Merry meet my familiar

At his request, I would like you all to meet my familiar, Noah.

He likes to walk without a leash, will do anything for bacon, dislikes vegetables and is always up my a$# :laughing: (right by my side).

He is loyal, he contributes to my magic often, and is always watching out for me. :alien:

much love and many blessings :purple_heart: :old_key:


Hello Noah, very nice to meet you :paw_prints::purple_heart::dog2: Looking very dapper in your charming bowtie.


Noah is adorable, @moonshadow! :heart_eyes: :dog2: It sounds like you have a very loyal and helpful furry friend at your side- I’m happy for you! :blush:

If you’re willing to share, I would love to hear how he helps with your magick! :sparkles: There are many different roles animals play in our practices (from familiars, to spirit animals, helpers, etc) and I always love to hear stories about witches working with animals at their side :blush:

My partner’s cat (pics of the chonky boy here :black_cat: ) likes to sit nearby while I meditate, but in general he likes to do the opposite of helping :joy:

I would love to have a furry magickal helper someday in the future too! :heart:

Thanks again for sharing! :two_hearts: :paw_prints:


@moonshadow oh my gosh he is so cute


Speaking of animals assisting with magic & such. My pups will lay by me while I do my morning witchiness & if I meditate :woman_in_lotus_position: they lay right down until I come back & start moving around my room again.

Also, they are under my feet all day long, 1 more than the other, but both have a weird I need to be by Mom thing going on… especially if I am laying down or just on the couch… they need to be involved somehow :joy:


Aww, he’s adorable! What kind of dog is he? I love the tail!


@TheTravelWitch Noah was not what I expected, I thought of a familiar as an unseen entity that might shapeshift into a black cat or a black dog when they choose to. I always envisioned a large black dog because of my connection with Hecate, not a small blonde dog! So when I figured it out I was shockingly surprised. I have found that some beliefs create a narrow perception of familiars and so I came to terms with my own beliefs that just like we are different so are our familiars. I believe that every witch has some form of familiar but that form (or non-form) depends on the familiar, not on the witch.

I met Noah at an animal shelter. I often donate my time to our local shelter as a way to honor Hecate. One time I was standing and talking to a shelter employee about adopting a black dog when all of a sudden I hear a little bark that sounded desperate. The lady I was talking to said that she thought the little dog was trying to get my attention so we laughed and shrugged it off. When I went to meet the black dog that I had my eye on, I did not feel a connection and it seemed the dog was more interested in getting out of the room than anything. My intuition told me NO not this one. As I was leaving that day all I could hear was that little dog barking. I got in my car I realized that I still heard that little dog bark and the barks turned into cries as I drove away. I was so taken by this that I turned around and went to meet the little one. Immediately I felt a connection and felt I had to adopt him and so I did. I also learned that there is no one way to discover our familiar. Personal awareness and desire are key and that I just needed to open my eyes and my ears.

I did not see him as a familiar at first. When I first performed a pet protection spell on him is when I started to get my suspicions. When I cast my circle I felt an overwhelming power I had never felt before and it frightened me at first. I just didn’t understand it but now I do and the power Noah contributes is truly comforting.

Noah started to follow me closely from start to finish when I perform protection magick on my home and yard. I recently noticed that I am now subconsciously following him when I perform this ritual. It’s like he already knows where I am going. One way he enhances my magic is by providing his hair clippings for charm bags and offerings to Hecate as a powerful ingredient. He makes himself present when I cast circles, he is always right by my side and gets distressed with anxiety when I leave his sight for too long. He gives power to my workings and is a very real part of my craft. He helps me sense energies and entities around me. I have come to realize that he can move and work energy in ways that I cannot. I have learned to pay attention to his actions and reactions to people. He has an excellent judge of character, his phsycic abilities will often foresee danger and warn me if someone near me is being deceptive or has bad intentions. At the same time, he sees the good in everything and encourages me to do the same. He lends support, protection, knowledge, healing, and magical power. He talks to me quite a bit and he helps me in prayer. He likes to be in my lap when I meditate and our breathing becomes in sync.
I have read so much literature on familiars being evil or the devil and that is so far from the truth!
It was sorta funny when I talked to Hecate about him, she laughed at me and told me that looks can be deceiving, just because he does not appear to me as a big black dog does not make it so. When she laughed at me I felt like an ignorant child and so I think it was some sort of lesson or test. I envisioned something different and learned that size or color does not reflect power. A familiar will have characteristics that we need for our witchy work in the world.
Noah is not evil! He is far from it! He is my familiar, my companion, my missing part that has found me. I am blessed to have him in my life.
-much love and many blessings
-blessed be


@Siofra sounds like you have a pack of familiars! How cool!


@christine13 I am not sure but I do have my suspicions that he might be part chihuahua? maybe long hair? lol


@crystal24 he is a cutie! He thanks you for the compliment!


Aww, lookit his widdle face! He looks so unimpressed in that first picture, it’s adorable!


Good for you, Moonshadow! :blush: I respect you for finding your own meaning around the concept of familiars, and discovering for yourself the importance of familiars in your practice.

And you are lucky- it sounds like you found the perfect magickal partner in Noah :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog: What a beautiful story! After reading your post, I know the two of you were meant to find one another :heart:


Lookie how cute !:star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes:
Welcome Noah!!!