Merry Meet from Florida

Greeting from Florida. I recently joined to connect with others who enjoy the craft. My grandmother practiced but she passed when I was only ten. I was never able to find her recipes for healing. She was a wonderful healer and I am blessed to carry on her traditions. I am excited to begin making my own oils, a new path for me with my other wiccan interests.


Hi @liana! I think I introed myself to you already but I’m Amethyst. So glad to have you here. If you’re looking into healing the Green Witchcraft course should be just right up your alley!

If you have any questions just give a holler and someone will be by to help you! I’m glad to have you here!


Welcome @liana !


Merry meet @liana! :heart:

I think it is wonderful that you are carrying on your grandmother’s tradition- it sounds like she was a talented witch! May her healing talents manifest within you as well! :blush:

Make yourself at home here in the forum- you’ll find many fellow coven members who love to chat and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Know that you are warmly invited to join ongoing activities, including the weekly group ritual.

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles: