Mini jar necklace

I’m looking for a recipe to make a tiny jar necklace. I have searched for a week trying to find something. And nothing is resonating with me. I have amethyst chips that I want to put in it for sure. Mainly because they are sitting on my stump saying “I’m gonna get lost if you don’t use me” :joy: however, I am uncertain what to pair it with. I really want a purple jar :rofl:. I have lavender flowers as well. I was thinking an anti anxiety/calm jar to wear.


Lavender & Amethyst are perfect for an anti-anxiety/calm spell jar. Great idea to make it into a necklace too! You could add Chamomile to it, Rose, St John’s Wort. :herb:

I started adding a drop or 2 of essential oil to my spell jars. So lavender essential oil would be good to add to it. Rose :rose: & chamomile are nice oils too.

I’m trying to think of other purple items for you & I can’t right now off the top of my head. :joy: It’s a rainy Monday here… so things are slow starting today. :rofl: Except using a purple candle :candle: for the spell.

@christina4 may have a better idea about the crystals though. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: & add Clear Quartz to amplify the intentions.

Other herbs I would choose would be ones that correspond with love, calm, & anxiety in some way.


One of my witch boxes came with forget me nots in it once. I never found a magical use for them but they were a gorgeous purple so I used them in a batch of purple salt…
Purple salt you could add purple salt to it


Perfect! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@phoenix_dawn i have been reading all day and I think I’m going to dehydrate a few blueberries and make powder- adding the blueberry to the salt. When you add blueberry to salt it becomes helpful with protection spells. I’ll add link in a few. I thought it was interesting. Thank you!

Magical properties of blueberries!


Your spell jar necklace sounds like it will be lovely, @NoName, and I think adding blueberry powder is a really creative idea! :star_struck:

A few suggestions for other natural purple things to add to your salt (and give the color you are looking for) could be Beets or Blue Butterfly Pea Flower :purple_heart:

Happy crafting and blessed be! :sparkles:


I have one that I wear on a black rope. It has chamomile, amethyst chips, clear quartz chips, dragon’s blood and lavender. It has a written intention rolled up in there too. It’s in a little jar from the dollar store. You could get creative and paint it purple. Or you could buy one 🤷 I know it’ll look fabulous either way :wink:


You did good that what I just advised. You’re getting so good as crystal properties!!! :revolving_hearts: