Momma got new prettys today

@christina4 you will enjoy this as much as i did. I got some new crystals tonight and im SOOO excited.

Ive got agni manitite, larvakite, 2 pieces of emerald, bloodstone, and my favorite of the bunch is this beautiful piece of rainbow moonstone :heart::heart_eyes:

Ive never worked with any of these so any info yall can share with me is greatly appreciated :revolving_hearts:

I hope y’all are doing well. Love and light to you all


Nice! I love rainbow moonstone, too. Christina will give you the full 411, but l like it for balance and keeping away negative energy.


Oh, those are nice. Larvakite is a new one on me. I’ve brought out emeralds on Friday for work with Venus. I have a bloodstone – I think that is a Pisces crystal :slight_smile: but rainbow moonstone, I don’t have one. Nice crystals! I hope baby is doing well :slight_smile:


Wow, those are pretty! Especially the Moonstone! Great haul!


Ohhhhh~ look at those treasures! :heart_eyes: You’ve got yourself a great haul, @phoenix_dawn, they’re all beautiful!

I have a couple of emeralds somewhere in storage (much smaller than your lovely pieces) but never used them magically. I’ve also got a Bloodstone but haven’t been able to connect with it too much on its own. It has been nice as a component in spellwork though! :sparkles:

I’m not a big help when it comes to crystals haha- sorry, I’m sure the crystal experts will have much more advice and guidance for you. Enjoy your treasures! :gem::blush:


Ooh, pretty!! :heart_eyes: I love the moonstone and larvakite!!! They’re all nice though!!

To work with them, you can meditate with one at a time to get to know each energy. Or you could go the chakra route and lay them on a corresponding chakra and meditate. Or just keep one on you for a week or two to get to know and work with the energy of each stone.


Another set of quintuplets, Luck puppy! Now if anyone says ‘you have rocks in your head.’, you tell them.
“So sorry about your vision but I have rocks in my hand! And they’re trained to attack.”
Sorry, been reading too much Miss Piggy.

Doing my Spring cleaning early, going through boxes (love boxes!) and I felt like a crystal dragon. Stones, crystals & minerals, polished and tumbled in a mesh sack, I was in heaven.
Rich came in and said: “Finally, you’re getting rid of those useless rocks.”
“These are rare and ancient treasures, you Cretan.” I gasped, gathering the sack of stones into the safety of my arms.
He crossed his arms over his chest, trying to out stare me, as if he ever could.
“Whatever.” he said. “I’m going to watch wrestling.”
Don’t you love a man who understands priorities?


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