Merry Meet Monday! Sept 14 🧡

Warm wishes and a very Merry Meet Monday to all! :orange_heart:

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Upcoming Events :spiral_calendar:

~New Moon~

On Thursday, September 17th we will be blessed with a New Moon! :new_moon:

To find the exact time of moon phases for your location, I recommend the Moon Phase Calendar from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.


The time of the new moon is a great time to either take a break from magick, or partake in various New Moon Rituals. You can find a list of rituals and spells specifically for drawing on energy from the new moon on Spells8 :sparkles:

Visit the Moon Magick: New Moon page for more information about the benefits of the new moon and ways to prepare for this special celestial occasion:milky_way:

There is also a wonderful September New Moon Ritual shared by @christina4 with some other great ideas for how to celebrate this moon phase!

~Holiday Heads Up~

While not happening this week, one of the 8 Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year will arrive next Monday, September 21st.

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will be celebrating Mabon, while friends in the Southern Hemisphere will be celebrating Ostara!

About Mabon:
Mabon is often called the “Witch’s Thanksgiving” and celebrated by big feasts and offerings, you will likely want some time to prepare! :shallow_pan_of_food:

You can learn more about Mabon and how to prepare in First Day of Autumn Rituals: How to Prepare for Mabon :fallen_leaf: and this very helpful video kindly shared by @Francisco:

For some additional ideas on how to celebrate Mabon (including some yummy Autumn recipes, and what crystals and items to bring out!) check out the following discussions:

About Ostara:
Ostara heralds the end of winter and the coming of new life and abundance of spring! :seedling:

You can learn more about this holiday in How To Celebrate Ostara Alone: Rituals and Ideas. A great way to celebrate Ostara is with the Ostara Cast Along Ritual:


You can learn more about Ostara and find additional ideas here:

Ongoing Challenge:trophy:

~Weekly Witchy Challenge~

This past weekend, Jupiter Went Direct- while it is always a time to invite good things to your life, the cosmos is on your side to invite in abundance! :milky_way:

As you welcome in abundance and prosperity, you are warmly invited to jump in on the weekly witchy challenge, designed to help you further diversify and strengthen your magickal abilities!

Join in the Weekly Witchy Challenge- Inviting Prospertity! Whether you choose to draw in material goods like money or a new house, status like a new job or new love, or perhaps blessings for the earth or loved ones- now is the time to reap abundance! :ear_of_rice:

:exclamation: The challenge will remain open until tomorrow Tuesday, September 15th at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time). Please post about your prosperity magick before this time to receive your shout-out and small prize! :gift_heart:

~Self Love Challenge~

For anyone looking for a pick-me-up, the warm-hearted @mrs has shared a beautiful Self Love Challenge :heart:

Head over to this thread and join the challenge to spread some love while you practice self-care :hugs:

New Members :wave:

To all those who have joined the forum over the past week- a very merry meet to you!

@04_20_2019, @dian, @jackielynn, @kaylin, @michelle14, @dalton1, @cortney, @deborah4, @dj1, @charne, @cara1, @donna2, @morgan4, @mimi1, @nichole1, @jordyn1, @imori, @s11, @laurie3, @jeannean, @feather, @brian1, @maya1, @melinda1, @jc1, @destany, @lorraine, @priscilla, @lilith1, @adan, @annette2, @xiomara, @elissa, @katelyn4, @roxy, @ashley17, @kaitlin2, @cindy3, @jacqueline, @genevieve, @destiny2, @emma10, @amber15, @krystal1, @emily7, @pamela6, @worgia, @tracy7, @lisa20, @brittanie, @berta, @nickole, @caitriona, @evelyn, @heather15, @judith3, @dorothy2, @cass, @brigid1, @gatashyka, @kimberleigh, @bonnie1, @sonye, @laura12, @latisha1, @yvonne, @thomas3, @elizabeth7, @caitlin1, @deborah5, @leah2, @carina, @alishia, @chrishonda, @Jeannie1

If you haven’t done so already, feel free to go to Introductions and create your first post. You can share a bit about who you are and your journey (or journey’s start!) with your unique practice.

We would all love to give you a warm welcome to the forum family! :hugs:

Special Shout-Outs :mega:

  • Well done to @christina4 who has written the most posts in the past seven days! :writing_hand: You are a well of knowledge and positivity- thank you for all the wisdom you share :sparkles:

  • Warm thoughts to @kasie, on a two-week streak of liking the most posts over the last week! :heart: Your kindness is contagious- thank you for making the forums such a loving place! :blush:

And as always- a big thank you to each and every member of the Spells8 forum family! Your contributions and love help to make this a welcoming and supportive place for solitary witches around the world. Thank you for being a part of this coven community :heart:

Any exciting plans for Mabon/Ostara this week? What plans and magick are on your schedule for the coming days? :sparkles:

If you have any thoughts, plans, or challenges for the week ahead- feel free to share in the comments below!

As the seasons change may your heart always be filled with the warmth of your magick and love of your fellow coven members!

Blessed Be :heart_decoration:


Thanks, @TheTravelWitch! It’s easy to give love when you’re in a place that has so much love!


Merry Meet to all the new members!!

And thanks Bri, @TheTravelWitch, for this great summary of the current week!! :smiley:

My plans for camping in the new moon had to be cancelled due to the wildfires, so I’ll stick to an indoor ritual. Luckily @christina4 found a great new moon ritual that I can use!


That’s a lot of new members! :clap:t3: Welcome to everyone! And @Francisco I’m glad I could help! Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome, @kasie and @Francisco! :grin:

Sorry to hear about your camping plans, Francisco- I hope you have a safe and peaceful indoor new moon ritual! :new_moon:

I’ll be spending this week on the hunt for Autumn decorations and possible Mabon recipes! :yum::maple_leaf: Also figuring out my wardrobe, since the mornings are already sweater weather but the afternoons are hot enough for tank tops and shorts :sweat_smile:


Nothing but old news here! To find out what’s happening this week, visit Activities to find and post your thoughts in the current Merry Meet Monday.