Merry Meet Monday! November 16th ๐Ÿ’Œ

Wishing a very Merry Meet Monday to all!

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Upcoming Events :spiral_calendar:

~Group Ritual: Tea Meditation with the Coven~

Join in for a shared group ritual and tea meditation on Thursday, November 19th :coffee:

Group meditation rituals and conversations are held every Thursday. Feel free to visit last weekโ€™s ritual post to get an idea about what to expect, and look for an announcement on the main page of the forum for details about this weekโ€™s group ritual :woman_in_lotus_position:

~Moon Phase: First Quarter Moon~

On Saturday, November 21st we will be blessed with the light of the First Quarter Moon :first_quarter_moon:

For the exact time of the moon phase in your location, you can check the Old Farmerโ€™s Almanacโ€™s Moon Phase Calendar :calendar:

The Moon Magick Guide to First Quarter Moon Magick on Spells8 says the following:

This is an excellent time to take action regarding your deepest wishes and to address your biggest blockages. It is a great time for growth and self-healing . As a continuation of the previous phase, the energies present at this time can help you feel more lucid and aware of how your intuition and second natures are developing.

Looking for ideas for spells and rituals specific to the First Quarter Moon? The Waxing Moon Spell Page has a lot of information including history, meanings, and a collection of spells and rituals that work in harmony with this moon phase. Happy moon magick! :first_quarter_moon:


~Other Events of Interest~

Some other non-witchy but interesting (and perhaps conversation-starting!) events coming up this week:

Ongoing Challenge :trophy:

Every week, a challenge is presented to all members of the forum to explore new areas of magick and bring out the best of everyoneโ€™s diverse talents.

The theme for this week is Creative Crafting :thread:

Please keep in mind that this challenge will close TOMORROW, Tuesday, November 17th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

After this time a Props and Presents post will appear to give recognition and prizes to all participants :gift: And as always, a brand new challenge will arrive on Wednesday for all challenge enthusiasts.

Are you ready? Join in the challenge here: :hocho: Weekly Witchy Challenge- Creative Crafting.

Divination Discussion :crystal_ball:

Ready to put your divination skills to the test? Hoping for feedback on your readings? Join in for this weekโ€™s Divination Discussion to gain new insights and experience different methods of divination :mag:

Ready to divine? Join here: Divination Discussion :heart: Love Life Lisa

Be sure to join in by the deadline, Wednesday, November 18th !

New Members :wave:

A very warm welcome and merry meet to the new members who have joined over the past week:

@nicole17, @carla3, @tierney, @joanna2, @sharon6, @nicole18, @john4, @dqavius1, @samantha19, @celina, @mandy5, @stephanie19, @joann, @MoonChild27, @alexis2, @jessica35, @toikura, @brenda12, @pryscilla, @annie, @aliciajuggs, @maddie, @jennifer38, @angela17, @stephanie20, @candee, @abigail2, @donna3, @nan1, @alison1, @nahla1, @ella1, @briana, @CosmicEssence, @tammy5, @jarelin, @Rxpandora, @senna, @xavier, @felicia1, @linda6, @jenn1, @kimberly16, @samantha20, @melissa10, @kimberly17, @andrew2, @kimberly18, @fox, @crystalon, @anahi, @amber17, @casey4, @al-amisha, @pink, @heidi1, @diavoline, @chelsea3, @abbie1, @marizell, @maria8, @younickedmyname

If you havenโ€™t done so already, feel free to go to Introductions and create your first post. Consider sharing a bit about who you are and your journey into practicing magick :sparkles:

We would all love to give you a warm welcome to the forum family! :hugs:

Special Shout-outs :loudspeaker:

  • Bravo to @Kasie for taking the top spot for posts written :writing_hand: and posts liked :heart: over the past seven days! Your recipes, haikus, thoughts, and knowledge are delightful to read- thank you for sharing your warm heart and wise words with the forum family! :two_hearts:

And of course, a huge thank you to all members of the Spells8 coven! Your contributions and love help to make this a welcoming and supportive place for solitary witches all around the world- you are all wonderful :raised_hands:

We are halfway through November now- what plans do you have for the rest of the month? :grin: Any festivities or fun coming your way? :partying_face:

Give a shout and share your thoughts in the comments below!

May the coming days bring you love, joy, and wonder as the season changes and the Wheel of the Years turns toward Yule

Blessed be! :sparkles:


My plans for the rest of November are just to stay on track and to help as many people as possible. :sparkling_heart::blush: Of course without over doing myself.


Aww, thank you @TheTravelWitch! Iโ€™m honored. I like sharing with yโ€™all, youโ€™ve become family since I joined.

Iโ€™m planning on Thanksgiving dinner. Even though I celebrate alone I make a big pan of stuffing and itโ€™s all for me! :drooling_face: And after dinner, I can watch a version of The Christmas Carol and start decorating for Yule! Iโ€™m thankful that this year my depression is better so I actually feel like doing stuff this year.


Yay @kasie congrats on top spot for likes and posts :hugs: :heart: your Thanksgiving plans sound excellent :joy:

Every day is Absurdity Day :roll_eyes::joy:

Have an awesome week everyone :kissing_heart:


Thank you darling! I appreciate your appreciation! LOL.


Congratulations @kasie! Thatโ€™s great & Iโ€™m so happy your depression is better & you feel like doing things also.

I have an appointment every day this week, except for Thursday. Which works out well for tea time. Tomorrow I see my neurologist for a migraine follow up & Iโ€™m bringing up this week long headache Iโ€™ve had. So hopefully she has some ideas. I do have to call about my CT scan, I havenโ€™t heard anything yet & I know my Dr wants to get that done.

Iโ€™m hoping for a refreshing week. I have some patient waiting to do & Iโ€™m going to find things to pass the time. I have some things to do in my room & the house. Get it back together again.

I hope everyone has a great week.


Thanks love! Itโ€™s nice to be feeling cheerful about the holidays for once.

Iโ€™m sorry your headache is still with you. I hope your doctor and the CT scans will help. At least you still have the headache, it would be just my luck that it would go away just as I went to see the doc about it. Good luck this week! :hugs:


Oh gosh, sorry this migraine thing is still going on :worried: but great you get to see a neurologist so quickly! I hope they get to the bottom of it and have it treated asap - Iโ€™ve been through very similar situations with migraines and itโ€™s taken years just to get them semi-manageable now. Sounds like you have a great team of docs though so fingers crossed itโ€™ll be a quick fix! :heart:


Thatโ€™s a beautiful goal for the rest of November, @Christina4! Share lots of love- and save some for yourself too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So glad your depression is doing better this year, @Kasie. And that sounds like a fantastic plan for Thanksgiving! Iโ€™ll be celebrating it solo this year as well (no Thanksgiving in Poland and no way to fly home with current restrictions). Cheers to more stuffing and turkey for us! :joy::+1:

True that, @LimeBerry :laughing: Hope you have an awesome week too!

Youโ€™ve got a busy week ahead, @Krissie117! :astonished: Glad you can make it for tea time and have a burst of enthusiasm for getting things done- you can do it, girl! And wishing you the best of luck with your neurologist visit :raised_hands:


A whole pan of stuffing! :drooling_face: And itโ€™s all mine! Mwahaha!


YEA!!! We are GROWING !!! WOWโ€ฆ

Congratulation @kasie I do love your Tarot Haikus and it is a joy to read your posts.

Looking forward to a ZOOM Thanksgiving. Not sure which PUMPKIN recipe to tryโ€ฆ I may go basic with just a pie for Dadโ€™s sake. Thanks for all the inspiration!


Aww, thank you sweetie! :kissing_heart:


I saw my neurologist today, it was a breakthrough migraine that lasted for 6 days. I had read that long-lasting migraine can sometimes be from a magnesium deficiency, so I took some the other day and it subsided. My neurologist said to only take it for about 2 weeks and is prescribing a medication that I can take several days in a row for a migraine. However, anything over 2 days I have to call her so she can call in a steroid taper to bring down any inflammation. Iโ€™m still waiting to have my CT, but I have not had any more problems with the headache, so Iโ€™m doing okay.


Hahaha thatโ€™s the spirit @Kasie! :joy: Gosh I can already picture the post-Thanksgiving food coma we are going to have after all the tasty treats :yum::two_hearts:

A Zoom Thanksgiving sounds interesting, @Berta! And I know the feeling- so many pumpkin recipes to choose from! When in doubt, pie is always a great choice :pie::yum:

Glad to hear that both your neurologist and the magnesium seem to be helping- I hope the migraine clears up for good soon, @Krissie117! Be well :hugs::two_hearts:


@krissie117 I am happy to read that you are doing better and not suffering a headache at the moment. My mom used to get migraines and I always felt so bad for her. They used to say that certain foods could trigger them.- MSG and chocolate for instance. ??? Glad you have a good doctor. I will keep you in my thoughts!


@krissie117 Iโ€™m so glad your migraine is better now. Still, I worry. Good luck getting your CT done. And I hope your neurologist can help you find out about the cause. Sending you good vibes and snuggles.

Tell me about it. My blood sugar is going to be shot to hell. But itโ€™ll be worth it! LOL


Thank you, everyone. This migraine came on after exertion like a thunderclap. It was so sudden and intense. So I had to watch what I was doing. As soon as I hear anything about the CT I will let you know. Iโ€™m still patiently waiting for that to happen, even though the headache is gone now.


I hope they donโ€™t find anything, if you know what I mean. I hope it was just exertion or sometime simple like that.


@krissie117 It is odd to hope that they find nothing in your headโ€ฆperhaps better stated that they find you healthy and normal. I already know your heart is big and open so we donโ€™t want them to change that!!!


I hope they find everything to be where it is supposed to be and functioning within normal limits. Iโ€™ve never had a headache come on so hard and fast! It was scary. I will keep everyone posted.