Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Oct 24 - 30 :sun:

You practically beat me posting it too- I think that was the record time for a first reply to a MMM! :clap::joy:

Apologies it’s a bit late this week, I was fighting off the terrible once-a-month visitor :weary: Being a woman is great… most of the time :sweat_smile:

Exciting stuff! :star_struck: Good luck with the club meeting and any magickal workings you are planning- have fun and enjoy! :sparkling_heart:


Score! :rofl: A new record! It’s only because we’re both in the forum at the same time this morning lol (well, morning for me…not sure about you?)

Thank you! Plans still have to be made but I’m crossing my fingers I find the time to do that today :crossed_fingers:


By eight whole minutes! If I hadn’t gotten up to potty, I would have beaten you! LOL!

Congratulations to @Medea and @jan_TheGreenWitch! You guys are rocking the forum in a good way!

I didn’t realize we were having an eclipse until it was mentioned here so I have no idea what to do. I was going to do a release the past spell so I figure I’ll go ahead and do that.

Other than that, not much is going on this week for me. I go to the doctor today but that’s the regular thing with my leg mostly. I had a visit to the ER on Friday for some antibiotics and they’re going to check me out today to make sure everything is okay. So just the usual anyways.

I hope everyone has a good start to the week! Happy Monday!


Ring the forum bells- we’ve got a new record! :joy:

It’s already 1pm here! Where did the morning go!?! Hahaha I hope you enjoy yours! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No worries, Amethyst, you can try to reclaim your throne as fastest MMM poster next week! :laughing: :heart:

ER trips are never fun, but when you gotta go, you gotta go! I hope everything goes well at the check-up and that they have good news for you :pray::blush:

Wishing the same to you- have a great start to your week! :two_hearts:


I’ll probably make it because my doctor’s appointments are earlier next week. LOL!

Yeah, I didn’t think it was that bad but Sally and the home health nurse both urged me to go so I went. Which is probably good, because I don’t want it to get worse, I just hate spending time in the waiting room. I’m sure I’ll get good news today.


Congratulations ladies! We are very happy for all that you do within the coven for everyone :revolving_hearts:

I feel more connected to the New Moons :new_moon: rather than Full Moons :full_moon:, so I tend to honor them or do more for them than the Full Moons. A fun fact now that it’s Scorpio Season is that the upcoming New Moon is also in Scorpio for the Solar Eclipse.

Honoring this new moon may look like…

    1. Getting honest with yourself: This is a great time to make an ‘authenticity’ list. You can write down your needs, desires, visions, and values and get honest about whether your external circumstances are aligning with your truth (in relationships or other areas of life).
    1. Staying open to change: As things shift externally, notice what that brings up in you internally. How are you being called to transform? How is this pushing you into higher alignment? Embrace the changes that are happening and get curious about how they are serving you.
    1. Shadow work: Scorpio season is a great time for shadow work. If things aren’t aligning for you externally, reflect upon the parts of you that you’re denying or suppressing in order to keep up appearances or live a safe life that doesn’t actually feel fulfilling. What would it look like to reclaim authentic parts of you that feel scary or unacceptable? How would that change your life?


I won’t do #3 as I do that with assistance, but I will keep the first 2 in mind definitely :100: I tend to lay low during eclipses but with an understanding of what they mean & things to think about & alternative ways to practice during them. I’m a tweaker when it comes to these types of things :laughing:

I will also probably connect with the Morrigan before Samhain & reach out for anything that I may need assistance or guidance to make my way through from the New Moon through around the first week in November. (I can’t give specific dates because each year it’s different for me)

I’m hoping things have settled down enough here that I can find a happy balance to be able to do things that have been left alone for a little bit while I take care of other stuffs & things. :hugs: I look forward to connecting with everyone a little more as each day goes on gets a bit easier to navigate… it’s surely been a whirlwind :cyclone: since schedules changed with school & work in the household! :flushed:


haha that’s okay! One day someone else will beat us to the MMM post :joy:

I hope your appointment goes (or went!) well – it’s never any fun to go to the ER but I’m sure it was necessary. Gotta get that leg all healed up! :pray:

Vanish Stock Market GIF by Travis

It’s gone :laughing: and it’s almost 2pm and I’m already needing a third cup of coffee! :astonished: but I won’t… that’s too much caffeine for me. I hope your day has gone well!

Oh no… It’s our time to shine! :partying_face: :sparkles: :tada: :grin: idk how I feel about it being Scorpio season with an eclipse in Scorpio… I’ll have to ask my astrology friends about that one lol it feels like it’s gonna be intense? Or maybe it’ll finally be time for me to relax!


Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!
I’ve already printed my sheets for the new moon tomorrow lol I love how you all allow us to do those things for ourselves. :slight_smile: May all you have a blessed week. Much love, Nina


Hee! True.

It did, my leg was less red than Friday so the trip to the ER was worth it. I just hated waiting, you know?

And happy Scorpio season!


Normal busy school week here! Teach the tiny humans, do the mom thing, lots of planning. I am working on a dyslexia endorsement that is actually a lot more rigorous than I expected… so I’ve been working on papers and projects for that. I did enjoy Saturday at the pumpkin patch with the littles. I’ve started a few new books that I plan to add to the book club soon. I’ve been practicing a lot at my spinning wheel… it’s so relaxing…. Still trying to wrap my head around Samhain…. It’ll come!


It sounds like you’ve got some great ideas and plans in the work for the New Moon- I know it’s a special time for you, so wishing you a very blessed one, Siora! :heart::new_moon: :sparkles:

Hahaha I know the feeling! I don’t drink coffee (with the sacred exception of my once-a-year pumpkin spice latte :laughing: ) but some days are a three or four cuppa tea kind of day :tea::sweat_smile:

Thanks so much and same to you- wishing you a good Tuesday! :heart:

I wonder if the double Scorpio energy hits different for Scorpio sun signs? :thinking:

It’s only 10am here on the day of the eclipse, but I’m a Scorpio and so far the energy is :sparkles: divine :sparkles: things have been going better than usual so far today! Fingers crossed it keeps on going :laughing: :crossed_fingers:

Wishing the same to you, Nina! Blessed be and happy New Moon Solar Eclipse! :sun::sparkles:

Waiting is sucky, but I’m glad everything went okay and that the trip went well! Good for you, Amethyst :heart::blush:

You’re a busy bee, Ailey! But despite the hectiness, it sounds like a lot of fun and very meaningful things- hang in there! :heart: Wishing you all the best and that you have a very blessed week :grinning:


Update to the MMM:

This week’s group ritual is now live in the forum! For more details please visit the page by clicking the link and/or picture here:

10-27 Halloween Witch's Brew Group Ritual

(Group Ritual - Oct 27) :jack_o_lantern: A Halloween Witch’s Brew

The group ritual this week involves turning your drink into an Enchanted Witch’s Brew. Enjoy some Halloween blessings and festive energy as you sip your magickal potion!

Looking forward to sharing a brew with you then! Cheers, Infinite Roots! :heart::candle:


There’s no better way to do it! :sparkles: I hope your New Moon goes well!

That’s good at least. I know the waiting can sometimes be the worst part :grimacing: I’m glad it was a good thing though!

I don’t know how you do it Ailey :joy: that’s so much! I get exhausted with just my daughter and my nephew during the day! :yarn: I’m really glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying your spinning wheel! It’s one thing on my bucket-list of things to try. What’s your favorite one you’ve made so far?

Yes, all the finger crossing! :crossed_fingers: :sparkles: I’ve got a New Moon ritual/spell/thing to plan this morning but I’m gonna feel out the energy of the eclipse before I do anything :joy:


You say that’s normal? I say that’s Wonder Woman levels of busy. LOL! You go!


Merry Meet to you all, I see that there are new witches and will need to get to know them all.
I am back as best as I can be, having a lot of back troubles and sitting is not the greatest for me right now. I hope you are all well and have missed you all. It’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse and don’t forget that Samhain is just one week away. :jack_o_lantern:

Blessed Be :pentagram:


Shout outs to @Medea for all of her posts :writing_hand:
@jan_TheGreenWitch for all her love she shared and a two week streak :heart: :heart:
way to go ladies :woman_mage:

Blessed Be :sparkles: :dizzy:


Glad to see you back, @debra2! I’m sorry you’re having back troubles. It’s a pain in the, ahem, back, when you can’t sit! Sending you love and light!


Hooray @debra2- it’s wonderful to hear from you! :heart:

I’m so sorry about the back pain- sending positive energy your way and hoping that it improves asap :pray: I hope you had a lovely New Moon Solar Eclipse and wishing you a very blessed Samhain! :jack_o_lantern: :candle::sparkles:

Lots of love!


Congrats this is a great effort keep it up! :blush:


Thank you so very much. I wasn’t even thinking about any form of a shout-out! I can not believe I still am learning. I think this week I will re-read the guide just so I can refresh and update some of the tools I can use.

Enjoy your week and Blessed Be,