Merry meet From San Diego!

Hi all!
Im excited to be here ive been learning and practicing fir the past 4 months… Completely new still to this… I love the earth and the animals… What she gives and provides us with… I work with candle majick herbs. Nature and such… Thankyou and blessed be!


Welcome @alisa!! Merry meet! :pray:

I’ve always thought that animals can sense witches and that’s why they’re drawn to them. Do you have any pets? :cat2:

Also, if you like candles and herbs, check out this video lesson by Laurie on How to dress candles with herbs! Keep learning about Candle Magic here :candle:

Feel free to explore the forum and comment on any topic you like! Blessed be!


Hello Alice! I’m not new to the craft but I’m new to this site as well! Nice to meet you!


Hello! Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you @alisa!


Merry Meet and Welcome to our little piece of the world! You are going to find so much information here, sometimes it’s daunting, take it step by step and don’t be afraid to ask questions, that is what we are here for. Blessed Be!

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