Moon phases vs. Moods

Hello there my fellow practicioners! :woman_mage:

I hope you’re all doing well after the New Year festivities.

This has always been a matter that scrached my brain and I know a lot of people are sensitive to the changing phases of the moon. I’m personally very moody depending on the current phase, I ether radiate positivity or you really don’t want to cross my path (I will bite :joy_cat:).

  • What do you guys think about the moon’s influence on our moods and behaviours?
  • How does it influence you, if at all?
  • What are your ways of dealing with the unwanted negative energy (it’s not like we always ask for it on purpose, right?)?
  • Or on the other hand, what do you do if you have too much positivity?
  • How do you find your balance?

I know this is a lot of questions, but I just wanted to stir a little discussion and find out your opinions and ways in this matter.

Moon away :full_moon_with_face:


I have not observed changes in my mood that correspond to moon phases. It could be that it happens and I’m not aware of it. I’m also male, so that may be a factor, too. Some people say that a full moon correlates with increased “nutty” behavior, while others point out that it merely seems that way because you have the moon to mark the occurrence.

I deal with negative energy by acknowledging it, meditating and protection spells. Though I actively involve myself in finding things to laugh about, and that seems to counteract a lot of negative energy. I find that life has a way of balancing hyper-optimism with adversity,so I don’t have too much positivity as a problem.

Finding balance is a lifelong pursuit for me, because balance is difficult for me to maintain. Balance in one area also seems to unbalance another. I am constantly learning with regard to balance. I am starting to think that one component of balance is, for me, less of a thing to achieve or find and more of a practice. Balance is generally thought of as a noun or a verb (at least in English…), but I am trying to make it an adverb - the manner in which I act. Eat balancedly, manage time balancedly, etc. Hope that makes sense, because I’m stopping before I have to release a syllabus :rofl::rofl:


I haven’t noticed the moon changing my moods so much as keeping me awake during the full moon. I sleep less then.

I don’t think there’s a problem with being too positive unless you’re just being annoying with it as a kid on a sugar rush. LOL. Then grounding would help.

Balance, I’m still searching for, so if you have any good ideas let me know.


I do! I do! I do!

In fact over the past weeks I have been paying more attention. The moon phase definitely goes along with my menstruation. I am beginning to know that if I the moon is about Full I am a bitch on wheels. Then I am like brand new, and actually like my husband again, after the moon starts to wane.

How my husband is starting to annoy me as we grow older is a whole nother post - Dad jokes are cute until you live with it 24/7 - omg it’s like living in that insurance commercial …

Back to topic: I have only been paying attention to her cycles and mine for about eight or nine weeks. But I am starting to notice similarities. I just purchased a journal (i know I didn’t have to get another one but but but but) so that I can write down my attitudes, good//bad moments, etc with accordance to the moon. I just feel like there is a connection there and maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can wrangle that bitchy me when I know she’s on her way.


I feel somewhat more exhilirated when the moon is full and I have some incresase difficulty sleeping. But sleep is an issue for me. To manage my moods, I tracked them for about two years. I saw patterns about when I became irritable, which isn’t too often. Now I can compensate for that. I made some life changes.

I think there is a spectrum to optimism and a cheerful mood from happy, to elated, to hypomanic to manic. Any mood becomes an issue when it get in your way of a daily living task, work or relationships, or otherwise makes you feel unhappy or less effective. I have some rules of thumb if I am grouchy or bubbly – no texting, no emailing, no shopping, no alcohol, pause before speaking, take a walk (to balance emotions) and if necessary, no driving. I color or watch a movie or take a nap.

Moods are like dogs or children. they can be managed. they are happier with defined limits. but they need to play, sometimes


I tend to feel the Full Moon as heightened emotions, whichever they may be. Just looking at a bright moon triggers something inside that makes me feel its energy.

In general, I think it depends on the person and not everyone will be able to perceive it all the time. There isn’t a lot of scientific research done on the topic but there are some findings of the lunar cycle and its effects on human behavior here.


I think these are wonderful questions to ask. I really love (I’d last a week) how @mary25 has tracked her moods. A simple diary of moon phase/date and how your over all mood that day would be very interesting to look at.
Mary how did you calculate the moods over two years?

I’m usually only irritable at work or if my kids don’t do what I tell em. But honestly, I have never tried to track my behaviors either. I definitely think this is an amazing idea :heart:


Thank you all so much for your answers.

You gave me few indeas. The notebook is a great way ladies and I may just start doing so myself. It’s also quite likely that my hormonal cycle has aligned with the lunar cycle and that causes certain behaviours :woman_shrugging:t3:

@Undomeher I wouldn’t be so sure it’s gender related strictly, as I do have an uncle who happens to be quite sensitive to the moon as well. Hence my curiosity :thinking:

@Francisco thank you for the link I’ll be sure to read the research. It will definitely come in useful with my own investigation :cat:


These are awesome questions- thanks for opening up the discussion, @Viss! :grinning:

The extent of how I feel most moon phases does tend to depend on how much I’m aware of them. That being said, there’s something about the full moon that has power :sparkles:. Ever since we were little, I remember my mother saying “it must be a full moon!” whenever a bunch of crazy or out-of-the-norm things happened all at once. And, lo and behold, it was nearly always a full moon or close to it!

Maybe it’s just me, but I really do think the world has more energy around the full moon and many people, animals, and plants react to it in visible ways! :full_moon_with_face: Not to mention here by the ocean the moon phase has a very tangible effect on the beach, tides, and scenery :ocean:

It’s been really interesting reading everyone’s thoughts and experiences- thanks again for putting this out there, Viss! :heart:


I had a tough year back in 2018 - job and relationship both were overly stressful. I was really at a breaking point and got a lot of therapy. I started using the Daylio app (free). You can customize it for your moods or needs. It generates reports for you. For example, say I had dysphoria or depression, or a nightmare or insomnia…or my best days, when I felt happy, confident and grounded. I could look at the week or month and see not only the dates and times I tended to have dysphoria or depression (for example) but what activities were associated with it. It helped me figure out so many things about myself and also how I thrive best with type of work, work schedule, sleep, eating, everything. I also used the Woebot app (also free) because that is like a counselor on your phone and it talks you through your feelings and most effective ways to consider things while still being supportive. I also have a little index card in my purse – a mental first aid card – that I can refer to if I need to. So if I am very overwhelmed with some mood or situation, I don’t have to think what to do – I already wrote what to do for each mood for quick reference! That has helped me a lot. Just having it makes me feel more masterful. People have noticed that I am calmer.

When I had managing my moods down, I started going to the next level with exploring different kinds of self-care, like, you know “maintenance.” That has been fun, exploring meditation, yoga, gratitude journaling, etc.


That sounds interesting! I’m gonna have to look into that.


@mary25 im going to check into this app so interesting.

I work with Senior citizens and I can always tell when a full moon is coming because the energy changes in our whole building. I also remember my mom saying that all the crazies would be out during the full moon but I tend to think also that the energy is just stronger. My seniors tend to have a little more pep to them during the full moons.


Agreed!! I work night shift in a hospital. No one wants to work the full moon.


I have not noticed but have heard about it. And now I am going to follow it for sure!!! It’s a good thing to check out and really see!:clap:t4:


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