Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! Aug 2 🌑

Congratulations to @Amethyst :grin::partying_face::balloon::confetti_ball::dancer::dancing_women: lol I always wanted to use that last emoji :grin:

August 8th, aka the “Lion’s Gate Portal” Is Perfect For Manifesting. 8/8 is one of the luckiest days of the year for manifesting, and this year it falls on the same day as a new moon — meaning it’s a fabulous time to set intentions and do a personal abundance ritual.
Happy new mooning!!! :grin:


Thank you so much! I love getting these badges, they make me feel so special. Thank you again!

Thank you, love! And they look less like dancing women and more like those twice from The Shining! LOL!

I’m having a quiet week, not having any doctor appointments to go to. My new doctor is really helping my legs, they’re slowly healing up. I fear I’m falling into a rut because I don’t do much but I like sitting in my little apartment and reading so is it really a rut if I like it? It’s a question for the ages. LOL.

Hope you all are having a good Monday!


They do look like the twins from the Shining!!! I love that movie with a passion!!!


where is my head! Congratulations @Amethyst! Great job!


“Come play with us!” So creepy! LOL.

Thank you, my dear! :hugs:


:rofl: - Christina and Amethyst

Sounds like a good weekend, Siofra. A quiet week sounds refreshing after everything you’ve had going on.

Wednesday is an interview for a part time job. I seem to have blown through a year’s worth of salary in 3 months. :open_mouth: To be fair, I had debt to pay off, tattoos I “needed :crazy_face: :thinking:”, friends’ to care for, apartment hunting, travel between states to see my kids, medical bills, and the following…

I just booked a London trip! My amazing :star_struck: girlfriend (the best blessing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: a person can hope for) and I will be visiting the city together and I can’t wait!

Um, UK friends :question: We should totally meet up - outdoors and in a public space. :sweat_smile:

Since this forum is public, I will say PM me :wink: for more info.

We will be there together the week of :flight_arrival: 05 September. (Or do you start the week with Monday?) I will be in England through the 15th and fly back :flight_departure: to The States on the 16th.

I guess I still have to schedule a :test_tube: PCR to take within 3 days of flying out and another after 2 days of being there and yet another within three days of heading home. At least I don’t have to quarantine! :grin:

The hotels :hotel: and flights are booked. This is going to be a magical :sparkles: time and I am positive I will forever remember this trip.

Edit: And, of course, I will get a ton of pictures. My girlfriend (Seems possessive. Let’s say The Eternal Goddess that owns my soul.) might avoid the pictures but to prove I’m taken we can get a picture of her hand - the one getting the ring next year.


Merry Meet Monday Coven!
Thank you for the reminder @christina4 about Lionsgate I definitely will be doing some manifesting and enjoying the New :new_moon_with_face:.
Funny thing, I always seem to get the best moon water on a new moon, I use some of it to water my plants and it seems they almost always flourish and sprout new leaves after.
Congrats @Amethyst !
Today I have plans to clean up my altar, read my two books, and just do the usual chores around the house. Storms are predicted today and rest of the week, but our 110 degree real feel run seems to have ended. Yay!!!
I did enjoy a nice Lammas evening dinner with the Fam, we listened to the Lammas music on Spells8 YouTube also! :grin:
Brightest Positive Light and Protection to us all!


Congrats @praecog29 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You deserve the most abundant of blessings.


Another great week! Thank you @TheTravelWitch :slight_smile:

@christina4 and @Rowan I’m learning a lot from our coven family and others about Lionsgate. Seems like I have some work to do!

Congratulations @Amethyst :heart:

@praecog29 I love this

My girlfriend (Seems possessive. Let’s say The Eternal Goddess that owns my soul.

@Siofra I’m glad you had a great weekend and I hope you get some good rest soon


I’m not actually far from London, about 45 minutes by train on a main line into London so if we can make the dates work then it would be nice to meet up.

It’s my wedding anniversary on 5 September so not sure what we’re doing around that time as yet.


Congratulations on booking your trip @praecog29 :airplane: :earth_americas: :tada:

Ill check my diary :slightly_smiling_face:


@praecog29 your cheesy cuteness is almost too much to handle :laughing: I hope you have an amazing trip!


Sounds like you’ve got a great trip planned Ben! Are you going to have time to see the sights or just the people?

Thanks, @Rowan! I appreciate it!

Thanks for the kindness @robin77!


I’m spending more time with people but I will squeeze in some touristy things, too. :slight_smile:


Hello Coven,
I had a really fun and exciting weekend without the hubby and celebrated with some friends and learned of some new pagan communities. I won a game and won a bottle of elderberry oil.

Today I had to go and get a new license, I got pulled over and didn’t have an address change so I got a ticket. All in all, I got my license fixed and need to go to court at the end of the month! Overall I am just trying to stay positive so I got some Malachite to help absorb some of the negative energy around me.

Siofra- It’s good to have quiet around the house and I am really happy that you had a good weekend! Sounds like you have the house to yourself! That is awesome I am glad you can have peace of mind! :heart: :candle:

Christina- I never heard of Lionsgate thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy the new moon!

Amethyst_ :lion: :wink: I am so elated the coven picked you! You are an angel -archetype thank you for always sharing your love!

Rowan- Great Idea to clear the alter, congratulations on keeping up with your books! You are:100:% Glad you had a good weekend too!

Praecog29- You are going to have so much fun in England and I am excited to hear more about your journey to be with friends! My husband is going to do a job for me and trade work for a tattoo! I know how it feels I’ve been spending a lot and been known for hoarding tarot decks! LOL
I hope you have a safe trip, my friend! I cant wait to see the pics! :hugs: :crazy_face:

Robin- I think you did a great job on your bread for Lammas! Way to go!! :heart:

Iris- Hi Iris hope you had a good Lammas and are enjoying your anniversary on September 5 and I hope you find something awesome to celebrate!

Abs- Hello I hope you had a good holiday too!! I am looking forward to the new moon because I just got a new deck and you all should get it! I am going to pick a card!
"The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck & Guidance by Kim Krans
Megan - Hey thanks for the great recipe!

Blessed be!:sparkles:
Love :heart: and light :candle:


Thank you for the news as always. I am looking forward to the New Moon and I have some spellcasting planned. Something I want to get is a nice camera to make videos and stuff, so maybe once I have that I could join the group ritual and meet some of you! :slight_smile: My magick has grown quite a bit over the last year and I feel accomplished about it. I look forward to continuing on my journey.


I’m a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I’d love to see 221B Baker Street myself. Good luck with the sightseeing!

Aww, thank you @Jeannie1! Sounds like you had a good weekend. Sorry, you got the ticket though, that’s a bummer.


I’m a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I’d love to see 221B Baker Street myself. Good luck with the sightseeing!

I’m also a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes (you’d never have guessed from the name of my dog) and I’ve been to Baker Street quite a few times. 221B is a Sherlock Holmes museum :blush:

Oh and another fun fact for those who like the series House, House’s flat is 221B. It always amused me.


That’s a great tip- thanks for spreading the word about this special occasion, Christina! :raised_hands:

A special badge for a very special person- you more than earn them, Amethyst! Thanks again for all that you bring to the forum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry Jeannie, that sounds rough. But you’ve got your new license and a beautiful new Malachite, so hopefully you’re doing better now! Sending lots of love and light to you :heart:

As you should- that’s an amazing accomplishment, Colin! Congrats to you and cheers to many more magickal years to come :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So exciting- a huge congrats to you on the upcoming trip, Benjamin! :partying_face: The UK folks will have the best tips for what to see, but if you haven’t already considered it (and if it isn’t closed/on hiatus because of the pandemic) I loved seeing Shakesphere’s Globe Theater :performing_arts:

[Pic from the official website]

And if you’ve got time, there’s a bar I’ve always wanted to go to: The Potion Bar, London :sparkles:

No matter what you do on your trip, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time in the UK! Have fun, Benjamin :blush:


Ooh, I love Sherlock Holmes, too!!! I always watched cartoons and shows of him as a child. I still think that he’s interesting and was a great detective!