Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! Aug 9 ☄

Wishing everyone a very Merry Meet Monday !

Here’s a peek at exciting happenings this week:

Upcoming Events :spiral_calendar:

Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on these events!

[ [ Group Ritual- Together with the Coven :infinite_roots: ] ]

Join in for a shared group ritual meditation and coven chat on Thursday, August 12th - this activity is open to all members of the forum :tea:

This activity has two parts- you are welcome to join one or both!

  • a group meditation ritual with step-by-step instructions that you can join in on your own schedule at any time during the day

  • a scheduled hour-long Zoom chat to meet and greet fellow coven members

Group meditation rituals and conversations are held every Thursday. Feel free to visit last week’s group ritual post to get an idea about what to expect.

Please note that group rituals are hosted in A Sacred Space- you must be logged into your Spells8 account to enter the ritual.

Don’t have an account yet? No worries! You can join Spells8 here :sparkles:

[ [ Meteor Shower :comet: ] ]

The Perseid Meteor Shower is an ongoing cosmic event that will last until mid-August. The peak mornings to view the meteor shower will be August 11, 12, and 13.

Here is a complete guide on how to spot the meteor shower from ! :milky_way:

Time and Date also has an Interactive Meteor Shower Sky Map to help you find the location of the radiant point (although this information is just for fun- the meteors will be all over the sky, not just at the radiant point!) for the meteor shower and a bit more information about how to spot it :telescope:

A note that this meteor shower is different from the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower (currently ongoing) :comet: .

[ [ Freebie Friday :flower_playing_cards: ] ]

Have a burning question on your mind? Seeking some guidance for how to best approach a problem? :thinking:

Now is your chance to find some answers, as the talented @MeganB is kindly offering free readings via tarot or oracle! :crystal_ball:

The next Freebie Friday post will be Friday, August 13th . For more information and to get an idea about what to expect, check out last week’s Freebie Friday :tada:

[ [ Friday the 13th :black_cat: ] ]

A day of doom or a lucky occasion? Whether you fear or celebrate this special day- it is coming our way this Friday, August 13th!

Friday the 13th

Read more about it and share your personal opinions or experiences in The Truth of Friday the 13th :black_cat:

[ [ Moon Phase: First Quarter Moon :first_quarter_moon: ] ]

Depending on your location, you will be blessed by the light of this moon phase on Sunday, July 15th .

The Moon Magick Guide to First Quarter Moon Magick on Spells8 says the following about this special moon phase:

This is an excellent time to take action regarding your deepest wishes and to address your biggest blockages. It is a great time for growth and self-healing . As a continuation of the previous phase, the energies present at this time can help you feel more lucid and aware of how your intuition and second nature are developing.


Looking for ideas for spells and rituals specific to the First Quarter Moon? The Waxing Moon Spell Page has a lot of information including history, meanings, and a collection of spells and rituals that work in harmony with this moon phase :first_quarter_moon:

You can find current moon information for your home as well as complementary spells and rituals to draw on its energy on the Spells8 Lunar Spell Page :sparkles:

[ [ Other Events of Interest :mag: ] ]

A collection of curious (and perhaps conversation-starting!) events coming up this week that may or may not be witchy-related:

:spiral_calendar: For more about upcoming pagan events, you can check the Spells8 2021 Pagan Holiday Calendar, the list of Magical Days for Your Planner , and the Spells8 Email Newsletter.

Ongoing Activities :raised_hands:

These are current activities that can be joined any time before their deadlines

[ [ Weekly Witchy Challenge :trophy: ] ]

Every week, a challenge is presented to all members of the forum to explore new areas of magick and bring out the best of everyone’s diverse talents.

The theme for this week is: Cat Magick :cat:

Cat Magick Challenge

This challenge will close Tuesday, August 3rd at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

After this time a Props and Presents post will appear to give recognition and prizes to all participants :gift: And as always, a brand new challenge will arrive on Wednesday for all challenge enthusiasts.

Are you ready? Join the challenge here: Weekly Witchy Challenge - Cat Magick :black_cat:

Cat Magick

[ [ Energy Exchange Circle :hugs: ] ]

Do you have a little extra love to share and are looking for ways to help out a fellow coven member? Or perhaps you’ve fallen on hard times and could use some positive vibes your way?


The Energy Exchange Circle is run by the warmhearted @praecog29 and is a great way to support and show love to coven members going through hard times. To do a good deed and show you care, consider leaving a note of support in the current thread:

More information about the coven’s wholesome energy exchange can be found in the Energy Exchange Wiki - 2021.

Thanks for spreading the love! :heart:

[ [ Spells8 Book Club :books: ] ]

Calling all book lovers! A reading period for the Spells8 book club is now in session !

You can find more details and are welcome to submit your book in the current thread: :open_book: Spells8 Book Club IX (Jul 23 - Aug 20)

Please note that this reading period will end on Friday, August 20th!

More information about the book club and how to join can be found in Book Club F.A.Q and Introduction .

Happy Reading! :open_book:

New Coven Members :wave:

Merry meet to all of the new members who have joined the forum over the past week!

:infinite_roots: Welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven! :infinite_roots:

@brooke1, @aimee2, @brejae, @Undomeher, @valencia, @jennyfer, @jen3, @jo11, @kelly12, @tamyra, @codie, @janell1, @crystal24, @heather32, @andrea30, @nasheka, @melanie6, @valorie, @ladonna, @marii, @rayna, @diana5, @gracie, @billie2, @samantha37, @Kitty, @flower, @tiffani2, @michelle27, @julia7, @michelle28, @heather33, @summer3, @nathaniel, @sherry3, @susanlee, @summer4, @taylor18, @vuctoria, @christopher9, @emily27, @trudie, @mariann, @tamiko, @marjorie, @jasmine10, @kathryn16, @erica10, @mackenzie2, @isabel2, @leigh5, @naudia, @marcie, @marcie1

If you haven’t done so already, please feel free to say hello to your new coven by creating a new topic in the Introductions Category . Consider sharing a bit about who you are and your journey into practicing magick :sparkles:

We would all love to give you a warm welcome to the forum family! :hugs:

Special Shout-Outs :loudspeaker:

  • Bravo to @crystal24 for sharing the most posts over the past week! :writing_hand: Your wisdom and insight is much appreciated- thanks for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • Well done to @Siofra for giving out the most hearts over the last seven days! :heart: Thanks for sharing the love- you make the forum a warm place to be :hugs:

And of course a very hearty thank you to all members of the Spells8 coven :infinite_roots:!

Your contributions and love help to make this a welcoming and supportive place for solitary witches all around the world- thanks for being you! :sparkles:

Excited or worried for Friday the 13th? :black_cat: Will you try to catch sight of the meteor shower at its peak this week? :milky_way:

Give a shout out to your fellow coven members and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Blessed be! :comet: :sparkles:


Way to go @crystal24! You’re off to a great start! And yay for @Siofra for sharing the love!

There’s too much light pollution where I live to see the meteor shower. I always seem to miss those, comes from living too close to the city I guess.

On the 13th I’ll get to see my doctor and see what she has to say about this ulcer that flared up. So I’m hoping it’ll be good news. We’ll see. Other than that I don’t have many plans this week, other than surviving this heat. It’s supposed to be near 90 F today. Ack! Summer can’t be over soon enough for me.


Thank you :blush:


Thank you so much! I guess being a little quiet in the forum has its perks too! I’m here every day at least once, just processing life right now. Thank you @Amethyst! I greatly appreciate it & to @TheTravelWitch for the initial shout-out.

I hope everyone has a great start to the week. We are currently waiting to hear about my son’s truck loan & whether or not he can buy the truck he wants. He’s very excited & calls me repeatedly to see if the bank has called me yet. I’m pretty sure that he gets his anxious ways from me. :joy:


Oh! I just realized that this Friday is the 13th! I’m choosing to see that as a lucky day!

Nice job @crystal24 and @Siofra congratulations!


Thank you @robin77 I hope the information serves you well also. :heart:


Congrats, :tada: @crystal24! You and @Undomeher have been quite active. I’m so thankful :pray: for your input!

Hope you get good news, @Amethyst. :hugs:

Same for your son, @Siofra. :blue_car:

I need to schedule my PCR tests :woman_scientist::man_scientist:for my trip to the UK. Everything needs to work out because this ring :ring: is burning a hole in my pocket! :joy:

I’ve got all kinds of mental therapy this week. I started my new job today (Ignore I’m in orientation right now. :hushed: I blame my girlfriend :shushing_face: for distracting me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) There’s a Lindsey Stirling concert :notes::tickets: this week with my best friend. And I’m getting 2, maybe 3, more tattoos!


@praecog29 thanks. Sending you lots of luck and light for your up coming week. And wishing you safe travels and a giant yes from your girl


…as long as you’re not a Templar…:rofl::rofl:


Thanks! And good luck, I remenber that feeling


Good luck on the truck loan! I hope he gets it!

Thank you! I’m hoping I get good news too! Good luck with your new job today! And yay for a Lindsey Stirling concert and more tattoos!


Whoa! What an exciting week you have planned! I hope all goes just beautifully! You got this!


I’m saying a prayer that the 13th will be a very lucky day for you @Amethyst- may the doctor have good news for you about the ulcer :pray: And yikes- that’s toasty! Stay cool! :sunglasses: :tropical_drink:

You earned it, @Siofra- thanks for sharing the love! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wishing all the best of luck to your son- may he get the truck of his dreams! :pray:

I think that’s a good choice and a powerful way to make the day your own, @robin77- may it prove to be a very lucky day for you :blush:

So exciting @praecog29- it sounds like it’s going to be a very fun week for you! It’s good that you are keeping busy with fun things- you’ll be flying over to the UK before you know it at this rate! :airplane: :grin:


Good luck with the new job :four_leaf_clover:

Im sure your GF would rather you concentrated on orientation :upside_down_face:


I agree there!!!


Congratulations to @crystal24 and @Siofra :relaxed::sparkles:
I’d love to see the meteor shower, but I’m most likely in the same predicament as @Amethyst :pleading_face:

Chant at the moon day sounds neat! I’ll have to create a good one! It’s also on my son’s birthday :tada:
I’m also excited for Friday the 13th just like @robin77 :revolving_hearts:


Thanks love, both for the good wishes and for the tropical drink! I’ll probably need it this week. LOL!


There are a lot of superstitious people in my area, apparently. Someone told me that they once had a flat tire after they bought some items that totaled to $13.13 and they don’t take any chances.
Odds are that tire was having problems before Friday the 13th.
I’ve never believed it’s an inherently unlucky day.
If you put a lot of energy into believing something bad will happen, chances are something bad will happen.
I’d like to do some spell work that day, but I’m not sure what kind it’ll be. :thinking:
Definitely won’t be doing any money spells since I’m not confident enough to give them another try. :laughing:


Sorry to hear that you’ve both got light pollution @Christina4 and @Amethyst :pensive: Light pollution is a big problem and certainly something I don’t miss now that I’m out of the city :cityscape: .

We often hear about the effects of climate change, but the increase of light pollution also has big environmental and health consequences as well.

While on a journey down the YouTube rabbit hole (I may have an addiction to YouTube :face_with_hand_over_mouth:), the other day I watched a very interesting video about the importance of darkness :black_circle: . If anyone is interested in this kind of thing, I recommend taking a peek at the video!

Very wise words! :blush: Wishing you the best of luck with your spellwork, Kasandra. If money spells are off the table (and I don’t blame you for putting them aside after last time! lol) then perhaps something on the Spells for Friday page might call out to you?


No matter what you decide to do, wishing you happy spellwork and a blessed Friday the 13th! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Friday is a great day for self-love, so maybe I could write down 13 Things I Like About Myself.