Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! (Jan 9 - 15) 🌜

Update to the MMM:

This week’s group ritual post is now live in the forum! For more details and to view the full tea spell, please visit the post by clicking the picture/link here:

1-12 National Hot Tea Day Blessing

(Group Ritual - Jan 12) :tea: Quick 'n Easy Tea Spell

This week is National Hot Tea Day- a perfect opportunity to pour a cup of your favorite brew and join your coven for a little relaxing tea magick! :tea::sparkles: With just your intention, you can use this morning tea ritual to turn a normal beverage into a potion for good luck, health and joy :heart:

“See” you then, Infinite Roots! Blessed be :tea::sparkles:


@AileyGrey I think my first checkup was about a week after surgery and I thought I was seeing pretty clearly, so I was really surprised at my 6h week checkup because my vision had gotten even better! I know how hard it is to be patient, because I am always telling myself, “Patience is a virtue!” :hugs:

@Melora_Fae I love :heart: Friday the 13th too! And for decades, as well!! :black_cat: Great minds think :thinking: alike! :rofl:

@Solasta_Amore Wishing :stars: you a very happy :hugs: year filled with love :heart: and :magic_wand: magick!

@Cosmic_Curiosity I felt really tired during the full moon :full_moon: last week too!

@Siofra_Strega & @Cosmic_Curiosity Thank you :pray: for sharing your beautiful pictures! :heart:

@TheTravelWitch_Bry I’m looking forward to joining you for a cuppa :tea: on Thursday! :teapot:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


@Melora_Fae I’m very excited for the first Friday the 13th of the year too!

@Cosmic_Curiosity oh those are beautiful too! I would be there all the time. I actually go to the beach when I’m upset or otherwise inclined, just to watch the waves or the wildlife. I walked up my street to a little teenie tiny beach, (I guess you could call it that, I’ll have to take a picture of it) I was very upset about something & needed to get away from my house. So I went up my street & down the little set of steps & sat on the bottom one watching the seagulls & ducks & the waves gently lapping on the shore. It was high tide so I couldn’t walk on the sand… but I sat there for a good 25 minutes before I went back home. I love going to the beaches around here too.

@Marsha you are very welcome! I love sharing pictures of the different beaches & things I see on my drives or walks.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry I love that Thursday is also National Hot Tea :tea: Day, I’m putting it in my phone to remember to do it BEFORE I lay down in the afternoon. :rofl:

I have heard this so many times in my life! :rofl: @AileyGrey I understand that part of it, I’ve never had any kind of eye surgery, but I have had surgeries where I was non-weight bearing for at least a month up to 6 weeks. Brutal & really tested my patience too! You will do great & feel so much better! Deep breaths… I totally understand the no patience.

Sorry for being so very sporadic lately, I’m just completely wiped out after doing very little still. I’m getting a little better each day, but I need to take my own advice about baby steps :footprints: :joy:


@marsha ah! Thank you for that! I go from “this is the best vision ever” to “oh no! It’s still a little blurry” about 100 times a day! I’m trying to be patient!


Thats a beautiful little fishing village! I think it would put me in a peaceful state too. :fishing_pole_and_fish:



I found this coffee online and was wondering if anyone has tried this? I bet its yummy! :coffee: :wink: Its Witches Brew! So KEWL LOL


I have not, but I’m adding it to my list of things to try :laughing: I have one I really like that’s really, really strong called Deathwish coffee but I don’t buy it too often.


Mercury :astrology_mercury: Retrograde is wreaking havoc in my electronics :laughing: phone, then laptop, now printer… it’s been a fun time… However Mars :astrology_mars: goes direct today in Gemini :gemini: So there’s that going for us! We will start to get our energy back & our flow of information going both ways which will lead to being able to make short-term goals & take action on them quickly! Which can be a good thing! Hopefully keeping Mercury Retrograde a little gentler on things :laughing:

Today hit me with a triple whammy! Not too bad with temperatures, but my middle son was home from work due to a lot of rain & once he’s awake it’s kind of a mom & son day of sorts… So he’s chatty with me & keeps me on my toes with random adventures. I had issues with my printer & a couple of sites actually being able to upload information & then just settled on mailing in the information instead before my printer got tossed off the porch. :rofl:

I did get some more done in my space though! I have a new diffuser that makes the mist look like a flame from the top of it so that one is now on my Ancestor altar & the larger one I had there went to the living room & the one in the living room moved to the kitchen. I even got them all setup & changed their schedules now that are both in the same area. I was busy but didn’t get to the normal daily things that I do in the morning until after I took an impromptu nap around 2 PM. I get exhausted pretty fast nowadays, but still recovering from Covid & pneumonia immediately following.

Still working on taking breaks & actually resting before my body says… yup… it’s nap time now. :joy:


Same here! Even my kids have been wondering what’s up lol :laughing:


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