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Merry meet, love you guys wholeheartedly. Please help me out over the years I ve been practicing a lots of spell posted on this forum , some works and some do not bring results
Question number 1 , what do I do for my spell to work
Number 2 ,. recently I noticed everyone in my community hated me because I have 3 beautiful dogs , they always pulled trouble with me complaining my dogs are big and this has really caused a lots of people to face me one on one in real fight, this is my story I urgently need help.


Welcome @abayomi1! Nice to see you in the forum! Im Sofra from Cape Cod.

Have you taken the course Spell Casting 101? if you haven’t that could be a good starting point.

This has a lot to do with the practirionwr & focusing your intent, being grounded/centered. Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: we have a course to get started meditating too if its something that you struggle with: Meditation Course :candle: :woman_in_lotus_position:

It also has to do with your practice & again being focused & grounded with your intention & spellwork/ritual work. :hugs:

Once you have found your niche for focus, intent, & performing spells & rituals you want to try:

Good Luck & Protection on My Path or another good luck or a banishing or protection spell :smiling_face:

Others may have some ideas :bulb: for you to try too. I would work on focusing your intent plus meditation abilities & remember some spells need at least a full moon cycle :crescent_moon: :waning_gibbous_moon::last_quarter_moon::full_moon::waxing_gibbous_moon::first_quarter_moon_with_face:to manifest results.


My dear girl, welcome to Spells8. I’m Garnet and an Eclectic Solitary practitioner. I live in Florida.
Well, little one, we love our furry friends. I have 5 cats (only 2 are mine, the others just knew a soft touch and appeared one day and stayed.) Sounds to me like those people just don’t like animals. So sorry, that’s hard.
Look at our courses, they explain spells, casting, ritual, etc. That said, at times you can do everything right and nothing happens. Magick is also an art of patience. Instantaneous Magick is very rare.
Sometimes your spell doesn’t work, you’ve done everything right, your focus and concentration was spot-on and nothing happens

  1. it takes time, a few days, to months.
    Spells, like prayers are always, Always heard.
  2. If you’ve done everything right, it may be the Goddess is telling you, not now. Or, you aren’t ready. Or like any parent, She’s just telling you no.

Magick comes with responsibility. Harm none is almost an oath to Witches. And remember karma.
Be blessed, be safe, you’re loved.


First of all, welcome @abayomi1 to the forum.

To answer your question properly I’m most likely going to ruffle a few feathers unintentionally but this is the beauty of our craft as no one person is the sole expert in the craft and what works for one may not work for another. This being said our craft is one that requires many things in order to work properly but most of all takes lasting concentration and patience.

Spellcasting is not someone one jumps right into. There is much that goes into spell casting long before one is truly ready to cast their first spell. From learning to properly ground, focus, time, day, hour moon phase and so much more.

Spellcasting course here is a great start at learning what needs to be done. Unlike prayer, Spellcasting takes much more preparation and work. Witchcraft takes above all focus and intent. If your intent and focus are off the slightest your spell is bound to fail or fizzle that’s where meditation and grounding come in the course here can assist you with this but understand this is not something you master overnight and take at times the longest amount of time.

For many covens and solo practitioners, this is what causes them to follow the year and a day rule or longer before casting their first major spell. That being said Spells also do not always manifest in the way we are expecting. Very few spells manifest overnight. Many will take at minimum one moon cycle before they begin to work while others can take even longer.

How you view your spells after you cast them has a profound effect on them as well. If you cast a spell and view it as failing before it has even had a chance to manifest the spell will fail because you have not only broken your intent and focus, but you have cut your energy off from the spell.

Spell choice is also a major aspect that can affect your spell work. Choosing the right spell for the job can make or break what you are trying to do. Not every spell is going to work for every situation and learning this takes years of practice to master.

Also, consider the outside forces involved as they can affect your spell casting greatly. Ask yourself the following.

  • Is your home or space one that carries negative energy?
  • Are your tools and alter not blessed or consecrated?
  • If you work with deities, did you leave an offering in thanks to the fitting for the spell being cast?
  • If you work with deities they could be affecting your spell for a reason, such as that they are trying to teach you something.
  • Are you using the right tools for the job?
  • Are your spell components proper for the spell you are using?
  • Do your spell components have the proper properties for the spell being cast?
  • Are you using the proper candle types for the spell?
  • Did you anoint the candles and wake them prior to casting?
  • Are you using candles that burn too fast for the spell they are being used for?
    *Are you failing your spells before they have a chance to manifest?

Next, you want to consider the intent of the spell.

  • Is it related to greed?
  • Is it something that goes against another’s will?
  • Could or will it cause harm?
  • When casting for another do you have that person’s consent to cast in their name?
  • Is the spell for self-gratification
  • And so many more

The intent of the spell being cast can affect the spell for many reasons one being Karma another being that subconsciously you know it is wrong or not proper in some way.

Lastly, your mental and emotional state is the biggest outside force to affects your spellcasting overall. Are you in the proper emotional headspace to cast properly? Our emotions can affect whether or not a spell will be successful or fail more than anything I have listed. It is for this reason that learning to ground and truly calm our emotions prior to casting even the simplest spell takes sometimes years to learn.

Learning to identify these will assist you in successfully casting everything. I do hope this helps some with your casting issues in the future.

As for your community and your dogs. This is a touchy subject nothing I say in this comment is directed at you but stems from my experience as a police officer. I love big dogs. I myself have a pure German Rot that is huge and scary to those who’ve never taken the time to meet him. This causes some to fear him. Because of this, I have to work even harder with my training of him to make sure I can keep him under control and avoid scaring those around me. Breed discrimination and misinformation can cause many issues but so can training or lack thereof. Even if your dogs are well-trained try working with them open so the community can see you training them. This can ease many misconceptions and fears and slowly allow the community to calm down and learn your dogs are nothing to be feared. Like, spell work training is an ever-continued practice. That never ends. Another thing that can affect your communities view is how they view your care of your dogs. I hate to admit it but this is the first thing that many people look at before judging animals. If they see that you openly love your dogs and are not in their minds causing them any harm you can ease their attitudes greatly. Looking at where they are kept and such can cause communal disagreements as well. I hope this can assist you somewhat.


OMG charlaine, you went more in-depth that I, but
sometimes I over share(go on and on).
Your answer was well spoken and I praise you.
Blessed be


Merry meet!
When I was stationed in DC, I had 3 pitbulls…I’ve raised that breed my whole life…and they are big babies and snugglers. I had the COPS called because my neighbor said my female, who I rescued from being a bait dog, attacked him. NOPE, not her.

IDK if you know what a bait dog is, but it’s a passive dog put in a fight with an up and coming star to give them confidence by beating the ever loving $hit out of my little baby girl. I got it straightend out eventually. Since then, I’ve put a Pet Protection Spell on my animals. I found it here on Spells8

When you are have trouble getting a spell to ‘stick’ make sure that your intentions are clears and energy level are high. Also, binding your spells should help.

Some that I use are:
“That which as been avowed shall remain forever bound”
“For the good of all and harm to none, this spell is bound and shall not be undone”
and lastly:
By the karmic power of 3x3 this spell tied and knotted be"

And of course, follow all with “As I will so mote it be”


Merry meet @abayomi1,

Welcome to the forum! :blush: I can see you’ve got already some great feedback for your questions- I hope you’re able to find the answers you are seeking.

Magick is amazing in that it can be both universal and very personal- while there are things about the Craft that most folks agree on, there are also things that cause witches to pursue different answers to. And that’s okay! Your magickal journey is all about experimenting to find what works for you and your magickal practice.

When we cast magick, we are manifesting our wishes :sparkles: But if we were able to just say “I want ___” and have it happen instantaneously, none of us would ever have any worries or problems at all. That would be amazing, but I’m afraid the rules of this world don’t allow it to work like that (and perhaps that’s for the best- imagine the complications of wishes that contradict with one another!).

Magick is much more than just saying “I want ___”- there is a process involved, and the steps and energy required for making something happen all depend on the situation.
→ Smaller changes will likely require less time, effort, and energy.
→ Larger wishes will, naturally, require more time, effort, and energy.
No matter the scope of the spell, your intention is vital for its success. Half-hearted and careless wishes are far less likely to come true, in my experience.

So if you cast a spell and it doesn’t come to being- I would recommend retracing your steps to double-check. Did you follow the spell correctly? Did you focus on your intent clearly? How much time has passed since the spell- have I given it a fair chance to develop?

Sometimes, certain issues are out of our hands. If you call upon or work with a diety, spirit, or other higher power (such as Mother Nature, the Universe, karma, or fate), They will have a big part of handling your spellwork. Depending on the being, They may decide that you are not ready for this thing to happen, or that if the spell is successful, you will be worse off than before, etc.

TLDR: When a spell doesn’t manifest the way we were hoping for (or manifest at all), you should check your bases to see if it was something on your end that you might be able to fix or wait for, or consider that it may be something out of our hands that isn’t meant to be.

That sounds very dangerous- I hope that both you and your dogs are staying safe! :pray::dog: :heart:

If the rules of the community you live in allow you to have three dogs of that size, then I would call upon whoever is the leadership figure in your community to do their job and uphold the rules. It may be a housing manager, landlord, town mayor, or other representative- whoever it is, it is their job to uphold the rules of the space :scroll:

Additionally, if anyone is threatening you physically, you have the right to seek out the aid of the police and potentially pursue legal consequences for their actions. No one has the right to attack you.

Please stay safe, Abayomi! :pray:


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