Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! January 11th ❤

A warm welcome and very Merry Meet Monday to all! :heart:

Here’s the latest about upcoming events and forum news:

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Upcoming Events :spiral_calendar:

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[ [ Moon Phase: New Moon :new_moon: ] ]

Depending on your location, you will be blessed by the light of this moon phase on Tuesday/Wednesday night.

You can find current moon information for your location as well as complementary spells and rituals to draw on its energy on the Spells8 Lunar Spell Page :sparkles:


The New Moon Spells and Rituals Page has more information and a list of recommended spells for this special time :new_moon:

[ [ Group Ritual- Together with the Coven :handshake:] ]

Join in for a shared group ritual and tea meditation on Thursday, January 14th - this activity is open to all members of the forum! :coffee:

Group meditation rituals and conversations are held every Thursday. Feel free to visit last week’s group ritual to get an idea about what to expect, and look for an announcement on the main page of the forum for details about this week’s group ritual :hugs:

[ [ Other Events of Interest :mag: ] ]

Some other non-witchy but interesting (and perhaps conversation-starting!) events coming up this week:

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Ongoing Activities :raised_hands:

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[ [ Weekly Witchy Challenge :trophy: ] ]

Every week, a challenge is presented to all members of the forum to explore new areas of magick and bring out the best of everyone’s diverse talents.

The theme for this week is: Catch-Up Challenge :alarm_clock:

This challenge will close Tuesday, January 12th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

After this time a Props and Presents post will appear to give recognition and prizes to all participants :gift: And as always, a brand new challenge will arrive on Wednesday for all challenge enthusiasts.

Are you ready? Join in the challenge here: Weekly Witchy Challenge - Catch Up! :alarm_clock:

[ [ Divination Discussion :crystal_ball: ] ]

Ready to put your divination skills to the test? Hoping for feedback on your readings? Join in for this week’s Divination Discussion to gain new insights and experience different methods of divination :mag:

Ready to put your skills to the test? You can divine here: Divination Discussion :crystal_ball: See the Symbols

Be sure to get your entry in by the deadline: Wednesday, January 20th!

[ [ Energy Exchange Circle :hugs: ] ]

Do you have a little extra love to share and are looking for ways to help out a fellow coven member? Or perhaps you’ve fallen on hard times and could use some positive vibes your way?

The Energy Exchange Circle is a way to support and show love to coven members going through hard times. To do a good deed and show you care, consider leaving a note of support in the current thread:

More information about the coven’s wholesome energy exchange can be found in the Energy Exchange Circle 2021 Wiki.

Thanks for spreading the love! :heart:

[ [ Spells8 Book Club :books: ] ]

Calling all book lovers! A reading period for the Spells8 book club is now in session !

You can find more details and are welcome to submit your book in the current thread: :open_book: Spells8 Book Club III (Dec 18 - Jan 15)

Please note that this reading period will end on Friday, January 15th!

More information about the book club and how to join can be found in Book Club F.AQ and Introduction.

Happy Reading! :open_book:

New Members :wave:

A very warm welcome and merry meet to all of the new members who have joined the forum over the past week:

@tifany, @macey, @janae1, @tera1, @lexi1, @felicity1, @naiyah, @nadia3, @hannah13, @chloe3, @meagan4, @arlene, @ylva, @lori6, @divine, @felicia2, @shaqueta, @pink2, @linzi, @larinda, @vanessa4, @ariel1, @richard3, @christine8, @cheryl3, @kristine3, @shya, @justice1, @jay6, @charlotte4, @marla, @michelle21, @isela, @angel3, @leah4, @jameka, @emily15, @lyn1, @marita, @jayce, @saralee, @natalie5

If you haven’t done so already, feel free to go to Introductions and create your first post. Consider sharing a bit about who you are and your journey into practicing magick :sparkles:

We would all love to give you a warm welcome to the forum family! :hugs:

Special Shout Outs :mega:

  • Bravo to @Christina4 for sharing the most posts in the forum over the past week! :writing_hand: Your inspirational posts and thoughtful comments are always delightful :two_hearts:

  • Lots of love back to @Berta for liking the most posts in the forum over the last seven days! :heart: Thank you for sharing your warm heart and bringing joy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And of course a very hearty thank you must be said to all members of the Spells8 coven! Your contributions and love help to make this a welcoming and supportive place for solitary witches all around the world- you are all wonderful :sparkles:

How have the first few days of 2021 been going for you? :spiral_calendar: Are you planning any spellwork or New Moon Magick this week? :new_moon:

Give a shout to your fellow coven members and share what’s on your mind in the comments below!

May the light of your magick and warmth of your heart guide you to brighter and blessed days

Stay warm and well- blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Yay to @christina4 and @berta for being such great coven members. You’re doing great ladies!

And @TheTravelWitch, that last photo you posted with the snowflake? AWESOME. LOL.

As for me, I’m off to get my heart tested this morning. I won’t get the results till next week. You’d think they’d not want to keep you in suspense that long if you’re having problems with your heart. I also start physical therapy this week to see if I can keep my leg from dragging. We’ll see how that goes.

I want to do something for the new moon but I don’t know what yet. Hopefully, I can figure something fun out before it’s too late if it’s only a bit of candle magic.

So that’s what I’m doing this week. I hope everyone is having a good Monday!


@Amethyst… I will be thinking of you today and hope the tests come back with good results. I laugh when I look at my calendar and realize that if it weren’t for doctors visits I would probably only leave the house for the occasional grocery run or pharmacy pick up. What a life. All the more reason to cherish Spells8. LOVE to you Kasie. Berta


You’ll be in my thoughts today! I’ll say a prayer for you. With my experience with any labs or tests like an ekg, the nurse has to call you as soon as they look at the results. I found out I have a tiny hole in my heart (it went away) and a leaky heart valve. I’m just sorry about your leg and anything else you’re going through. Please keep us updated.


I know the feeling! You’ve gotta look at it as a good thing, like if you were out more you’d probably contracted the corona. Or you wouldn’t have created all the lovely artwork that you have! Keep your head up, I’m happy you’re safe!


Ironic- that Kasie and christina4 are talking about their hearts. I just ordered some crystal hearts to enhance my evening prayers I’m going to try to find a spell to wrap you ALL in cotton and keep you safe. I feel like you are all extended family @Amethyst, @christina4 @TheTravelWitch @walter @john4 @Limeberry @Magdelina @Francisco @SilverBear @praecog29 @Siofra @krissy @christina4 @Jeannie1 @MeganB and so many I forgot to mention. What would I do without you? Please, everyone take good care of yourselves. I pray daily for your protection, for your health and for your safety. Love to you all. Berta

@walter excited for your new studies!!! Vet tech is a wonderful idea.


Congratulations to @christina4 and @berta! I’m so happy for you both!

You will be in my thoughts and I am sending you positive healing @Amethyst that everything comes out for the best for you. Take it easy and I’m thinking of you. I know it’s been a long road with your leg. I wonder if you can call for the results after a day or 2. If something was wrong they would call you right away, I would think.

My weekend was okay, I feel good & the thumb splints are really helping so I am happy about that. Tomorrow I have my botox for chronic migraines. I have to call the office today to confirm my appointment.

I hope everyone has a great week. If anything interesting happens, I will let you know of course.


Thank you @berta, I have some bubble wrap I could start with until we get enough cotton. It does seem there are some weeks that I am just falling apart. I think about the protection and love and light from the group that I get. It’s like an extension of my family. I share a lot more here than I do in other places. I’m just so comfortable with everyone here. I hope you have a great day. I’m not doing much today, I’ll be taking it easy as much as I can.


Congrats, @christina4 and @berta. I know your love is felt all over this forum.

berta, I am blessed to know someone like you.

@Amethyst, I so added you to the Energy Exchange Wiki without asking. :innocent: I will be keeping you in my thoughts this week.

My week is basically free, as of right now. :shushing_face: With my best friend dealing with something, and with my father and brother dealing with something else, I am sure I will be busy running candles when I am at home and staying at their homes to be with them.

The United States has a three day weekend coming up and I plan on spending that with another best friend. (I have three best friends because they all know me too well and can call me out when I lie to myself. :sweat_smile:)

I am loving all the posts about the Weekly Witchy Challenge Catch Up. :grin: Everyone has so many wonderful perspectives and different paths through life and we get a glimpse of that through this event. Thank you for hosting these for us, @TheTravelWitch.


I have 3 best friends for the same reason. They don’t pull any punches. They tell me how they see it whether I am going to like it or not. I love them dearly. They are my immediate family after my children.

If there is anything I can do while you are running candles & to them please let me know. I only have one appointment this week with my neurologist and it’s less than 10 minutes in the office. The drive time is more tedious than this appointment.

I will be taking it easy in bed if anyone else needs me today. I was messing around with my daughter last night & I am paying for it today. It was worth it to hear her laugh and be silly rather than trying to take care of me or help me do something. We may make chocolate chip cookies later.

I am going to look through my witchy cookbook and post something from that today. There’s a few for drinks, so I think I am going to choose one of those. I have already done my checkbook and put my bills in the mail. So as far as things I need to do, I have them all done. I may get another cup of coffee though.


Mmm yes, coffee :coffee: I know the feeling of wanting to play with the kids then paying for it the next day…ugh :weary: hope you feel better, tho! And chocolate chip cookies sound yummy!


Thank you @praecog29 :revolving_hearts: and I think that it’s very nice of you to add @Amethyst to the energy exchange! I’ve gotta head that way to see how I may help. Maybe candles and crystal grids.or adding the two. Thanks for your posts, I love reading them! :grin:


Yeah, it was good paying for it though. I am still able to get some things done around the house, just with breaks in between. And I found out that I can go to my regular occupational therapist for the custom thumb & wrist splints. I got the referrals to go for my yearly physical therapy & occupational therapy appointments. So I am off to a good start this week.


Thank you dearest! If it wasn’t for doctor and grocery shopping, I’d never leave home. Then again I’m a bit agoraphobic so that’s not bad for me. LOL.

I won’t find anything out until next week but the nurse didn’t gasp or anything and said she didn’t see anything that needed to go to the doctor right away so I’m guessing I’m pretty good. We’ll see. Thanks for the kind thoughts!

Aww, that’s sweet @berta! What a nice thought!

I made it through walking the hospital without gasping too bad so I"m calling it a win. The leg is doing better I think. It’s just slowly healing up. I hope they’d call me right away. I guess I’ll find out.

I’m glad your thumb splints are helping. Good luck with your migraine treatment tomorrow!

Thank you @praecog29! That was sweet of you!

I’m glad you and Peanut had some fun and it was worth the aches and pains. Hope you got some rest today!


@Amethyst! I would be really anxious but it seems that you are well grounded :relieved: Lots of luck with the results!!


@berta, thank you for your prayers- i will also keep you in mine. ( I always say a general prayer for everyone in the coven)


You are in my thoughts, @Amethyst! I hope the test went well and the results bring positive news- I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! :pray:

A little candle magick sounds like a lovely way to celebrate the New Moon. If you’re tired from your tests, a restful meditation or reflective journalling are always wonderful ways to draw on the energy in the air :new_moon::two_hearts:

That’s exactly where I’m at right now- lockdown is back and my social, educational, and work lives are all 100% online for the time being :sweat_smile: You are right- thank goodness for the coven! :heart:

Oh goodness, Christina- I’m glad to hear your heart situation improved with time! And same here- my EKG had instant results. They handed me the reading as I walked out of the room. Luckily it is a quick and painless test, and a helpful one too! :relieved:

You are so sweet, @Berta- what a wonderful and heart-warming spell (literally!) :heart::blush: Lots of love back to you, you beautiful soul! Take of yourself too :hugs:

These are kind words, Krissie- I agree! We are blessed with a truly giving and loving group here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wishing the same to you- have a great day!

You are very welcome, Benjamin! :grin: It is a delight to put together the challenges and every week I am so excited to see how everyone will approach them. Seeing everyone’s many talents is always very inspirational :sparkles:

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the three day weekend! :partying_face:

Ohhhhh looking forward to it! Your witchy cookbook is a treasure :open_book::heart_eyes:

Blessings to you, @walter- you are so kind! :pray::two_hearts:

I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start and everyone is doing well (and staying warm!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks, @Francisco! Hopefully, everything will come out fine. We’ll see next week.

Thank you, hon! I appreciate the good thoughts! I may do something tomorrow night on the New Moon. Today I’m shopping and after getting everything home I’ll be too tired to do much.


@Francisco Has anyone ever tracked how many members are on this site? I know it is only a small portion of members who actually participate in the forum. I love our core group but sometimes I wonder about the others who are out there on the fringes.


I know you asked Francisco but the about page has some info.