Merry Meet from Cincinnati!

I’m so glad to have found this forum and website. My initial initiation was in October 2001. However, during years of mental illness (eating disorders, chronic depression), along with my coven struggling to keep drama at bay, I fell from practicing. I left my coven, heartbroken, and felt lost for years. I’ve recently had a spiritual reawakening, resumed as a solitary practitioner, and have found so much peace.


Merry Meet, Sarah!! Welcome to the Forum! :dizzy:

That’s great! I believe my spiritual awakening started as a call for me to improve my life, finding peace and prosperity. But it can be easy to fall from it too…

If we’re lucky we will continue to learn from the Craft, and the God and Goddess for a long time! :pray:

If you haven’t already, I recommend that you visit the Courses page and follow the lessons there. Or simply come to the forum and comment on any topic you’re interested in!

Feel free to create topics as well with whatever it is you’re currently learning/pracitcing. I hope you will enjoy it here! Many blessings!


Welcome Sarah, merry meet! I’m happy to hear that rekindling your practice gave you peace after a difficult time :star2:

Well said! One thing I love about the Craft is that you’re never finished, there is always so much to learn and to discover :relaxed:


Merry Meet and welcome! You are going to meet some of best people ever on this site!! Lots of great information too! Blessed Be

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Greetings from Canada

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Merry meet! Im glad you are here :slight_smile: this is a wonderful community of great people and positive vibes! :sparkling_heart:

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