Merry Meet from London, UK✨

Hello there!!!
Just joined, and I’m really excited about this!

My name is Eleonora (Ellie in short), I’m 34 and I live in London.
I was born in Rome, Italy and I’ve been walking this Path since I was 8 - so more or less 26 years now. :flushed:
I was raised in quite a strict Christian family, going to see the Pope every Sunday and having my bedtime stories read from the Bible.
This helped me asking the right questions since I was a child, and also gave me the knowledge to understand how everything is connected.
My family wasn’t happy, of course, but I was a solitary child and this helped me a lot with my studies.
When I started internet was a quieter place, and basically if you wanted to know something there was only a place to be: the library.
I’ve started reading about other religions, then found small books on Celtic studies and lore and the only book I could find at the time on witchcraft, the Scott Cunningham’s book on Wicca.
I realized I’ve found what I was looking for, but again I was only a child in a really catholic city, so wasn’t easy for me to find more information on the subject.
When I was 16 I first moved out of my house and start traveling… Europe, UK, Ireland, Australia and everywhere I went was an amazing discovery of cultures and folklore, legends and stories.
I bought more books than I can think of, and I came back with more information and knowledge I will ever be able to use :laughing:
I’ve never stopped learning, and was actually until my 20 that I started actively practicing spell work and potion making.

I love history, candle magick and oil crafting. I create my own tea blends. I do Reiki, crystal energy healing, tarot and runes (just started on this last month)
I can be a b***h if you are ignorant and think you are right, and a darling if you don’t know something and are actually ready to listen to a different idea than yours… and if you want to teach me something I don’t know - which is loads!!
My biggest dream is to join a real Coven, but I’m really shy so I’ve never been to a gathering or an open day kind of thing.

I’ve never been in a witchy forum before! I’ve lately joined some groups on Facebook, but maybe I’m unlucky 'cause, let’s put this in a nice way, they weren’t what I was looking for… Unfortunately.
I feel this could be the right place to meet really interesting people! :sparkles:

Much love and light to you all

Blessed be

Ellie xo


Hey @Oh_My_Wonderland!! :wave::wave:

I’m from Newbury Berkshire, nice to have someone sort of local on here :joy: more local than America anyway :blue_heart:

You’ll fit in here well, everyone is super friendly :heartpulse:


Merry Meet! I am from Cape Cod but I have a lot of ancestors from your side of the world! I love working on my geneaology to see where I originated. I have a whole side of my family from Italy too!

I found this place at the right time in my life also. It’s a wonderful place and everyone here is great. I think you will like it here! I love it. I finished the Wicca Self Initiation, Spellcasting 101, Herbal Magic, and I’m working on Level 2 and the Tarot courses now. They are a huge help and I have gained more confidence with my path. My journey has including learning how to meditate and being able to reap the benefits from it. I have come a long way and definitely feel more in touch with myself.

I hope you also love it here and have a great experience. I look forward to speaking with you again! Have a great day!

Blessed Be!


Hi Ellie! My daughter goes by this name as well, her full name is Danielle. Welcome and Merry Meet! I am new here as well, and so excited to learn and try everything I can to enhance and better understand the craft.
Blessed Be!


Very warm greetings to you, @Oh_My_Wonderland! :heart_decoration:

Sorry to hear that the other groups weren’t your cup of tea- I hope you can finally find your online coven and forum family here! We are very blessed to have you join us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There are certainly many interesting witches with many diverse talents from all over the world here! :earth_africa:

I love your open mind and willingness to learn! :open_book: If you haven’t already discovered it, the Complete Courses and Spells8 YouTube Channel are both great places to delve into new topics or find inspiration for new spells and rituals :sparkles:

I think it’s really cool that you have an interest in runes! I don’t know much about them myself, aside from what @MeganB has been kindly sharing about Ogham :evergreen_tree:. If you come across any interesting info about runes please feel free to share- I also think it’s a very fascinating topic! :star_struck:

Please make yourself at home and feel free to jump in on any topic of interest. You may want to browse around for topics related to your talents, or you want want to create a new topic and lead the discussion about an interest, question, or experience of yours! :grin:

It is a pleasure to meet you and I can’t wait to talk with you more! Blessed Be :sparkling_heart:


Thanks to you all, beautiful souls!! :sparkles: :black_heart:
I am really quite enjoying this place!

YAY, closer than I was actually hoping for here!!
I’d love to move to the country side!! :star_struck: I wish I could have a job that would allow me to relocate (well, as today any job will do as with this pandemic thing I’ve lost mine :frowning:)

Great girl!! :clap:
I’ve just started on the first one(Wicca Self Initiation), even if I already know a lot of things, I love learning through a different perspective…and I am actually really enjoying this…

We are everywhere, hahahaha!!! :laughing: Where is your family from?

:star_struck: :black_heart: Is a name for really special people… :wink: a great hug to your daughter!! (and you seems like a young mum!! this is awesome!! I am 34 and still waiting for my boyfriend to wake up a bit :laughing:)

Thanks!! I have to say I’m pretty hard to please, but I like this place! I feel everyone here is ready to give and receive, it’s a nice feeling… :herb:
I will def read thoroughly the forum, and I will be honoured in writing a new topic sometime…

Thanks again to you all!
Love & Light :sparkles:


Hi again! My Italian side is from the Arce area, I’m trying to think of another area, there’s a couple. Without looking in my family tree, that is the first one that comes to mind.

I love it here! I just finished the Tarot lessons and I read a book by Scott Cunningham. Wicca for the Solitary Practioner. I have another one coming from the list recommended in this site by Starhawk.

I hope you have a great day! Blessed Be!


That is the very first book I read on Witchcraft!! :star_struck: I was more or less 10, and I’d loved it! I also really liked his book on the Magick of the Elements (I don’t know the title in English but in italian is this one)

I even brought it with me when I moved to England :laughing:

That’s near Frosinone!! My grampa was from a small village like Arce!

It is true that the world is a really small place in the end…


Yes! That is in my tree too! That is the area my family is from. I would love to go visit there some time. If nothing else to see where I came from across the ocean.

I will look into that book. I believe it translates to “The Magic of the Elements”, I can look through any books that he has written to find it. I am reading the the “Spiral Dance” by Starhawk right now. I started it yesterday and I like the history of Wicca that is in the beginning.

The world is a small place, I hope you have a great day!


I really enjoyed that book as well… Have fun! :sparkles: