Meditation breakthrough!

As I’ve mentioned before I have aphantasia, or the inability to picture things in my mind. I cannot recall people’s faces or what a beach looks like in my mind. What I do instead is rely on facts and descriptions and tell myself a story about whatever I’m trying to recall.

I honestly didn’t realize that this was different than other people until I started meditating and doing visualization exercises. And even then it never bothered me; I just accepted I saw the world differently.

Well, I’ve been practicing the exercises from Psychic Witch and today I was doing a meditation with the Star tarot card. Towards the end of my meditation, a brilliant bright star appeared!! It looked like our sun but bright white. Me being the scientist I am, immediately knew this was my mind showing me the only star I’ve “seen in person.” While it only lasted a few seconds, it was amazing! This may seem trivial to some but as someone whose never seen anything in my mind or able to remember my dreams, this is huge.


Oh, wow, that is awesome! So glad you were able to see, so to speak. That’s neat!


I’m very happy for you! :smiling_face: that is such an exciting thing to have happen. Definitely a breakthrough worth celebrating :tada: :confetti_ball:


Wow @Amaris_Bane, that’s quite a breakthrough! :clap::heart: It sounds like your training is paying off and that your meditation practice is developing beautifully- congrats to you!


How amazing and fantastic! :partying_face: :tada: :sun: :star:


Amazing!! How long have you been practicing?


@Francisco I’ve been doing mediations for about a year now. I’ve been doing the first few exercises from this book for about a week now. It’s crazy how quick it happened! I’m excited to see what comes from continued, consistent practice.