Merry Meet Monday! Aug 17 ♥

Warm greetings and a very Merry Meet Monday to all! :hearts:

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Upcoming Events :spiral_calendar:

~New Moon~

We will be blessed with a new moon tomorrow Tuesday, August 18th! :new_moon:

To check the exact time of the new moon for your specific location, you can visit the Moon Phase Calendar on the Old Farmer’s Almanac site.


Visit the Moon Magick: New Moon page for more information about the benefits of the new moon and ways to prepare for this special celestial occasion! :milky_way:

The time of the new moon is a great time to either take a break from magick, or partake in various New Moon Rituals. You can find a list of rituals and spells specifically for drawing on energy from the new moon on Spells8 :sparkles:

~Group Ritual~

This Thursday, August 20th we will be doing a Group Ritual where we share a time tea across borders. This meditative practice is simple, beginner-friendly, and open to all who wish to join!

There is a step-by-step guide to help you with your tea meditation. Share a cup with your coven around the world! :world_map:

I warmly invite you to join the Group Ritual- Tea Time as a Coven (Aug 20) :tea:

~Vulcanalia Festival~

:fire: Sunday, August 23 marks the historical celebration of the Roman festival Vulcanalia, which celebrates and honors the ancient diety Vulcan- god of volcanoes, forges, and fire :volcano:

Learn Religions talks more about this fiery god and how to celebrate the festival in his honor:

Because Vulcan was associated with the destructive powers of fire, his celebration fell each year during the heat of the summer months, when everything was dry and parched, and at higher risk of burning. After all, if you were worried about your grain stores catching fire in the August heat, how better to prevent this than to throw a big festival honoring the fire god?

The Vulcanalia was celebrated with large bonfires – this gave Roman citizens some degree of control over the powers of fire. Sacrifices of small animals and fish were devoured by the flames, offerings presented in place of the burning of the city, its grain stores, and its residents. There is some documentation that during the Vulcanalia, Romans hung their cloths and fabrics out under the sun to dry, although in a time without washers and dryers, it seems logical that they would do this anyway.

[From Learn Religions: The Vulcanalia Festival]

To celebrate this festival today, it is suggested that you have a bonfire and make offerings. You also bake bread, as wheat and grains are symbolic for this holiday :ear_of_rice::bread::fire:

If you have an interest in Roman Deities, you can learn more about them in Roman Devotionals and Deities page on Spells8. Happy learning! :open_book:


Ongoing Challenge :trophy:

Calling all creative cooks! :bowl_with_spoon: For anyone with an interest in making food with a touch of magick, this is the challenge for you!

If you would like to participate in the challenge, please post about your experience either directly in the challenge post or in a new post mentioning the challenge :writing_hand:

The challenge will be open until 5:00 AM (Central European Time) on Friday, August 21

Happy kitchen crafting! :yum::sparkles:

New Members :wave:

A very merry meet to all of the new members who have joined the forums over the past week!

@MoonLeaf, @christopher2, @carleena, @nina1, @tracie, @christopher3, @meagan3, @helia, @dorothy1, @mion, @leeanna, @andrea11, @brenda8, @amber11, @lauren6, @celesta, @julia2, @phoebe1, @irma2, @jessica29, @carlie, @jia1, @zana, @casandra, @kaitlin1, @jessica30, @nicole12, @averianna, @ember-lynn, @tracie1, @shadow, @Cellophaneflowr, @destinee1, @kimberly10, @holly6, @karlie, @jerry, @jennifer28, @jennifer29, @kally, @hannah8, @barb, @elizabeth4, @natalie3, @jessica31, @mary17, @taylor8, @crystal6, @torrie, @sasha, @amanda19, @kendra1, @marky, @kira, @brittany13, @laurie2, @stefani, @lydia, @daan, @subham2, @dawn4, @krista2, @nicole15, @daphne1

For anyone who hasn’t done so already, please feel free to head on over to Introductions and create and introductory post. You can share a bit about your own journey, your favorite aspects of magick, or anything you’d like to learn! We would all love to give you a warm welcome to the forum family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Special Shout-outs :mega:

  • A hearty thank you to @krissie117 for writing the most posts over the past week! :writing_hand: It is a pleasure reading your stories and hearing your insight- we are blessed to have you in the community :raised_hands:

  • Lots of love to @christina4 for liking the most posts over the last 7 days! :heart: You have such a warm and kind heart- thank you for sharing your generostiy with everyone :heart_decoration:

And as always, thank you to each and every member of the Spells8 Forum Family! Every post, like, and visit to the forums is appreciated- you all make this a wonderful and inviting place for solitary witches to come together and share in our practice! :pray::two_hearts:

Any exciting plans this week? :mag: Something good or nervewracking coming your way? :spiral_calendar: Working on a craft or project? :scissors: Feel free to share your hopes and plans for the week ahead in the comments below!

May the bountiful harvest season bring you happy thoughts and good fortune, and may you treasure the many changes happening as the wheel of the year continues to turn!

Blessed Be :sparkling_heart:


Good morning and thank you for the shout out. I don’t think I have much going on this week, which can be good for me, I’m supposed to take it easy and listen to what my limitations are without pushing them.

I will be working on my meditations again this week. I’m enjoying the guided meditations. They have helped me this past week. I am also going to be more engaged in my practice and I have a couple of things I would like to get done. I don’t feel like I am doing enough practicing at home. I always feel like there’s something I should have or could have done. So I am going to work on that this week. Last week I cleaned my space as much as I could, this week I will use it for my own good.

I’m looking forward to cooler weather outside of the heat wave we’ve been having. I will still find the time to go to the beach even if I am just sitting listening to the water and wind. Yesterday during my walk we went down by a beach in the rain, the wind was picking up and the waves crashing sounded like thunder at first. I love listening to them crash on the shore and watching the power of the ocean.

I’m also still working on removing the negative energy from my home and bringing in positive energy, so today is that day. I will sage the house and then use palo santo around the house. I think I am going to put some salt by the doorways and then find my bells in my craft supplies to put on the doors also. I have to get rid of it and stop procrastinating about it. Today I woke up and my middle back hurts and my toe… just reminding me that I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. Today is the day it gets done once and for all!

@TheTravelWitch thank you for everything and I look forward to the group ritual this Thursday! I love having tea with everyone. I hope you have a great week also and I will talk to you soon!


Hello Lovelies

I slacked off last week as the weather was fabulous and I spent all my time outside. This week It may be a little cooler and rainy so hopefully I can get back on track.

As much as I try lately I just cannot relax, I must have woken up at least 6 times last night and when I was asleep it was not a restful sleep.

I’m going to start with a good smudging this morning and try to meditate, as well as play some cleansing self and home music I found on woke nation.


@Katt I am the same way lately, it’s very hard for me to relax, no matter how many times my husband says that I need to take some time for myself. I am going to be doing a smudging cleanse in my house today too! I still have to get to meditating today, I think with my next cup of coffee I will be doing that after I charge my intention.


Mery Meet everyone!

I love playing Woke nation videos in the morning! They have a way of filling the empty space while centering and grounding myself. I just take a few deep breaths and meditate for a few minutes. And they’re a great addition to any ritual! :sparkles:

This week I’ll be trying to learn more about crystal grids. I’ve been drawn to sacred geometry lately and they seem like a perfect way to channel divine inspiration.


@francisco I have seen the mention of Woke nation a few times in posts, I am going to have to check them out. I play Tibetan singing bowls a lot, and listen to ocean wave sounds at night to go to sleep. :slightly_smiling_face:


Merry Meet Monday!

Last week was crazy hectic, just generally a lot of negative energy and chaos surrounded me. This week I’m entering Monday with the intention of letting go of the obsessive idea that I can control every situation, sort of like a goalie in front of the hockey net, with 50,000 pucks coming at me! :laughing:
I plan on diving head first into my lessons each day, hopefully doing my initiation ritual Tuesday evening with the New Moon, and making some moon water!
Thursday, I am going to have tea with our fabulous group! I am looking forward to that!
This coming weekend I am off to Folly Beach, to regain and recharge my sanity meter. Also to continue my everlasting search for hag stones.
Blessings in Abundance to Everyone!
:sparkles: :heart: :sparkles:


I have seen this Woke Nation come up more than a few times. I think while I am doing my thing during the day tomorrow I will play some as I am bouncing from room to room.


@Francisco I have a book that tells me about crystals, kind of like a dictionary of crystals. I also have a book, Crystals for Beginners coming too. I was looking at some crystal grids and I want to learn more about them and how to use them also. However, right now I am focusing on Brigid. I have a few things I want to read and learn about her before I move onto the crystals. Which means that for the time being, I will go by the daily devotional, my current book, & the little cards that come with the stones when I buy them.


I’m wishing you the best of luck with your meditations and cleansing of negative energies this week, @krissie117! :blush: I hope you will have some more cool weather soon- it sounds like you had such a lovely beach walk! :ocean::hearts:

You are very welcome and I am also looking forward to tea time together on Thursday! :tea: Talk to you soon :grin:

We missed you, @Katt! :raised_hands: But I am glad you had some nice weather and were able enjoy some lovely time outdoors :national_park: Sorry to hear about your restless sleep- do you think part of it could be because of the heat? I definitely have the worst quality of sleep at this time of year. Hopefully as the nights get cooler, you will find it easier to sleep at night. A good smudging and some peaceful meditation will hopefully help a lot too! Good luck and good sleep to you! :two_hearts:

Ohhhh sounds very interesting! :heart_eyes: There’s been a lot of talk about crystal grid work in the forums lately- a fascinating way to use crystals! :gem: Best of luck and enjoy, @Franscisco! :raised_hands:

Woke Nation is wonderful! I found them through the forums here and now I can’t get enough :joy: For both @Tamera and @krissie117, I recommend checking out their videos. They have many that help with meditation and spiritual cleansing- all totally for free. This one is my favorite as background music! :woman_in_lotus_position:

You have some great goals this week, @Tamera- I am sending lots of good energy your way and wishing you a successful week! :hugs: Good luck with your lessons, and I can’t wait to share a cup of tea with you on Thursday :tea:.


Merry Monday @TheTravelWitch! :bouquet: And welcome all the new comers!

Sorry I haven’t been on much lately I have a couple of job interviews this week so have been busy with research! :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

I have one for the Domestic Abuse Officer position I spoke about before, this Friday, but I don’t have any experience so I’m trying to fill the void with knowledge and enthusiasm to learn in the hope that I pass the test :joy::joy::joy:

Anyone have any good confidence spells? :grin:


Ty @TheTravelWitch, no it’s not from the heat. I have AC in my room. My Bf who usually sleeps like a log is also having trouble staying asleep, very odd. I ordered a 10 pack of essential oil that will be here today and i’m going to make the potion @SilverBear posted on you tube and hopefully that will help


It sounds like you have some great goals! Just remember, you can’t do everything at once. Pace yourself and you might want to keep track of your actions to see how much you actually do. Love yourself, pace yourself, and examine what you have accomplished to gain a truer picture of who you are. From my point of view, you are AMAZING!


Sometimes connecting with the interviewer by showing your passion is the best way to get a job! I will keep my fingers crossed for you that the interviews go well- best of luck!!! :crossed_fingers: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As an extra boost, here is a Confidence Spell to help you beat back any anxiety and fear! :clap:


Good luck @mrs! :hugs:

That sounds like a great plan, @katt! :grin: Have fun making the potion- I hope it helps you both! Lavender is very relaxing :purple_heart: You may want to consider some calming chamomile or lavender tea too to help you drift off at night! :sleeping: Good luck! :two_hearts:

This is great advice, @wendy4! :heart: For anyone who feels like they are rushing through things and experiencing burn-out lately, these are very wise words :pray::two_hearts:


Ohhh excellent! I will definitely do that spell! :blush: @TheTravelWitch

I just checked my Moon app and the new moon has moved into Virgo, which is my 1st house (house of self) so is an ideal time to perform that particular spell :heart_eyes:


It sounds like everything is aligned for you, @mrs- best of luck with the spell and interviews!!! :star_struck: I’m cheering for you! :partying_face::two_hearts:


I love my Tibetian singing bowl. I also have a Tibetian brass bell.


Nothing but old news here! To find out what’s happening this week, visit Activities to find and post your thoughts in the current Merry Meet Monday.