Mookaite Jasper Info πŸ’Ž

 **Mookaite Jasper**

Mineral Family: Jasper
Structure: Silicate
Hardness: 6.5-7
Chakra: All Chakras
Zodiac: Leo :leo::lion:
Element: Earth :earth_americas:, Fire :fire:
Planet: Earth :earth_africa:
Color: Purple, blood red, brown, grey, red, yellow

:gem: Mookaite is a silicafied porcellanite mineral that can also be fossiliferous (containing fossils within).

:gem: It’s only known locality is in an area known as the Windalia Radiolarite in Western Australia :kangaroo:

:gem:It was formed during the Cretaceous Period (145-66 million years ago).

:gem: When mining :pick: this mineral, one must dig through decomposed Radiolarian clay, which unfortunately is the floor bedding of a small creek. That makes it extremely difficult at times to extract Mookaite as well as the amount of rock usually lost due to crumbling.

:gem: Every piece has a different chemical makeup, with some containing more Chert than Chalcedony, and vice versa.

:gem: Mookaite has energies that enrich one’s trust and love for Mother Earth :earth_africa: and all of her beauty. One will be aware of nature and life around them, as well as the animals wild and domestic.

:gem: Mookaite grounds your mind, heart and soul down to a planetary level and helps one truly live in the moment. To do this, one must relinquish any and all ideas that do not deal with the right now.

:gem: Use the energies and the lessons this stone offers (through deep meditation) and one will soon learn how to β€œstop and smell the roses”.

:gem: Mookaite is a fantastic secondary crystal to aid in the opening of your solar plexus chakra. This gateway houses one of our most desirable traits as human beings, our own personal will and determination. When one has access (and control) over this part of their bodies, there’s no limitation on what can be achieved in the world.

:gem: Meditate with Mookaite in conjunction with primary Solar Plexus Crystals such as Orange Calcite, Mahogany Obsidian, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Imperial Topaz and Brucite.

:gem: More Properties :gem:
Power, physical healing, personal will, passion, opportunities, peace of mind, motivation, new beginnings, mastering fear, longevity,
manifestation of life path, living in the present moment, leadership, intuition, knowledge, meditation, trust, transformation, self healing, PTSD, adventures, creating your own reality, claiming wholeness, calming and patience.

Here’s my mookaite

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