Monday April 26 Coven Cleansing with the Pink Super Moon

Tonight for the Super Pink April Full Moon, along with your regular festivities, please join your coven members for a Coven Cleansing Ritual. Everyone is invited to join us for this cleansing.

There are so many new people & energies in the forum & the Infinite Roots Coven :infinity: & the birthday for the Spells8 site & forum is coming up, so it’s the perfect time to reset along with the Super Moon in Scorpio this month.

Items Needed

  • Bonfire/fire pit OR

  • Candleholder

  • White or Pink candle :candle:

  • Cleansing smudge/herb :herb: or incense stick

When starting your festivities for the Super Pink Moon in Scorpio, please light a pink or white candle along with your cleansing smudge or incense & repeat:

"Cleanse this space, remove the past. I have found spiritual happiness at last. Fill this space with joy & love. Send your blessings from near & far. Infinite roots, cleansed you are. So mote it be."

Once you have said the cleansing, return to the forum & post a picture :framed_picture: of your flame burning bright. Whether it’s outside for a bonfire or in a fire pit or if it’s a candle in a holder. Let the incense/smudge/herb burn down until it is finished. If your flame is still lit :fire:, you can snuff the candle, extinguish the fire, or let them burn out. Then continue on with the rest of your regular rituals for the Full Moon this April :full_moon:.

I look forward to seeing everyone for the Coven Cleansing Ritual! :world_map: :infinity: :deciduous_tree: Also a special thank you to @Rowan for coming up with the idea & setting this into motion. :heart:

Follow this cleansing up with the Pink Moon Ritual, it also uses a pink candle! :candle: :full_moon:

I put my stones/crystals :crystal_ball: out under the full moon in a dry place (none of my windows get moonlight) & bring them in before the sun comes up. You could also make moon water if you so choose.

(Please follow fire safety guidelines regarding any flame that you have lit.)



Dear wise one I love :two_hearts: this ritual and thank you for this delightful and beautiful ritual!
I am loved
I am confident
I am blessed
I am free
I am apart of divinity
The universe is for me
I am protected bye light
I am full of love :two_hearts: and happiness & my space is cleansed!
So more it be!

:bowing_man: thank you Lord and Lady
Blessed be!


@Jeannie1 that is a beautiful setup! I love the pictures! Thank you so much! I hope you feel refreshed & lighter in the coven!


I do, I feel a spark I and I feel rejuvenated! One thing I am passionate about is our coven and doing my craft helps me feel so much lighter! I feel hopeful and no worries no fear! I am free!
Blessed be!


Fabulous idea. I’ll do this tonight (currently just gone 7am here in England) then post pics.


@IrisW thank you! It’s 2:23 AM here! I just can’t sleep tonight. I’m hoping to get a quick nap in while my daughter is at school later today!


What a wonderful idea! I can’t wait to join in the ritual later today :full_moon_with_face: :candle:

And oh goodness @Siofra ! :astonished: That is late- I hope you can catch some sleep soon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love this :heart: I’ll be making a Full Moon anointing oil, still early here in the UK but I will be participating tonight :heart: Blessed Be :heart:


Love the poem @Jeannie1, and the pictures look wonderful!

I’ll be back later tonight to do my part! It’s too early for big cleansing magics here. I’m not awake yet. LOL.


I did so much for the full :full_moon_with_face: moon, that I don’t know where to begin lol but here’s my picture for the cleansing…


@christina4 that will be me later on today. I have a few things that I want to do this full moon. The weather is getting to be so nice that it’s pretty easy for me to do things outside now & for a while. Great picture! It’s beautiful!


Beautiful! That statue of Isis really is lovely!


Thank you beautiful!


Hey thanks :relaxed: I appreciate it


@Siofra Thanks for the shout-out, it was just an idea that took flight.
Hope all have a Bless-ed Pink Moon.


Thank you @Rowan for this idea and @Siofra for this post!!

The weather isn’t great for a bonfire here so maybe I’ll use the hearth later tonight, but here’s a Wiccan Beltane altar I prepared with my God and Goddess statues. I burned lots of incense throughout the entire house and blessed some of my tools.

Have a great Full Moon tonight! :full_moon:


Photo of my Beltane Altar following the cleansing. I used a mug mugwort smudge stick as I understand mugwort is associated at the Moon and is used for protection.

Now about to carry out the Pink Moon ritual and I might go outside for this if I can see the Moon from my garden…


That’s a gorgeous Beltane altar @Francisco ! We planted a hyacinth in the front yard that my husband found at work. It’s a gorgeous purple flower! I also finished tumbling some crystals that I will put out under the moon tonight with my others. I will post when I do the cleansing in a little bit. People are kind of coming home right now & getting settled.

@IrisW I hope you can see it from your garden. You have a beautiful altar also. I can’t wait to do my cleansing & get my crystals out under the moon.

I did work in my book of mirrors today a couple of times. I haven’t done that in a while. So that felt good to get rid of some things that I was holding onto. I’m actually doing so well that my Dr is lowering my antidepressants today!


I used Palo Santo to do my cleansing with a white candle. I added some fresh forsythia & grape hyacinth to the altar for Beltane.

I will be removing my crystals to put out tonight, but they will be back soon!


I wasn’t able to see The Moon tonight as there is too much cloud cover rolled in but I could still feel her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :full_moon: May her energy bless this Coven and all of us here :heartpulse: I took this time after the cleansing to make a Full Moon Anointing oil, I didn’t have all of the ingredients for the one on the site so I improvised and used Pine oil and dried Rosemary in Olive Oil :slight_smile: I also renewed the Rune talisman on my Mjolnir and the Protection on my Obsidian Amulet

And just as I was finishing up I noticed this in my herb garden:
Sorry for the picture quality the camera is not the best and I had to get real close for it to be visible :joy:
I hope everyone’s Pink Moon is filled with Love and Light :heartpulse: