Most essentials products to have?

hello~ i am still very new to the wiccan lifestyle and i need some guidance ; id like know what are the essentials/most commonly used types of incenses, oils, herbs and stones/crystals to own ?
im going shopping for products soon but since im on a budget i cant afford to go and buy one of everything :confused:
so if anyone can help me out and tell me what are the “wicca essentials” it would be greatly appreciated ~
thank you so very much :3


@MidnightVixxen It’s okay to not have everything at once! And honestly you don’t “need to have everything” either! It’s important to have the things you want to work with and have a connection too. It’s like the saying just because a lot of people have it or like it doesn’t mean I have to have it or like it too. You can get things and acquire over time!

Some recommendations I would say is to read/research! Books & YouTube will be your friend. And the videos on here are amazing!

Crystals that are essential and easy to start working with I would say is … Amethyst & Quartz!
(There are different types of quartz like clear, rose, smokey, etc.)


Marissa is definitely right. You don’t have to have everything all at once. And definitely don’t go broke trying to get every single tool that someone says you have to have. A lot of people accumulate their tools over time, and some of the best places to pick up tools and accessories while you’re still learning is thrift stores.

If you’re set on getting something for your altar or work space, I recommend getting candles and books. Learn all you can, and Marissa is correct in that Amethyst and Quartz are great starting crystals.


Thank you so much for the help and tips ! ^~^ this community is very nice and helpful :3


@MidnightVixxen I went on a Thanksgiving trip last weekend and wanted to buy everything at the local occult store (Radiance in Olympia). Especially the oil burners because they looked so perfect!

I need to have something to burn (incense or oils) because smell is definitely my strongest sense and it helps me enter a different state of mind. So I would suggest you pick something that speaks to you and that you can closely relate to in your life, even if it’s just one thing.

You don’t have to have any tools. Its not necessary but it can be helpful. Your athame could be a letter opener, your wand could be any kind of stick (I use an old drumstick because I play drums), your book of shadows (or book of mirrors) can be an old college notebook, and so on…

It’s not the tools, it’s the Witch!


Before buying anything I would look around your house, you may be surprised at what you already have. I know I was. You may also want to dabble with a few spells to see what works best for you before you buy a bunch of stuff you may not use. Hope this helps,


Question for you or anyone else here, coming from a beginner:
You say that we don’t need all of the tools to get started, would this mean that one could still cast spells etc, without tools such as Atheme (use finger instead) or pentagram, etc?


There’s some good books out there, most on kindle. They can help you to use replacement items if you need to, ie White candle can cover all colours. My mentor here in England, is a seasoned witch and she recently reminded me, “in the olden days, our ancient witches didn’t have access to all the wonderful coloured candles, crystals, herbs, tools that we have. They used what was local to their area and imbued their intention on it. We are the magic, the objects help us” With crystals though I feel this is different, as they are important to ward off negative energy. I always take a huge chunk of black tourmaline in my bag, won’t leave the house without it.
Some good authors I’ve found for me locally are Sally Morningstar, Kate West, Mickie Muella (a good article in the Llewellyn 2023 magical Almanac about putting intention into sea stones). Juliet Diaz book The Altar Within (can offend some but I found it interesting) where she teaches about you being the magic as not everyone in the world can get access to things. Hope this helps. I’ve only just got a wand, up until then I used a candle to cast my circle. It worked. There’s so much wisdom on this forum. We are spoilt for choice. Blessed be and @marcus1 welcome.:sparkling_heart:


Hello @marcus1

First, I would like to welcome you to the forum :infinite_roots: It’s nice to meet you, Marcus, I’m Marsha, an Eclectic Solitary Witch, from Colorado. I recommend starting with the courses.

I agree with the advice @tracyS has given you. And yes, you can use your finger to draw a circle. It’s your intention that is most important!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Thankyou @marsha and @tracyS . Super helpful advice!

Actually I have already singed up to some of these courses which is where this question originated, as 4 weeks later I am still stuck at day 7 of the self initiation: - I wasn’t sure if I needed to consecrate the tools before progressing (I have created a wishlist of Atheme’s, Caldrons and other magical tools but have yet to make a final purchase decision!).

Correct me if I am wrong, but from what you have told me, I should be OK to continue and go back to fill in the missing parts of the course later, right?


Yes, you can go back and finish the course when you are ready.


Absolutely, I go back and forth with the courses, and go over them again and again. Take your time, enjoy the journey. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


First of well, welcome to the community @marcus1 :wave:

My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here at Spells8 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s nice to meet you!

As for your question, it seems like you’ve already received some wonderful answers! I’ll just add my thoughts here quickly, too :blush:

Tools are not a requirement in witchcraft at all. The course you’re taking here is Wicca-based which does have some general “requirements” – and I say this loosely because just about everything can be substituted or left out depending on the tradition. You are more than welcome to go through to the next step or put a pause on that course until you feel like you need or want those tools.

I am fully on board with this :clap: :clap: We’re lucky in the modern age to have so many tools and supplies at our fingertips. But it doesn’t take a tool to cast a spell. It takes you!


Hi @marcus1,

I can see you’ve already got some great answers and advice- I don’t have anything else to add (aside from my agreement- a witch makes their magick, not the tools! They can enhance but aren’t a requirement for spellwork :mage:), but I did just want to pop in to say hello!

I hope you are finding everything you are looking for. Make yourself at home here! :heart:

Blessed be :sparkles:


Thank you Bry,
It is reassuring to read a consistency of opinions and I feel more confident because of this. Thanks for adding your advice too and making me feel at home here @BryWisteria


It’s my pleasure, Marcus! You are asking great questions, so I think you’re already off to a great start- may you continue to thrive on your magickal journey :sparkles: :mage:

Blessed be!


Like Marcus. I am also stuck at lesson seven. Can someone please point in the direction forward and I will come back to those lessons. Thanks .


Hello @maurice1!

Just to confirm, on Day 7 of the Self-Initiation Lesson, did you see the Coven Life vs. Solitary Life Video and do the Self Dedication Ritual? If so, the final piece of the Day 7 Coursework is the Final Quiz! :ballot_box_with_check:

After that you should be able to see the Day 8 Page- there is some helpful links and suggestions about where to go next from there. If you have a certain topic in mind that you would like to jump into, you can find a full list of courses on the Course page- feel free to jump into any of those to continue your magickal studies! :books:

Wishing you all the best, Maurice- blessed be and happy studies! :sparkles:

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