Merry Meet Monday- Forum News! December 7th 🌲

Wishing a very Merry Meet Monday to all!

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Upcoming Events :spiral_calendar:

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[[ Moon Phase: Last Quarter Moon :last_quarter_moon:]]

Depending on your location, you will be blessed by the light of the Last Quarter Moon on Monday, December 7th - Tuesday, December 8th

The last quarter moon is a time of rest and the banishment of negative energies or forces in your life.


For more information about Moon Magick and specific spells recommended for the last quarter moon, visit the guide Moon Magic: Spells for Every Lunar Phase: Last Quarter and the Waning Moon Magick Guide. :last_quarter_moon:


No matter the moon phase, you can find current moon information for your location as well as complementary spells and rituals to draw on its energy on the Spells8 Lunar Spell Page :sparkles:

[[ Group Ritual- Together with the Coven :handshake:]]

Join in for a shared group ritual and tea meditation on Thursday, December 10th - this activity is open to all members of the forum! :coffee:

Group meditation rituals and conversations are held every Thursday. Feel free to visit last week’s ritual post to get an idea about what to expect, and look for an announcement on the main page of the forum for details about this week’s group ritual :hugs:

[[ Celestial Event: Meteor Shower :comet: ]]

The Geminid Meteor Shower is a glorious display that will peak on the nights of Sunday, December 13th - Monday, December 14th. However, it is likely that you will be able to catch meteors on clear nights during the surrounding dates as well!

You can find out more about the meteor shower including Ways-to-Watch tips in the Earthsky article All you need to know: Geminid Meteor Shower :comet:

Not sure how to celebrate? Here are some ideas for Meteor Shower Rituals.


[ Other Events of Interest :mag: ]]
Some other non-witchy but interesting (and perhaps conversation-starting!) events coming up this week:

Ongoing Activities :raised_hands:

[[ Weekly Witchy Challenge :trophy: ]]

Every week, a challenge is presented to all members of the forum to explore new areas of magick and bring out the best of everyone’s diverse talents.

The theme for this week is: Knot Magick :yarn:

This challenge will close TOMORROW, Tuesday, December 8th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

After this time a Props and Presents post will appear to give recognition and prizes to all participants :gift: And as always, a brand new challenge will arrive on Wednesday for all challenge enthusiasts.

Are you ready? Join in the challenge here: Weekly Witchy Challenge- of Spells and String :yarn:

[[ Divination Discussion :crystal_ball: ]]

Ready to put your divination skills to the test? Hoping for feedback on your readings? Join in for this week’s Divination Discussion to gain new insights and experience different methods of divination :mag:

Ready to divine? Join here: Divination Discussion :sparkles: Mr. Novus has a question

Be sure to get your entry in by the deadline: Wednesday, December 9th!

[[ Spells8 Book Club :books: ]]

Calling all book lovers! A reading period for the Spells8 book club is now in session!

You can find more details and are welcome to submit your book in the current thread: Spells8 Book Club II (Nov 13 - Dec 11).

Please note that this reading period will end on Friday, December 11th!

More information about the book club and how to join can be found in Book Club F.AQ and Introduction.

Happy Reading!

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The moon’s light wanes in the sky as meteors fall from the heavens- what plans lie ahead for you in the blessed days to come? :milky_way:

Give a shout and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Sparkling stars and stunning snowflakes- though the winter may be cold, fill it with the warmth of your magick!

Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Happy Monday!

I’m up SO SO early (I’ve been up since 4AM eastern, it’s almost 6AM now), and imagine my surprise to have the Monday Merry Meet up already!

I’m hoping to be with my family next Sunday night for the meteor shower! My hometown has visibility, the city I’m living in now has none. I just texted my 2 best friends to see if we can set up a sleepover!

Today is my second day off of two. I spent yesterday in a funk because of the way this medicine is kicking my butt right now, so today I’m going to work on my Knotty challenge & I have a few home decor things I want to mess with! I skipped my Sunday smoke cleanse yesterday, so I’ll be squeezing that in somewhere too!

Also, we’ve got fancy, yummy teas at work and I’ve been making it a point to drink one every Thursday (it’s my long shift), but I never manage to force myself to post! Whoops!

I’m making it my goal this week to get my diet in line, pay attention to my water intake & hopefully the medication’s side effects will slow down between this week & next. Today starts week #2 on strong anti-viral treatment for my Hepatitis C. It’s a total of 8-12 weeks, depending on how my levels react; but a lot of the experiences I have read, the side effects slow down after the first couple weeks! I’m just hoping that’s how it goes for me. This first week has been pretty tough. Lots of nausea and vomiting, a weird headache & light sensitivity and SO MUCH SLEEP! I’m ready to feel “normal” again!

I hope everyone else is having a lovely Monday! Sending love & light to you all! :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Thank you so much @TheTravelWitch! I appreciate the shout outs! And the special title! You’re making me feel all warm and fuzzy. :hugs:

We’ve got snow out my window so it looks very wintery. I like it, except when I have to walk outside because I don’t want to slip and fall. LOL. I don’t have many plans for this week, it depends on what my doctor says. I’ll be finished with this round of shots on Thursday, so I’m hoping that will have been enough. If not that means more shots I think or IVs at home. I hope not. Still, it would be better than going to the hospital right now.

I do have good news though, I’m off the waiting list for my Medicaid helper, once the DHHR sends in my financial information I’ll be getting a helper. I have no idea how long it will take them but I’ve got a call in to ask. So things are looking up! I’m glad!

Hope everyone is haveing a good Monday!


Ew! Those side effects sound horrible! Here’s to hoping you won’t have as many this week. I hope they help you in the long run. Don’t try to do too much today. Get well soon!


Happy Monday All!
After a beach trip yesterday, (it was a beautiful day for it partly sunny and 60) I’m feeling recharged.
Decorated the house last night, decided for no :evergreen_tree: this year, going to have a yule log. It feels odd to not have a tree, but this entire year was a bit odd so…lol.
Today I plan on cleaning my altar and preparing for a little moon magick this evening.
Also I think I’ll be working more on my witches ladder for my daughter’s.
The evil eye bracelets come today which will give me something else to do as in cleansing and activating.
So busy busy day!
Blessed Be!


Good morning, well, it’s late morning here. I don’t have much going on this week. I’ve been a hermit lately because of the increased pain that comes with the cold weather and we had a noreaster over the weekend.

I will be poking in, but I am trying to take care of some things. I may make another witch’s ball and maybe do a spell jar soon. I just have to get the energy myself to do them. I cleaned my space last week, but I feel like everything is in a stalemate right now!

We did get the living room done for Christmas and Yule. My daughter has the Elf on the Shelf roaming around the house too. She loves it and is stuck between holding onto childhood and growing up. Everyone around her is grown up and she just is trying to find where she fits in this year. I think she is doing fine where she is right now.

I don’t even have any appointments this week, so hopefully, I can find the time to finish up the last few ornaments I have to make for a friend. I over did it when I started them, so I haven’t been able to finish them with my hand out of commission.

I hope everyone has a great week. I’m starting mine off under the covers.


Wow @Tamera, those are great pictures of the beach! And the decorating looks fun. You’ve been quite productive! Great job!

Aww, that’s sweet that she still believes. I was ten when Santa got stuck in a sudden ice storm and couldn’t make it to the house. This is before deicer was a regular thing. That’s how I found out Santa was my parents, my presents were all in the trunk of the car and frozen in! LOL.

I hope you get to feeling better! It sucks that the weather affects you so much. Stay under the covers and get well sweetie!


@haley, I hope you continue to get better and the treatments work with the side effects being less and less. May you also get to see the meteor shower :comet: with your family.

I am so happy for you, @kasie, about the Medicaid helper. I hope you can avoid more shots and the IVs.

@Tamera, if I didn’t know you better, I would think the beach pictures are for my torture. :rofl: I am so envious. :grin: Seriously, though, thank you for sharing the amazing pictures. It is a wonderful thing to be so close to the beach and it sounds like a perfectly refreshing day. Good luck on the moon magick and activating the bracelets.

Have you heard of Melissa Dilkes Pateras, @krissie117? She’s a Canadian building a following on Facebook and Tik Tok for her comedy. Her politics may not be for everyone but she’s been sharing some hilarious Elf on the Shelf pictures. I hope you hand continues to heal and you are able to finish the ornaments.

krissie and kasie, you’re lucky your children believe and you found out about Santa in the way you did. I lived downtown as a kid and there were gunfights from time to time. On Christmas Eve there was a particularly bad one. My grandmother came in with her gun and said don’t worry, there was a burglar :santa:t4: trying to come down the chimney but she shot him and we will never have to deal with him again. :open_mouth: :rofl:

Thank you for the shout out, @TheTravelWitch. I always look forward to your Merry Meet Monday posts. As I said in a different thread,

I can’t believe I beat kasie though. She’s a true inspiration for love of the coven.

This week I am completing the Mr. Novus Divination started by the ever incredible @MeganB. I have a friend in need of a washer so we are going to see what we can do with her :tshirt: :socks: :jeans: clothes. In the past, I have mentioned my close friend, Moon. I get to see her in person for the first time in a few months. Also, it’s my best friend’s :cupcake: birthday :cupcake: this week so we will be celebrating that for the first time. (Then again next week, too. She’s special like that. lol) It should be a good week.


Hahaha that’s just the good ol’ magic of time differences :laughing: 6AM EST is already noon here in CET! :mantelpiece_clock: Sending greetings and love from the future~ :blush:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed you’ll have some great visibility and can catch the meteor shower- so exciting, Haley! Enjoy your teas (they sound lovely!) and I am wishing you a quick path to recovery. I know the medicine comes with some struggles, but I am praying it gets you back on your feet soon. Wishing good health and many blessings to you! :hugs::two_hearts:

It’s always a very well-earned shout-out, @Kasie! You are a beacon of joy and positivity- I can’t tell you how often I smile while I read your posts :grin:

Congrats on finishing this round of shots- I hope they have done well and you can be free of them soon! And that is wonderful news about coming off the list for the Medicaid helper- things really are looking up!

Enjoy your view of the winter wonderland and stay warm and fuzzy :two_hearts:

Ohhhhh a yule log is so exciting, @Tamera! :heart_eyes: I’m curious as to what kind of yule log- the wood in the hearth version :fire: or the chocolatey dessert version :chocolate_bar: ? Both are excellent choices :grin:

Your photos are stunning as always- look at that bright blue sky and sparkling water! :ocean: Ohhh you make me miss the ocean. Thanks for sharing these lovely scenes!

Congrats on getting the decorations up- it sounds like fun and I bet your home feels very festive now, @Krissie117! :christmas_tree: Wishing you a peaceful and restful week without any appointments. Stay warm and cozy- it sounds like it’s gotten quite chilly there on the Cape!

I’m so glad you enjoy the MMM posts and again, very well done @praecog29! :grin:

It sounds like you have some wonderful plans for the week ahead. And how lovely you can finally see Moon again after so many months! Happy birthday to your friend as well. Enjoy the celebrations- it sounds like your holiday season is already off to a bright and cheery start! :blush:


Oh my gosh! I can’t imagine that! How rude. Funny, but rude.


Thank you so much for saying so. I miss you on weekends when you’re taking time away from the internet. Your support and encouragement is always great to see!


Thank you! I love having one of my children still believe. Although when they find out it won’t be quite as eventful as the way you found out. That must have been nerve-racking to live through that, I can’t even imagine.

I have been trying to stay in contact with people, but it’s getting harder each day. I just feel overwhelmed & frozen & stuck… it’s hard to explain, but I’m definitely not myself. I was just telling my friend that I need to do something, anything, witchy. I try every day but so far, I haven’t brought myself to do anything. I have been having some high pain days, my wrist is healing nicely and feels great, but the weather we are having lately isn’t conducive to the rest of my body. A lot of aching pain and joint pain.

I also threw away a medication for nausea that I am supposed to take every day. So my stomach has been on a merry go round for the last 2 days and it’s awful. My stomach is torn up and just won’t settle. I may have to stop the other medication that I take & it makes my stomach turn when I take it.

Enough about me. Thank you again for your thoughts & words. I appreciate them. I will be back, I’m just waiting, not so patiently for Social Security to send my payments. It’s so hard this time of year.


@TheTravelWitch My family and I are going with the birch wood bundle and tying it up, then decorating with greens (snippets from our wreath) and berries. Then we are going to drill holes in the top log for candles to light each night of Yule. On the last night we will burn the bundle.
The cake sounds wonderful too!


Awww you are so sweet, I miss you too @Kasie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sometimes I’m tempted to give in and play online on the weekends, but it always seems to end up with me opening emails from clients and sneaking in some work :sweat_smile:

But I guess they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”- when I pop in on Monday, it’s all the more exciting to be back with everyone in the forums!

When the light and warmth of summer fades, it can leave those of us who are connected with nature feeling empty and cold inside- a reflection of the world around us.

Remember that although this time of year feels extra dark and cold (and more lonely than previous years due to the pandemic), the Wheel of the Year is turning again towards brighter days. After the Winter Solstice/Yule, the days actually begin getting longer again and we are on the path to summer’s golden light :sun_with_face:

It can be hard, but try to seek out the things that make you happy, @Krissie117. Spend time with your daughter, create your beautiful crafts, and try to do at least one witchy activity (even just blessing your food or drink!) each day :raised_hands:

As for the nausea- can you get a new medicine? I also have trouble with nausea sometimes and ginger works wonders for me. It even helps with motion sickness in cars, planes, and boats when I’m on the road. Ginger People have some tasty candies that make ginger a lot more palatable to take! You can find their products in many stories around MA :+1:

Sending love and light to you, Krissie! Be well! :heart:

It sounds like such a lovely yule log ritual, @Tamera! :two_hearts: Have fun and enjoy- and feel free to share pics of how it looks with the decorations, I’d love to see it! :blush:


I bought some Lemon Ginger tea and I am going to try that tonight. I have been drinking my Christmas Tea after dinner. My daughter & I found a game on Snapchat that we play. After you take your turn there is a silly picture. We had a lot of fun taking the pictures and sending them to each other last night. I am going to put some FL water mix in my diffuser, I love that smell and maybe I can pick up my room a little more and get back to doing things. Thank you so much for everything.


Today was a good day! I was in my room & I had just gotten home from a couple of errands. After I got a box ready to be mailed & sent it out, I came home & I put the FL water mix in my diffuser. Then I decided that I was going to pick up my room & that led to a 5 card tarot pull & a 3 card pull for today. Both of them were in line together, so that was helpful & it was kind of like the cards told me to calm down & go with the flow. Things were happening as they should & i know the answers intuitively. & then I did a jar spell. I felt really good afterwards and I will admit that I was a little scattered and rushed. My kids were home & doing things as it was lunchtime. Even so, I felt really good afterwards and the rest of my day was just as good. It is the first day in a long time that I feel like myself.


It sounds like you are enjoying a wonderful time with your daughter and are treating yourself to some tasty tea- good for you, @Krissie117! :blush: Well done on the tarot reading- I bet it feels good to be drawing on your magickal power and re-emerging yourself in the craft :sparkles: May the good feelings continue to flow as you draw good energy towards yourself! Blessed be :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Today I have cleaned my room, puppy sat, got my hair done, & now I am working on cleaning the kitchen. The distractions are keeping me away from it though. I feel good again today & semi-productive. It felt really good to be back to my craft, I think in a little bit I will do a tarot pull.

On Tuesday we are going to see the Magic of Lights at Gillette Stadium with a friend with his son who is autistic. My daughter is excited to meet him and make a new friend.

I hope everyone is having a good day too. I’m hoping this feeling stays for a while because I have been very down for a while. I finally feel like I have a handle on what’s going on around me.

I ordered some gifts today and I do have to get to the post office and start to work on the rest of these ornaments. I have one paying order left to finish and then the ones that I am giving as gifts need to be done and sent out too. I’m hoping to get those done this weekend.


Wow. You have been busy! And quite productive! You go, girl! Tuesday sounds like a lot of fun, that’s one thing I really miss about not having a car, I haven’t gone and see the Christmas Lights in a could of decades! Have fun!


It’s been a wonderful couple of days. I even… slept through the night for 2 nights in a row! Craziness!

I did Shadow Work today & some last night. Tomorrow I will add my entry to the Weekly Challenge.

I did a 4 card tarot pull & it basically said I’m ready for whats coming but need to keep going forward to get ready for big rewarding opportunities & changes. A little more in depth, but that was the idea.

I still have to take a picture to show my hair. Its hard because its a darker shade of blue so in some light or lack of light it looks black.