Merry Meet To All!

Merry meet, my name is Marlin Hammonds, I am in Kingsport, Tennessee. In the moon ritual and daily ritual you have no cities in my state. So,I picked the city nearest to me. And really like those and the cast along video plus the ritual vidoes. This coven is a very teaching coven. I really like the way design the lessons mixture of listening, wating, and reading plus doing with extra stuff to do along with lessons. I come to coven with some basic knowledge, I been very interested in paganism and wiccan a long time but didnt have a good source for learning but i do now, thank you, I am a 54 year old, mother with a multi-handicapped ,son so this site lets me work and learn easily.


Thanks for your introduction and your wonderful comments, Marlin!!

We hope to make everyone feel safe and comfortable, while learning at their own pace :pray:

This tweet said it best:

soulsihne tarot tweet

I’m glad you’re embracing your inner Witch. Blessed be!


Hi @marlin! I’m Kasie from West Virginia! This place is a great place to learn and ask questions. Just pop up and ask and someone will help you out!

Keep an eye out for the Merry Meet Monday - Forum News posts. They’re a great way to see what activities we have going on and keep up with the community. For instance tomorrow we have a Group Tea you can join in that’s easy to do. It’ll help you dip your toe in the waters, see what’s going on.

I hope you and your son are doing well. I look forward to chatting with you more on the forum!


A very merry meet to you, @marlin! :heart:

I am so happy to hear that the lessons are helping you to enjoy your path into magick- congrats to you for your exciting journey! :sparkles:

Kasie shared some very helpful links- please feel free to explore the Forum Activities and make yourself at home! We are very blessed to have you join us.

Looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed be :blush:


Merry Meet! I am Krissie from Cape Cod, MA. I hope you really enjoy the information and courses on the site. If you have any questions feel free to ask & someone will get back to you as soon as they can. We have a weekly challenge & a weekly tea this week that you can feel free to join as well! I look forward to speaking with you soon! Blessed Be! :star2:

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