Money spells

Might sound odd fellow witches :see_no_evil: but the rate of unemployment and suffering in Nigeria everyone has to struggle to provide for his or her own
Actually am currently running a cake and chinchin business to help myself
Am trying to do green candle money spell
Has anyone tried it out😌


I haven’t tried that one but I did try this one and got good results.

Good luck with your business!


Thanks allot, am going to give it a try


You’re welcome!


In Nigeria, I checked out the color of the money there, it’s multicolor. So what is the color that is universally understood to represent money in Nigeria? In the USA money is green, so we use a green candle, green also represents abundance. If there isn’t a specific color in Nigeria that is associated with money. May try green, see if that does anything. May also use a candle color that represents a denomination of money you want, or a rainbow multi-colored candle, to capture many denomination of bills from Nigeria.

Perform the money spell, but swipe out the candle color.

Money spells, find them a bit different from abundance, it’s specific to money and targets money.


I will check out the color of money here


I have. Within 6 hours my business made very good money. Within 72 hrs i recieved a check $4900 from a company in Guam. No issue cashing. Within 7 days another $4800 from company in TX. That one had issues. Be sure to double check what you manifest. I paid family bills with the first and donated some to random people. Ie. (Mother’s day) A woman selling homegrown roses on the side of the road with her child.
Happy casting :magic_wand:


Awwwwwn dearie, that must have made u happy, I would also try that


I second the Ocean Charm spell that Amethyst shared- that’s a great one! :raised_hands:

If you have access to Ginkgo trees/leaves, that is a very potent money plant that I love to use in money and financial protection spellwork:

Healthy and Wealthy: Money Magick with Ginkgo

Either green leaves or golden yellow leaves will work- as like Eliza said, color can play a big role in money magick. If you’re uncertain about the color, I would suggest using a white (universal) candle and including a piece of local money (a coin or bill) in the spellwork to yield the same result.

Good luck with your casting- I wish your spell success and that you are blessing with an abundance of funds! :money_with_wings: :sparkles:


Thanks allot for ur good wishes and advise
I pray I get alot to pay my fees after my free membership :heartbeat:


You’re very welcome, Amara- good luck with your spellwork and blessed be! :sparkles::blush:


Just got another. 2700
If the universe wants me to continue, then lend a helping hand. My business took a Gigantic hit. Soley kept it just above grasping for air. Banishing negative past this week. Then maybe bank will pay back what atm took then shut down/broke and they will maybe get their chit right and mail another balance owed. Who ever has haunted my car will find peace and quit the comedy show with door locks, lights and other random things it messes with then resets every few days. The list goes on. Aaaahhhhh
I thank you for the moment to vent and feel huge better and motivated again. Bless you. Happy casting :magic_wand: