Moon meditations

No question is silly :upside_down_face: if I print the daily moon meditations they are just meditations in a zodiac right? Like today was moon in Gemini. Not moon In Gemini and in waning moon…
Essentially every time when moon is in Gemini I can use this meditation? It’s not about where the moon is?

Hope I asked that right. Communication is killin me lately.


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I think that’s a great question- thanks for asking it! If it is the moon meditations on Spells8 then yes, the Spells8 moon meditation draws on which Zodiac sign the moon (in any phase) is currently in.

(But if you scroll to the bottom of today’s Zodiac meditation on the Lunar Spells Page, the moon phase will be stated and recommended spellwork for the phase is suggested there!)

While the Spells8 Lunar Spell has the most information for spellwork for today’s moon phase and Zodiac, if you want to find out which Zodiac sign the moon will be in on a certain day in the future, I use the Moon Phase and Zodiac Calendar on Astro-Seek as it shows the Zodiac sign (along with the moon phase) :first_quarter_moon:

Although the Zodiac meditation and moon phase magick are separate, you could certainly tie in the magick of the moon phase along with the Zodiac meditation for some extra fine-tuned spellwork. Perhaps some of the expert astrologers (calling on @Abs53, @Susurrus, and other astrologers! :star2: ) might have some tips or more information if you’re hoping to combine astrological elements in your meditations! :woman_in_lotus_position:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles::full_moon_with_face:


That’s a great question. But the moon is always the moon so you could say the waning moon in Gemini. I’m no astrologer but that’s my guess. Let’s see what everyone else says. :sparkles: :waning_gibbous_moon::sparkles:


HI! I found a table & a great article about using Moon Signs & Moon Phases with magic casting. I feel that whether you use the phase, sign, or anything to do with the moon that is what feels right to you. It depends on timing & how I feel & the specific intent of my spell on how I will proceed using astrological signs or the moon. Also the reasoning for the spell & the timing. The specific energies from the sign will enhance the work you are doing, especially if you are also counting in the Moon Phase & those properties.

Moon Sign Correspondence Table

Sign Influences
Aries - ruled by Mars - cardinal Fire sign Starting short-term projects and ventures. The energy doesn’t hold out for the long term, but if you need to get really aggressive to give something one big push and strike hard, it’s your best bet. Any spells dealing with the ego. Good if you need strength, courage, have a lusty desire for something, need to be controlling or dominating.
Taurus - ruled by Venus - fixed Earth sign Starting long-term projects and endeavors expected to go slow but require steady energy. Results are usually lasting, if not permanent. Great for creative inspiration or new love matter. Workings that involve financial matters and improvements and material possessions.
Gemini - ruled by Mercury - mutable Air sign Not a good time for starting projects, as the energy is fickle. Results will be inconsistent or easily influenced by outside sources. Ideal sign for communications of all kinds and dealing with personal relations such as relatives and friends. A good time for aiding studies. Writers should take advantage of this time, not to start new projects but to make revisions, to polish off your work, or to get attention for it. Good time for spells involving travel.
Cancer - ruled by the Moon - cardinal Water sign Best timing for any domestic issues- home, family, nurturing, parenting, children. Cancer rules emotions so it’s good for love and relationship spells, such as wedding planning, improving relationships, or working toward reconciliations. The energies of this sign are very intuitive so it’s good for any work on any psychic abilities or divination.
Leo - ruled by the Sun - fixed Fire sign In this sign, the moon is full of passion. Cast love spells if you’re looking for love and romance, or spells for creative arts because inspiration will peak. Good for spells involving risk-taking and gambles. If you’re looking to get attention by boosting confidence, appearing authoritative and charismatic, it’s a good time to sprinkle some magic over yourself in your spell casting.
Virgo - ruled by Mercury - mutable Earth sign Matters pertaining to health and wellness: healing spells, diet and nutrition, weight loss spells, breaking unhealthy habits, and overall physical improvement. A good time for workings to improve your skills and quality of work. Any workings involving communities (outreach programs, volunteering, covens, groups, and organizations, etc.).
Libra - ruled by Venus - cardinal Air sign Favorable for business interactions or cooperation-- partnerships, negotiations, contracts, legal proceedings, marriage counseling and resolving relationship problems, etc.; Use this time to bring peace and harmony in any interactions.
Scorpio - ruled by Pluto - fixed Water sign Powerful time for the three things we all have in common: sex, death, and taxes. This is not a time for working on romance, but on spicing things up physically. A good time to put things to death-- addictions, relationships, or anything you want to come to an abrupt and permanent halt. Very destructive influences, so it tends to be ideal for cursing and banishing. Good time for anything to do with the occult or hidden matters.
Sagittarius - ruled by Jupiter - mutable Fire sign Magical spells involving spiritual and metaphysical pursuits, such as studying ceremonial magic or attuning with the higher self, are ideal. Any issues involving outdoor and physical activities, such as exercise, sports or travel, and exploration. A good time to use magic involving divination and intuition; expand your horizons, consciousness, set your sights on new ideals and possibilities.
Capricorn - ruled by Saturn - cardinal Earth sign Casting spells for self-discipline, organization, structure, and authority is ideal. Good for spells to improve your career or pursue your ambitions for the future. Work on your long-term goals. A powerful time for magic involving controlling others.
Aquarius - ruled by Saturn - fixed Air sign If you have needs in the computer or technology area, this would be the time to do it. This is also a good time to cast spells for humanitarian reasons: to better society or improves situations for your community. Work on your friendships and relationships with people in groups and organizations, such as co-workers, coven mates, and neighbors.
Pisces - ruled by Neptune - mutable Water sign Magic spells to banish negative influences in your life will be ideal now, such as depression, arguments, self-pity, and stress. Good for workings involving dreams and past life regression, or for working with altered states of consciousness. Cast spells for lost objects at this time. Also good for making concoctions such as potions, brews, and incense blends.

Moon Void of Course (VOC)

There is one more particular time you should know about. When the moon is in-between moon signs, it’s what is called “Void of Course”. This can last for a few minutes to a couple of days.

Casting spells when the moon is VOC is not recommended. The energies of VOC are considered a bad time for actions, particularly when it comes to spell casting because energies can go awry. When VOC the moon’s influences are unpredictable and chaotic, as are outcomes.

This is really a better time for reflection, for introspection, for going through your dream journal, or meditating in quiet contemplation.

I hope this helps, I have bookmarked the article to use for future reference! I may copy the table & make that a page for my BoS.

To specifically answer your question, yes @NoName any time that the moon is in that sign, you can use the associated meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:


I really love that table @Susurrus. I’m only asking because if it’s specific to waning moon in Gemini then my next question was how often does that happen? If I print specific meditations for that how often would it be used.
I was thinking about printing specific ones for a meditation book but I wasn’t sure if it would work :laughing:


The moon goes through each sign every 28 days & can spend up to 2 1/2 days in each sign. It moves through them more frequently than the Sun :sun:

That’s where the Void of Course comes in because that is the time between the last minute in 1 sign until it enters the first minute of the next sign.


HA! That is much more complicated than I can handle this morning :joy::rofl:


It took me a little bit to read it & have it make sense too :joy: I knew it but seeing it explained I was like, “Wait, is that right?” Lol… Monday mornings are fun! :rofl:


I’m going to print out that for sure. I think it’s great for reference and for making your own spells/ meditations.


Absolutely! It’s perfect for both of those! My bookmarks bar is full of folders for different things, not just links. It’s kind of like my web browser is an alternative BoS. Lol :rofl:


Oooooo that’s a good idea too :woman_facepalming:t3: You’re a genius!


Thank you! I can be very Virgo(ish) with my organization of information. Virgo is also my Moon Sign & I have found that the last handful of years, I have transitioned to a more :virgo: Virgo(ish) time in my life with :scorpius: Scorpio (my :sun: sign always there influencing things) in my back pocket for when I really need the energy.