Messages from my Deities

I’ve been battling my depression demon hard the last few days. It’s been a struggle to get basic care tasks done, if I do that at all. All this week I’ve had the urge to read tarot first thing every morning. And each morning, all four of my deities have messages for me.

Deity Messages If You Want To Know

Hades has had the kindest messages. His overall theme is that I need to be less critical of my self and to pare down/eliminate the unnecessary. Allow what is to fall to fall and hold close what is important.

Apollo has been speaking both through tarot and oracle. His messages include taking time for self evaluation and be patient - trust the process.

Selene keeps telling me to cut away the unnecessary. That I have the potential to make things happen and I need to trust my intuition.

Aphrodite continually gives me the High Priestess and the Reversed Hierophant. She’s telling me to believe in myself; examine my ways of thinking and acting - is it in line with the life of like to live?

These messages have been helping me get through each day and know what I need to work on. I’ve been paying more attention to my dreams and synchronicities around me. Well, tonight as I’m going to feed my cats I find a fortune on the middle of the floor. It’s been months since we’ve had Chinese food.

I really feel the universe is telling me to stop worrying about tomorrow and live in today.


Is one of the first things you learn in Buddhism, attachment.
In Buddhist and Hindu religious texts the opposite concept is expressed as upādāna, translated as “attachment”. Attachment, that is the inability to practice or embrace detachment, is viewed as the main obstacle towards a serene and fulfilled life.
According to Buddhism, attachment leads a person to suffering. While it’s good to have goals in life and on our future. Is wise to invest and have a good time in the present. The past have happened, the future is uncertain, let’s live the moment.
Blessed Be!


Sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with your depression this week, @jessica55- sending lots of positive thoughts your way :heart: Those are some lovely messages from your deities watching over you- and it does seem like their messages and the fortunate fortune align! It also reminds me of the message in the book review Annesha just posted. Everything points to focuses on the present moment and being mindful of the here and now :blush::pray:

May you have a wonderful day today- regardless of what the future holds! We’ll deal with whatever comes when it comes. Que sera, sera! :heart:


Yes!!! There’s only pain that’s gained from worrying about the future. It’s all a grand plan. It will all work out. I was the same way and all that matters is to stay in the present moment. :blush::heart:


So sorry you’ve been having problems @jessica55! Many hugs to you for that. Let go of your worries if you can and trust your Deities, it sounds like they know what they’re doing.


Thank you all for the kind messages!