuits?”
Me: “So I don’t say a Garbage Word”
5 year old: “Why don’t you say Sugar Cookies?”
Me: “Because…”
7 year old: “Sugar Cookies? I like sugar Cookies. Can we make Sugar Cookies?” :laughing:


Oh that’s so sweet and I love sugar biscuits and cookies what a good habit I should get into… I tend to say “cheese and crackers” or “fudge… weird how those words although are bad can sound so sweet lol😊


Will you be decorating it with ribbons? The Morris Dancers here in England dance around the Maypole and it’s decorated with lots of colourful ribbons, here’s a link to tell you a little history.

Have fun :sparkling_heart:


I remember going to a local May Day festival as a child where they had a big maypole to dance around- they sometimes have them at renaissance faires too, although I’ve never joined in!

I think you are very thoughtful and respectful for asking before partaking in a tradition! :heart: I wouldn’t worry about the maypole- while I’m sure there are times when the maypole is part of a celebration that carries spiritual significance, in my experience the maypole is a fun, seasonal tradition that can also be simply a general activity that people do for entertainment (with no deeper meanings attached).

I don’t believe it is part of a closed practice- I’d say feel free to set up and enjoy your own maypole! :blush:

If there is enough room to dance around (and not hit your head), then that could absolutely work! Otherwise I think any long pole or tree trunk that stands up straight would work as a maypole :+1:

Good luck and have fun! :sparkles:


I think @BryWisteria is right. Maypoles come from ancient European traditions, there’s nothing that really says they’re considered a closed or gated practice. I think you’re perfectly fine to celebrate with a Maypole!


It’s celebrated here every year, here’s another link History of the Maypole Dance
It’s celebrated all over the world and goes back centuries so I’d say enjoy it. It’s normally in May, but I’m sure your maypole will look beautiful when all the ribbons are on it. :sparkling_heart:


Thanks for that :blush: yes I was thinking to decorate with ribbons… may ask the two girls to join in it will be a lot of fun :blush: