Medium Suzanne Giesemann is offering a 7 week online course!

Suzanne is amazing. I’ve seen several of her YouTubes. She’s offering a 7 week class starting Dec. 1st if anyone’s interested.


I can’t say I’m familiar with Suzanne’s works myself, but this looks like it could be a great resource for anyone interested in becoming a medium (or learning more about it)! Thanks for sharing this find, @MoonGoddess! :heart::blush:


Yes, I’ve been feeling like I think I’m being called to mediumship for awhile now and her videos have appeared on my YouTube several times over the last couple months. I even followed an exercise with one of her videos a couple days ago and had my own success! I had a spirit come in with a masculine energy who I kid you not also brought his golden retriever! It was amazing! I’d like to try to take her course though so I can both have the understanding along with more control.

Her course is a live online class once a week on Wednesdays with a follow up practice session with fellow attendees if you are able to attend. If you can’t make the class time you also get a video copy of the class plus a transcription of everything and the option to meet people and discuss through a facebook group also for follow up practice.

She has written I think 11 books and helped so many people and I think that would be so rewarding to be able to help people in that way.


Like I wrote in your other post @MoonGoddess about; Questions about Spirit Guides. I never heard about her; even though has mentioned in her online page, she’s well known. Understanding that she’s a ex military person, her work is well endorsed by the elite, or has most people know the organization by, Illuminati or New Age.
Let us know of her teachings and your progression, and again, if interested. I highly recommend the books I mentioned from Allan Kardec.
By differentiating spirits, the key of this besides learning to know their energies, is by discernment. Understanding that among the spirit realm, there’s also Tricksters Spirits, posting to be the spirit of someone or one of the Deities from a parallel universe. This are things that eventually you will learn as a Muertera. Wishing you the best in your studies.