Merry Meet from North Carolina

My name is Michele. I am not new to wicca but I feel that the spells8 site in not strictly for those just starting their path, it is for all who would like to connect with a like minded community. In my opinion, no matter how long you have been on your path or however dedicated you may be to that path, we continue to grow and there is always more to learn or consider.


Well said, Michele!!

Merry Meet and Welcome to the Forum! :wave:

I totally agree! This space isn’t just for those starting their path. Lots of people are trying to reconnect to their spiritual path or discover ways to expand it every day.

And these times where it can be hard to socialize so we are forced to practice in solitary. We’re here to keep learning, reading, listening… Not just about witchcraft but about everything. It’s a big adventure!

Thanks for your comments and we hope to see you in the forum! Feel free to comment on any topic you like! :smiley:


Warm greetings to you, @michele1! :two_hearts:

You are absolutely right- all who are practicing their own path and seek a community are welcome here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We are blessed to have you join us! I love your positivity and mindset :+1:

Is there a particular aspect of the practice that calls to you? Maybe crystals, herbs, tarot, other divination methods, astrology, or something else? If so, feel free to browse through the forums and jump in on any topics that sound interesting! :books::sparkles: If you have any experiences, spells, or thoughts you’d like to share, you can create a new post and start a new discussion at any time :grin:

It is a pleasure to meet you and I can’t wait to talk with you more soon! Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:


Hi, nice to meet you! I’m happy you are here and I feel that what you said is true! It’s nice to have people that are in different levels of their path to help along the way and to share ideas and converse with when others don’t “get” what you’re talking about or think it’s strange or otherwise.