Meeting and Celebrating In Real Life

I love Spells8 because it allows me to learn more about myself, my faith, and the different faiths of other people. I like to believe over time the people that post regularly get to know each other well enough that some consider each other friends. But digital can only go so far for me.

Samhain is coming up and this is my first year of being out as Wiccan. The only person I had to celebrate it with isn’t in my life at the moment - it seems the universe has different ideas for us in this life than what we had and that’s okay. I don’t know the ceremonies, the rituals, the spells, or any of the craft related to Samhain. I know every “path” is different and that’s the joy of being and eclectic wiccan. I long for human interaction on this front, though, because that is what I am used to from my Christian past. I am used to celebrating with others.

So my question is how many of you know other like-minded people in real life? Do you celebrate with them? How did you meet them? Are there spells I should look to? Manifestations I should be looking at? Intentions to set? Active groups on social media? (I’ve joined a couple groups that don’t talk at all. lol) I don’t need to rush or push anything to happen this month, but I would love to hear your stories of meeting others and how you celebrate together.


I honestly do not know anyone else in real life that is a Wiccan here in Indianapolis. I know someone in San Diego, and that is it. And of course, I cannot fly out due to being unemployed for way too long to celebrate with her. I’d love to meet others who are like minded.


I feel this so much!

And old friend of mine and I started on this path together and just as you and yours, the universe had other ideas for us as individuals. I miss her dearly. Miss being able to call her up and tell her something exciting that I am working on or learning and such. Miss putting rituals together. There’s a lot to gain from having another witch in proximity to you.

I’m all the way in Anchorage, Alaska though lol.


The small college town where I live doesn’t have any “official” covens. However I was lucky to come in contact with witchy people by paying attention to their interest in the spiritual and/or supernatural.

Likely there are people in your circle who are walking a similar path to yours. Maybe they are experimenting with crystals, or they learned to talk to spirits from their grandma,

I think Samhain/Halloween is the best time to test the waters. Casually bring up the topics of Tarot, Ouija boards, ghost stories, etc. when you’re out with your friends.

Many people don’t use any labels or don’t even know that there are online communities like this where they can learn and share with others.

I recommend using this holiday to pay attention to the witchy/spiritual people in your social circles. Go slowly and it may one day grow into a beautiful group of accepting and interesting pagans!


I literally know no one, in the pagan or Wiccan genre other than here in Spells8. I have but a few friends but unfortunately they live further than I can reach right now. I think, for me, this group fulfills my path’s headcount for the moment, as I am still newly discovering where I am headed. I enjoy talking to everyone here and have made some connections outside of the group on social media.
I completely understand the longing for human interaction though, it seems through Covid especially its put things more into perspective for a lot of people.
This will be my first Samhain celebration as well,awake in the Wiccan Ways that is.
Blessed Be,


Like so many others here, I also don’t know anyone in real life who has openly come out as practicing witchcraft.

However, through other hobbies (traveling, school, dance, language-learning, herbalism) I have found others who have similar interests and beliefs. They may not have the same label that I call myself, but I know others who celebrate holidays such as Yule and Ostara- as the equinox and solstice. My mother is an avid gardener, and I know many people who work magic (although they don’t call it that!) in their kitchens and gardens :woman_cook::herb:

I totally agree with what Francisco said above- now is a great time of year to connect with others over spirituality and hobbies that tie back to your practice. You may find people you already know are witches themselves- even if they don’t use that term, are in the broom closet, or perhaps celebrate a new and interesting pagan practice! :sparkles:

Although I haven’t been in an in-person coven myself, from what I’ve heard they can be full of drama :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. When I want to talk with others who I know are like-minded and follow the same/similar practices, I’ve found that the forums here are the best place to do so!

I’ve said it before, but truly- a big thank you to all of you for being such a warm and wonderful coven :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m still trying to figure out the questions you ask. I really don’t know any other like minded people in real life. I’d love to meet all off you here.on Spells8 tho!


I don’t know about your state but West Virginia has a couple of FaceBook groups for WV Wiccans and Pagans. You might want to look there. There’s also Meetup, there might be a group there, not as sure about that but it’s free so it can’t hurt to look. Also if you have a metaphysical store you can go to you might ask them.


I don’t know any others also. Only people I can share my Wiccan religion, is on this forum. Which is great to have. It will be my first Samhain too. Actually, it’s all a first for me.
Blessed be.