Moon Dust Recipe 2

Here is a revised version of my moon dust recipe

Moon Dust V2


  • You can use the whole jar as a focus point for channeling energy from the moon to meditate, calling energy from the moon for a spell, etc.
  • You could also seal the jar and attach to a key chain or necklace to keep on you.
  • You could sprinkle around an area you want to be affected by the moons energy
  • Mix into another mixture or spell where you need a correspondence for the moon.


  • Glass jar
  • Salt (preferably sea salt)
  • Hibiscus flower ashes (feminine energy)
  • A pinch of frankincense powder (illumination)
  • FL water (flammable agent for ritual fire/empower)
  • Star dust (C/P, associated w/ moon)
  • Gray glitter (gray shiny color)
  • Silver nitrate powder (moon/passive energy, protection) – TOXIC – SEE SDS
  • Luminol powder (represents moon) – TOXIC – SEE SDS
  • Alum powder (gives light to the darkness)

Note on Luminol: Luminol is a chemical that investigators use to find traces of blood at a crime scene. They will spray it on a surface, when they turn off the lights and use a black light all the blood will light up and glow. So thats just like the moon b/c the sun has to go down before the moon can shine. It illuminates what was once hidden.

  1. Physically wash jar
  2. Cleanse jar
  3. Anoint moon tattoo with FL water
  4. Raise your vibration/charge yourself
  5. Mix rest of ingr together in a CW motion while speaking intent to each ingredient
  6. Put mixture in jar
  7. Charge in full moon light

Wow @carter1 this is terrific! Where is Version 1?

I don’t know where to get Luminal though, do you? Also, you have me wondering - if we can charge water with the moon, why couldn’t we charge just sand or soil with the moon in the same way with an intent very similar? — I am assuming that the other ingredients in this recipe are to utilize the correspondences you have denoted beside each ingredient?

Very interesting thanks for sharing!!! :waning_crescent_moon::new_moon_with_face:


Here is the link for version 1: Recipe For Making Moon Dust
I get my chemicals from an online lab chemical supply store. But make sure you do your research on using chemicals safely.


But of course @carter1 - safety first!

Thanks for the recipes, I like them — the first one looks more elementary, I may try one - what do you think about charging just dirt by the moon - has anyone done this? :brown_heart:


Im sorry, but What means that? I guess FL water is Florida water, buy What is the star dust??

Thanks for the recibe!!! I’ve got the first versión written in my BOS​:heart::full_moon:


Here is @carter1’s Recipe for Star Dust ! :star2:

I can’t say I’ve ever charged dirt by the moon before, but if crystals and water and amulets can be charged by the moon, I don’t see why dirt couldn’t be too! :brown_heart:

Thank you for sharing your recipe, Carter! :raised_hands: :blush:


I’ve never done this but I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to. I think just about anything can be imbued with the energy of the Moon :full_moon: