Messages from Spirit?

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Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has ever had someone give them a message from Spirit from someone you’ve just met?

Long story short, went to my local metaphysical/spiritual store today looking to purchase a new tarot deck. The gentleman behind the counter, nice guy, not sure if he was the owner or an employee but he did ask if it was okay if he told me some messages Spirit had for me not too long after I walked in the door. I’m a believer in Spirit so I thought, what the hey! and told him to let er rip!

Just to let you know he didn’t try to upsell me on anything, charge me for the messages or push me to spend more than I already was.

The messages were hard hitting and oddly specific for someone who just met me not knowing anything about my current situations. I walked out of there in a state of what can only be described as feeling my soul “shift”…if that makes sense. I felt a grip loosen, a vice release.

These messages carried over to my readings when I got home.

Anyone else have something like this happen? I’ve heard of Spirit pushing people to deliver messages to perfect strangers but things like this don’t happen to me. :rofl:


Wow! I’d venture to say anything is possible and as long as you feel validated, sure! It sounds as though it helped you move through something. I’d show some gratitude to spirit, smile, take a deep breath and move forward! I’ve never had anything like that happen to me!



Sometimes I get messages for my daughter and she gets them for me.

As for people just walking up to me and giving me a message… YES! It has happened to me more times than I can count. So crazy.


I feel a little envious as this has never happened to me. Dad even joked that he would try to send me messages once he passed on, and nope, nothing.

It sounds as if you’ve had a very real experience and should treasure it.


Thank you all for your kind responses! I’m still a bit overwhelmed and kind of threw myself into research and reading when I got home. I do have another question about the deities he said Spirit said I should work with. He wrote them down for me and he spelled them as follows: Azazel, Beezelbul and Nix. I believe that the last one is Nyx, as Spirit mentioned her living in the Underworld. This is the only Deity I’ve been able to find anything on, the other two…not so much. Any suggestions on how to find out more?


Azazel and Beezelbul are both demons from the bible, so I would take that one with a grain of salt. But that’s just my opinion.


I’ve encountered spiritual signs and hints for directions, but I’ve never gotten a message so neatly and clearly delivered by a stranger! It sounds like he wasn’t trying to sell you anything and that the message rang true for you- it sounds like a real gift, @Mia.1 :blush::sparkles:

An interesting combination of deities :thinking: Nix brought to mind the river in the Greek Underworld, but when I googled it it turns out the river is actually called “Styx”- my bad! Nyx looks like the Greek deity who is a personification of the night :milky_way: and has ties to many of the Underworld beings and deities.

Beelzebub, like Amethyst says, commonly relates to the Christain interpretation of him related to Satan- sometimes considered a major demon of pride and gluttony. However, digging deeper, before Christianity and Islam took over the term, the original term Baal, meaning “Lord”, and relates to the ancient God Hadad.

Azazel seems to be a fallen angel or demon- depending on the tradition you follow and who you ask.

Good luck with your research, Mia! I hope you can explore more into the messages and continue to learn from them :blush:

Blessed be!


haha no need to move it! It’s perfectly fine where it is.

First, I just want to say that props to that man for asking :clap: for :clap: permission :clap: ! So many times I see people giving messages to others that never even asked for them or, worse, specifically said not to. I mean, that’s not the point of your post but I just needed to give him the props :laughing:

As for the experience in general? Not really? I’ve had a person pinpoint mine and my daughter’s astrological sun sign just by looking at us but that’s about it. Sometimes I think I’d like to receive messages like that but then I’m not sure if I’d like to hear all the messages :joy: you know, what I don’t know can’t hurt me?

I’m glad that the messages resonated with you though and was validated in your own readings! :heart:

These two beings hold places in Demonology and more ceremonial magic and practices. You would probably find the best information on these two by looking into those specific places. If I come across someone or something that would be helpful I’ll let you know! Demons aren’t like they’re depicted in the Bible and they’re just different spirits like deities.


When my father died, I was devastated and for years after, I heard him call my name. It soothed my aching heart. Knowing my Dad, that was exactly what he was trying to do.